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How to Make More Money Blogging Niches

Are you searching for How to Make More Money Blogging Niches best How to Make Money with Your Blog, effective mantra for getting job, mantra to get job instantly and sloka for getting good job that makes money.

Just by searching how to make money with a blog for beginners, what type of blogs make the most money and make money blogging niche blog topics 2018, high demand blog topics and make money wordpress wont make money anymore. Then what it takes to make some money via blogging niche.

Some of you may feel that this post is very demotivating and disappointing. Well, that is my intention. To bust the myth and mystery around the topic make money blogging niche and tell you 5 Common Problems of Every Blogger that You Should Know.

I will tell you stuff that you may not have heard from anywhere else. Because making money online or Make Money Blogging Niche is a Big Secret and here I am trying to burst the bubble.

Lets start then, shall we,

Everyone want to make money and live independently. So what should one do; choose to make more money or spend less. Does spending less results in more savings and more savings means more investment leading to more money. This assumption can be presumed as common sense and everyone knows it. There is no need of someone to come and tell the same thing. Question is how to do it and analyse whether less spending actually results in more money.

I was reading this article on on Should I Make More Money or Spend Less?. The article started of with giving thumb rule “invest for retirement as much as you spend for essentials”. The author came up with this fantastic idea from out of the blue.

Choose to make more money or spend less

The article follows with a case study of Anita and assume that she saves 40% each month for her retirement. If she invest in stocks for 26 years, she will have 13 crores in her portfolio and she can live well?? [she will be 55 years old] from that point of time.

If she decide to buy a house, she will not have enough savings, so she cannot live well. So the author suggest an ideal way “use the retirement template, generate a figure and start saving for it”.

The author do point out that “As regards earning more, the standard ways are getting a better paying job perhaps with higher qualifications.” Investing does not mean saving the money and putting in mutual funds. There are other ways of investment or doing business or higher qualifications or migrating to other countries and earning more salary.

The money in stock market is gaining some interest of 12-15% every year. A successful business can generate ten time volume than that. You can take a loan from bank or friends and start a business.

 If you follow the thumb rule shared by the author, you will end up wasting your life with some crores in your account [if you do not have any unexpected  expenditure in all these years] [What if she saved all this money and stock market collapsed when she retires]. The thumb rule shared by the author is mathematically right but not practical in life.

What should I choose? To make more money or spend less?

Making more money is obvious choice. You can start a profitable business from money from real estate, partnerships, loans and other means. For a middle class person, it is almost impossible to start  a business due to lack of capital investment.

The saving money and spending less path will lead you to a 9-5 job for years without any enjoyment in life. Your life is not a tool to be used to become financially independent. Use it create more source of income instead of saving it or merely investing in mutual funds. Saving money will take you a lifetime to get financially independent but not rich.

Now if you follow the path of investment in mutual fund and became financially independent, you can only live barely with the inflation adjusted monthly money. So you saved for 26 years by living with minimal money to live more years with minimal amount. How bad that would be.

Always think about making more money and do things that you are passionate. No need to follow the savings path. When you have enough money, start a business and do not keep investing in mutual funds.

1. How to Make More Money Blogging Niches

This would be an introduction to the whole money making niche. I will explain the difference between a normal 9-5 hours job and blogging.

9-5 hours job

This is around 8 hours of work. You go in the morning, do the required work, finish some assignments, talk to clients, get shouted or appreciated by Boss and travel back to your home.

At the end of each month, you will get a consistent pay check. Simple way of making money.

In a month, you can take sick leaves, holidays, travel for assignments etc. and get the same amount of salary at the end of the month. You may have assistants whom you can assign some of your work and help you cover up the target.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

Common Problems of Every Day Blogging

I am talking about full time blogging and not the part time hobby type writing. This is just as 9-5 hours job however with some more extra hours. A blogger gets 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours for daily chores and 14 hours of work daily. Bloggers get up in the morning thinking how much revenue I got for the past day, does Google announced a new algorithm change, did my post from yesterday got indexed and does Google ban or penalize the website.

14 hours of work consists of researching keywords, reading other blogs, checking Analytics, checking out previous posts and comments and writing posts. At the end of the month, you get small chunk of money depending on your work, Google’s mercy and probably God’s bless.

This money can fluctuate like a kite in the sky. Going as low as 50% less than the previous month revenue.

blogging is going against the crowd

In a month, bloggers don’t take any leaves, holidays and you travel for work to work. If you get sick, be happy that someone will have to do the daily chores while you can write more content.

Isn’t it obvious, you are all alone. No Assistants and no bosses. You shout at yourself for all the mistakes and bad decisions.

Sometimes I used to think is there a way to not to sleep and keep working. This way I can at least reach and get some results in blogging field. Sometimes I get so demotivated that I do not want to do this anymore and just throw all it away. It is always about keeping it real and working from the bottom up.

2. Effective Mantra For Making Money by Blogging

This is very important.

You may be thinking that I will start a tech blog, write some content on Android mobiles, or Amazon products. Or maybe the so called ever green niches of health and fitness, travel and make money online etc. and voila! there is money flowing like anything. It does not work like that at all.

Effective Mantra For Making Money by Blogging

You can make money from blogging but it is not a money making business. Just as for every business, blogging has high risks, high competition and needs high level of commitment and dedication.

Out of hundred people who start a blog, only 12-15 people continue blogging for three months full time and out of that 2-3 actually make some money. So considering the evergreen niche ideas, well, others are also thinking the same.

When I started blogging, It took me the whole first month and 12-14 hours of work daily to earn 4$. Yes you heard it right. Just 4 dollars.

Second month it increased to 25$ and then in third month, it was 50$. I was so happy to see that my efforts were bringing results. Suddenly Google announced an Algorithm change and adsense earnings dropped suddenly. I got 12$ in the fourth month and it continued for some months. It took me 14 hours of work everyday for 90 days to get back in track.

3. How to make money with a blog for beginners | Challenges

I am guessing that you already have some ideas about that.

Google Ad sense and blogging problems

Google has a program called ad sense where they give a small commission for showing advertisements in the website. This is only few cents for a thousand page views.

You can just search around CPM, RPM and CTC as keywords and find out more about it. This all depends on your site theme, content and number of users in your blog.

Problems of Every Blogger

I should just tell you a brutal truth. Google accept very very few blogs or websites that have original [not copied from anywhere] content and that follows the webmaster guidelines. So you should be really lucky to have ad sense approval. So best luck with that.

What type of blogs make the most money: Affiliate Marketing and problems with blogs.

Bloggers write product reviews and add a buy link or check out link for that product. The user clicks the link, goes to merchant site and buy the product and the bloggers gets some commission. That is called affiliation marketing.

Ready to face the truth.

Here goes.

It is very hard to get conversion [The whole process of a user reading product review in your website, clicking the link and buying the product]. Mostly users do not click the link. If they do, they just close it. Some users wait to see the product page and close it after checking out reviews, warranty and price. Out of that, few goes to check out page and drop out after seeing shipping charges.

How to Make More Money Blogging Niches

Some retailers do not store cookies of users. This means, if users save the product and later buy it, then you won’t get any money. If a user do buy a product, then you may get a commission of 4-12% depending on the commission rate offered by retailers.

Check one my post on How to Promote Affiliate links Without Website | 18 Ways

Busting the Myth of Sponsored Reviews

This is the funny part.

Majority of the “new aspiring to become bloggers” think they can get free products to try from companies and brands and get money to write reviews.

This is just a Blogger’s Fallacy [You heard it from me first]

Companies send products only to well known bloggers who has a large audience. Mostly Indian companies do not have such a culture of sending products to try for marketing reach.

Direct Advertisements

You can show ads in your website and get money from that. But someone has to give them though. If you have few visitors, no one is going to give ads or even send you an email. You can use commission junction or another pay per click platforms but they all pay cents per click.

4. Busting the Myth of Make Money Blogging Niche Guru’s and SEO

There are a number of Guru’s who are ready to teach you how to make money blogging. You just have to pay them a couple of thousand or ten thousand dollars for training courses or workshops for SEO [Search Engine Optimization].

This is how they earn. Backlinko, IncomeDiary, earn money by giving SEO workshops and not by blogging. Blogging is a means to them to get more audience and set an image of popularity and authenticity. They use blogging as a lead generation source than earning from it.

Sample blogs for beginners

Amit from is the first and best professional Indian blogger who still makes money from blogging using advertisements and through selling plugins and addons. Then there is bloggingbasics101 by Jessica Knap who is an excellent source in knowing basics of blogging and she earn from affiliate marketing.

Let us look at the claims made by some Guru’s.

make money wordpress

high demand blog topics

You may think these are actually possible. It is, if you are them. I can also write a post on how I made a fortune from blogging, how about 1 million dollars or 2 million.

Everyone more or less gives you same old tactics of keyword research, long tail keywords, on page seo, off page seo, back linking etc. The difference is that some create a recipe with some ingredients and others with something ekse like this below. A cheat sheet for writing blog posts that go viral. I mean, just lol.
blog topics that make the most money

Doing SEO is good for the blogs and may increase your ranking factors in Google. But will that help you in long run. NO. Because others also reading the same, doing the same and when Google changes the ranking factor, your post will go down unless you keep up with the changes.

Why Make Money Blogging Niche 2018 is Not Easy Anymore

There are many good blog posts that never get to see first page of Google. Why?
1. High Competition: Small bloggers are competing against large international companies, content writers and professional established bloggers. An idea example is writing about blogging. If I write anything about blogging, it will never show up in the first few pages of Google because most posts are by professional websites with millions of backlinks and domain authority.
2. Less text: Maybe you have a good enough post that solve the problem of hundreds of users. You have written two hundred words in the post detailing what to do and what to do and step by step guide to solve the issue. It will never even come in the first few pages of Google. The posts do not have enough text.

What professional bloggers do? They just write 3800 words of something related to the problem and finally end the post with that 200 words. The user will have to read all those text, spending more than 15 minutes even to skip through the text to finally reach the actual content of the post. This get ranked in the first page of Google instead of your post that actually solve the problem in 2 minutes.
These long texts are a part of an SEO rank factor called bounce rate. Bounce rate is essentially an average rate of time it took a user to exit or navigate away from the page. If bounce rate is low, it is good thing for SEO. If a user reads that two hundred words post, solves the problem and close your page, your site is going to get a bad ranking. Because visitor spend only 1-2 minutes in your page where as the visitor spend more time in a long post searching for the actual content.
3. The Lone Lonely Loner: I guess you have seen IceAge. Individual bloggers with small blogs are like sid without kids. It is big loneliness. I am not talking about emotional loneliness but of ranking loneliness. Professional bloggers and other companies in this sector hires people such as content writers, designers, illustrators and SEO masters. To rank in the first pages of Google just by writing is not all an easy task if you are an individual blogger. It takes so much effort than you actually think.

5. Effective Mantra For Making Money by Blogging: Tips for Beginners

Just do the same things as others have been doing but do better. That is the only way. There is no other way. You can check out my bonus points for starting out as a blogger.

You deserve some bonus points for completing this long post. Here are 3 my favorite blogging tips for beginners.

1. Write about yourself before blogging

Write at least a 1000 words article on who you are and why you want to start blogging. The post should have subheadings and minor headings. The post should have images, humor, value etc. It should have a concise summary of who you are, your skills, hobbies and education. Keep that with you. You may need it after one month of blogging.

2. Write another article on anything related to your intended topic to know how to write a blog

Write at least a 1000 words article on any topic related to your niche, take few print outs and ask people to read it. Get their comments. This way you will know how your article generates an opinion.

3. Create a list of money making methods of blogging and try the best one without investment

There are more than hundred ways to make money by blogging. Make a list of them and keep it with you. Select the best one that does not need any investment and work on that.

4. Ask questions

What PROBLEMS ARE YOU SOLVING for your target audience?

Who exactly is your target audience?

Live examples – people who want to save money who are going abroad for studies from India.

SEE – What does the world shows you? What do you see around in? What do they say?

DO – in response to see and to solve these problems, what do they do really?

Write your SOLUTION at bottom also for reference while adding THINK and FEEL.

THINK – what they think? What is going in your mind?

FEEL – what do they feel? If they get it and also if they don’t get it?what they will feel if things don’t go accordingly? Fears, hopes and dreams?

Feel is a very good ending and this where deep content comes from!

a.    Defining the User Persona
b.    Story Telling
c.    Marketing (Both for SEO and for creating viral content)
d.    Writing and Publishing

Tools – scrivener
Images – unsplash, pixabay – royalty free.

e.    Finally, monetisation of our content

The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging

I think you will agree with me if I say,

Blogging can give you good amount of money!

Then why are you not doing it.  The solution is to Start today.

May be you are blogging but not earning enough. The solution is to seriously change the strategy.

Join My Blogging Course: “The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging” to learn blogging, new strategies and make money from it.

Features of this Make Money Online Program

  1. Designed to offer unique learning experience.
  2. Course Structure takes account of your talents, experience, skill set and abilities
  3. Completely packed up with ppts, practice modules, resource guides etc.
  4. Completely Online and Accessible from Anywhere.
  5. Clears all your queries and doubts.

Who should be the right person to take this course

Check the out the following statements.
“I want to learn blogging. I can write but don’t know how to monetize”

“I have been running a blog since 2 years, but not getting any money”
“I read everything about blogging and seo but i dont know how to implement it”
“I really want to start serious blogging but part time.”

If your mind is going in these tracks, then you are in the right path.

The Doubter, The Procrastinator and The Distrustful

These are type of people who really needs a big push to start with. Let us look at them and see if it is reflecting you.
The Doubter: A person who questions or lacks faith in something. This person will keep on asking questions and will not actually do anything. Answers do not matter, Action does.
The Procrastinator: A person who delays or puts things off. This person tends to keep away stuff with excuses like I will do it later or tomorrow or when I have mood etc. Money will also procrastinate from you in this case. Do Action Now.
The Distrustful: A person who does not anyone or anything. This person want to start but will not trust the other person or the content. You have to trust and jump to action. 

When Should I take this Course – Today or Tomorrow or in a week

Blogging takes time.
Blogging takes sustainable and timely effort.
I have heard about blogging more than 12 years ago. I did not take any initiative and I started blogging seriously 6 years back. I regret that time I wasted in life.
When I heard about bitcoins, it was 43.97 US Dollar. I did not buy even one. I regret that too.

Making revenue from Blogging part time

Money for learning is not a lose…It is an Investment.

Start Early and you can enjoy the fruits soon..
The course will close once the target amount of students are reached. We are about 70% close to the target currently.

Extra Benefit: I earn enough money from blogging and I have so many ideas that I want to implement. I am unable to do due to lack of time. I do select some good quality candidates and start to implement new ideas with them. Last month we have started Drop Shipping Business. You can be the next one.

Course Structure

Level 1: Demystifying Blogging – Reading on blogging, seo, case studies, challenges.
Level 2: Learn from Pro – Joining some forums and interacting with pro bloggers.
Level 3: Idea Selection – Keyword Research and Niche selection
Level 4: Website & Configurations – Domain, Hosting, Blogspot, WordPress
Level 5: Content Planning and Writing – Writing the first article
Level 6: SEO – Onsite and Offsite including backlinks
Level 7: Marketing & Promotions – Social Media Optimization and Promotion
Level 8: Traffic to Conversion – Analytics
Level 9: Scaling up Revenue – Ad sense and Affiliate Marketing
Level 10: Sustainable Revenue – Making Money

    How Soon You will Get Results

    It depends on how much time and effort you can put in. You cannot achieve anything in one month. It will take at least 6 months to see measurable results.

    Ship Me This Blogging Course: The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging

    Where are the graphs and Statistics

    I do believe in the power of graphs and statistics. I also follow the advice of Darrell Huff; “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything”. So no statistics or graphs as of now.

    Testimonials from Students

    We take new students when our existing students or Alumni refer them. Thankfully we always get more numbers due to the high quality and practicality of the source.

    I am really thankful to Akhil for helping me out. I was earning nothing from my blog for the last two years. He taught me a lot and in just 4 months, I got a pay check from Google – Pragya Shah, Student

    I had no idea about blogging and earning money from it. I used to online tutoring and one day saw this course. I contacted Akhil and he opened my eyes. I made my first hundred dollars in 3 months with the same content, Thanks – Rahul S Kumar, Professional Photographer

    I am earning two hundred dollars per month from a blog that I started 6 months before. This The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging course is awesome – Santhosh Kumar, Bank Manager

    42 new bloggers have taken this course till March 2018 and 80% of them are earning more than 100$ per month.

    How Much is the fee for this The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging Course

    Fee depends on the skill and ability of the person. This course is tailor made to individuals taking account of their talents. Hence the fee also.

    You might have heard about Backlinko by Brian Dean where he charge 4000$ for an SEO course!!! and I am not kidding.

    We only charge what you can afford to pay. We concentrate on helping you to help yourself to earn money from blogging.

    How to Apply for This Course: Your Blog is Waiting

    Send me answers of these six questions below and I will let you know if I will offer you the course. 
    How to Apply for This make money Blogging Course1. Do you have a blog?
    2. Do you have ad sense account?
    3. Do you have any experience in blogging?
    4. How much time can you allocate for blogging?
    5. Your current location, job and age?
    6. How much can you afford to pay me?

    Do share for other fellow bloggers. 

    Guide To New Bloggers To Make Money Through Ad Sense

    It is hard struggle for new ad sense bloggers to make money out of the platform. I am not talking about making thousands of dollars a day but just making at least twenty to forty thousand rupees a month. If you work in a company for 8 to 9 hours a day, get loads of tensions and stress, you may still earn 25 to 35 thousand rupees a month.

    Ad sense or other ad serving platforms were considered as a means of alternate to get income without depending on daily labor in corporate and companies. However due to high number of publishers trying to make as much money possible are making sure that new bloggers out there will not get a chance in this.

    Why You Should GO For Fresh Content

    Now it is time to leave the topics on blogging and stuff like that and write something new and fresh. It can be anything may be motivational articles, recipes, travel experience and anything out of the blue. Maybe some of that will gain good traffic and then you can build your blog from that.

    I know some bloggers who have less than two hundred posts but making more than hundred dollars a month. There are also bloggers who have more than thousands of posts but making less than 1-2 $ a day. So it is not about the number of posts or number of words. It is just about providing some content that people want to read.

    The important rule in blogging

    The important rule in blogging is that you should not forget the target audience that to whom do you intend to serve with the content. Usually bloggers start with writing on posts such as SEO, SEM etc. targeting new bloggers. But do you think new bloggers will search for such keywords. Go to Quora and find out the questions in blogging

    Most of the questions are like what is blogging, can i blog, how to blog etc. So it is necessary to find and cater the content to the audience. Websites like serves to larger audience and makes awesome traffic. It is their way of reaching out. It is necessary to try to find the audience and serve the content.

    Which Countries Do Blogging More and What Do They Search For

    Blogging is an interesting topic that many people search for World Wide. Ever thought about find about what do people search about blogging in other countries? Here is a list of 25 countries which shows high interest in blogging. The list also includes top 25 search terms related to blogging by people in these countries.

    Top 25 countries interested in blogging

    Serial Number, Name of country and Search presence out of100

    • 1 Nigeria 100
    • 2 Kenya 69
    • 3 Philippines 45
    • 4 Bangladesh 42
    • 5 South Africa 40
    • 6 Pakistan 38
    • 7 United States 37
    • 8 Singapore 37
    • 9 Australia 33
    • 10 New Zealand 33
    • 11 United Kingdom 32
    • 12 India 32
    • 13 Ireland 32
    • 14 Canada 30
    • 15 United Arab Emirates 23
    • 16 Malaysia 22
    • 17 Norway 19
    • 18 Denmark 14
    • 19 Indonesia 10
    • 20 Romania 10
    • 21 Netherlands 8
    • 22 Spain 5
    • 23 Germany 5
    • 24 Italy 3
    • 25 Mexico 3
    • 26 France 3
    • 27 Brazil 1

    Most of the countries listed here are highly interested in the term blogging and related queries. They search for the below terms under blogging.

    Top 25 queries on blogging

    Serial Number, Query and Search presence out of100

    1 blog 100
    2 blogging sites 50
    3 make money blogging 45
    4 free blogging 40
    5 wordpress blogging 35
    6 wordpress 35
    7 blogger 30
    8 blogging to make money 30
    9 blogs 30
    10 what is blogging 30
    11 how to blog 30
    12 how to make money 30
    13 how to make money blogging 30
    14 online blogging 25
    15 blogging the boys 20
    16 blogging platform 20
    17 google blogging 20
    18 start blogging 20
    19 blogging website 20
    20 about blogging 20
    21 blogging site 15
    22 blogging jobs 15
    23 money from blogging 15
    24 blogging websites 15
    25 blog sites 15

    So if someone is really interested in blogging and publishing posts in blogging, I would suggest to start writing in these queries and cater to the above countries. These search terms may be of high competition, but you know everything is persistence. Innovation and Persistence are the two keywords important to keep with your heart if you want to be a blogger.

    There are millions of bloggers out there and very few write good rich quality original posts and out of that only few makes money. I guess it is more of a platform to write on anything you like and do not expect much of returns for an year. Keep researching till you find the right amount of dose of blogging.

    Promote Promote Promote

    So now you have published posts and then what? You share to FB and Twitter and then what. Do you want Facebook share plugins in your blog? It is necessary to reach out other social networking sites such reddit, stumple upon, digg etc. So make a list of all social networks and start sharing.

    Why New Bloggers Should Not Follow Tips and Tricks of Pro’s

    You Need Not Follow in 2017
    Anything Else?

    It is a very obvious fact that there are thousands of professional bloggers out there for specific topics. Their posts are all optimized for SEO, SEM and what not. Their posts will have thousands have quality backlinks and higher page rank and domain rank.

    Freebies for new bloggers

    These pro bloggers out there gives E books and other freebies for new bloggers about their so called “tips and tricks” which they “did” to achieve higher page rank. Let me tell you its all huge scam. Pro bloggers keep new bloggers at bay saying that do link building, do that and do this, to get higher organic traffic and get money off that.

    Pro bloggers will never reveal their secret. Their blogging business is doomed if they do that. So new bloggers follow their all posts, bookmark it, follow their social network pages and what not to get tips and tricks out of them.

    Do you want to waste time by following them?

    Please go ahead. But there is no point in doing that. They rock and roll everywhere. Just go for short tail or long tail higher paying keywords, only pro blogs / websites will be in the first 25 ranks. So for a new bloggers reaching the first page is like jumping off a cliff and still reaching safe in the land.

    Alternates for getting higher clicks

    What you can do is start experimenting on social network sites. Make a community page add people. Publish your posts. Increase numbers to more than 11k and more. And let me tell you, every day you will more than 2k returning visitors in a short amount of time. If you do organic link building and do tips and tricks of pro bloggers, for the next five years, you are going to be sitting ducks and earn maybe 3-4 $ a month.

    Make a community of international visitors and write posts that is relevant to them Facebook is a very good platform for them.

    Make a page on Facebook, add some international friends, ask them to like. Once they like your page, go their profile and check what are they interested that are related to your niche. Write it down and publish. If they start sharing, I am telling you, you will make 11k visitors in 3 months, which is impossible through organic link building or by following pro bloggers.

    How To Start A Professional Blog From the Scratch: 12 Videos

    Here are 12 Videos that can help you to start a professional blog from scratch.

    How To Start A Professional Blog From the Scratch: 12 Videos

    1. Find High Paying Keywords and Niche

    Every blog need a professional and catchy name. Not just catchy, it should have expected worth to get ads and get ranked higher in Google. Webmaster use high paying Keywords to generate attractive and high paying domain names and niches.

    How to Find High Paying Keywords with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

    Adwords Keyword planner tool is a free tool provided by Google to find out expensive keywords bid by advertisers. You can use this amazing tool to find keywords related to your interest and come up with catchy high paying keywords.

    Read more on How to Find High Paying Google AdSense Keywords

    2. Buy A Domain Name

    A domain name is very needed for a professional blog. You can buy new domains or expired domains. A domain only costs 1-5 dollars a year and the renewal rate is limited to couple of dollars. It is very cheap to buy domains.

    I use Blue Host to buy and register new domains and you can get it for free if you buy for a hosting plan.

    How To Buy Domain Names on Google Domain Name Service

    3. Buy A Hosting Plan

    How To Buy A Hosting Plan From SiteGround

    Check other hosting plans: 16 Best Shared WordPress Hosting 2017 Compared, 5 Efficient Web Hosting Plans with Prons and Cons and Limited Offer On Web Hosting 51% Off.

    4. Host the Domain in Hosting Provider

    5. Install HTTPS

    6. Install WordPress

    How To Install WordPress in Siteground CPanel

    7. Add A WordPress Theme

    How To Change and Install WordPress Theme

    8. Add / Edit Widgets in WordPress

    9. Add Google Analytics to WordPress

    10. Add Link HTTPS Website to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

    11. Add XML Sitemap for Blogspot Custom Domains in Webmaster tools

    12. How to Activate Free Trial Subscription of SEMrush

    SEMrus is an amazing keyword research tool combined with many other interesting features.

    1. Keyword research
    2. Site Audit
    3. Position tracking
    4. Advertising research
    5. Backlinks
    6. PLA
    7. Video analytics
    8. Social Media tool
    9. Organic research
    10. Brand Monitoring
    11. Display Advertising
    12. SEO Ideas
    Watch 12 Videos in a single Play list in YouTube.

    My advice is stop following pro bloggers and listens to their link building tips and tricks and start doing what i said above and write posts.

    If you like this post, share on Facebook.

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