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social worker in UK.
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Social Worker England (UK) Registration Process for International Social Workers

Are you an international social worker trying to apply for social worker in England. This article explains how you can register as a social worker in UK and whole social worker England (UK) registration process for international social workers.

Imagine if you are a social worker in India with more than 5 years of experience. You want to apply for social worker registration in England. You have no idea how to do that right? I was also going through the same situation. As I was going through the registration process, I had a few doubts to clear.

What is the social worker England (UK) registration process for international social workers

1. I have done IELTS General with 7 and above score for individual modules. I read that a social worker from outside the UK needs IELTS Academic. Is that necessary?

2. I have done a WES assessment of my academic qualifications. Is it necessary to do the scrutiny for this purpose?

3. Do I have to take IELTS academic and scrutiny before applying?

I checked the whole Social Work England official site but I could not find necessary information. So I sent a mail to them asking for clarification regarding this confusion of registration process.

I got the reply in the same day from the customer care team of Social Work England registration team. I am adding their reply here.

Is IELTS needed for Social Worker Registration?

1. For us to accept an international English language testing system (IELTS) qualification, your certificate must show:

  • that you took the academic version of the test
  • that you got an overall score of at least 7.0
  • the original stamp and test report form number
  • that you received your IELTS qualification in the last five years

Therefore the general certificate would not be adequate.

2. Do International Social Workers need to Pay Scrutiny Fee

You will need to pay a non-refundable scrutiny fee of £495 when you submit your application. This pays for the time and resources it takes for us to process this type of application. We cannot begin processing your application without this payment.

We need to be satisfied that your qualification meets our requirements and carry out an independent assessment to determine this. However, if you are currently registered with another UK social work regulator (Northern Ireland Social Care Council, Scottish Social Services Council or Social Care Wales) as a social worker and they have assessed your qualification as equivalent to their standards, we will waive your scrutiny fee.

If you apply to join the register and are not currently registered in the UK with another regulator, our registration advisers, who are qualified social workers, will assess whether your qualification is of an equivalent standard to those we recognize in England. If there are any shortfalls, our registration advisers will consider whether your experience makes up for these. They will consider all of the information provided before making their decision.

3. Is WES enough for registering as social worker in UK?

As above, the scrutiny fee is required in order for us to begin the assessment. We recommend that you have the all of the information we require ready before submitting your application. However, if you do apply and there is information missing, we will provide you with a timeframe to provide the information. If the information cannot be provided within the given timeframe, your application may be closed.


In order to register for social worker in UK, Indian social workers need to pass IELS academic test with overall 7 score which is valid in the last 5 years. Then you will have to pay a scrutiny fee of £495 (49,156.24 Indian Rupee). Once that is done, you will have to submit application and pay register fee up to 15,000 Rs annually. This is the detailed process of social worker England (UK) registration process for international social workers.