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Find Hidden Spouse with 7 Free Reverse Lookup Tools

free reverse email lookup tools

Have you heard about free reverse lookup tools? There are an different reasons why you should discover who is behind an email account. Maybe you’re sending a private message and don’t have any desire to annoy anybody by sending it to the inaccurate individual.

Maybe you’ve as of late found that your life partner has been messaging their ex. Anyway, what are your choices? An reverse lookup is perhaps the most fundamental technique to sort out who is sending an email or a private message. We’ve aggregated a list of the best reverse email lookup tools and services, both free and paid, and how to use the data.

In any case, with so many reverse lookup tools online on the lookout, it’s hard to track down the right one. In this way, we have delivered the best free reverse lookup tools to assist you with checking anyone’s details or address.


Usersearch is one of the pioneers in reverse username lookup tools online and they are the largest reverse user search site. You can find someone by their usernames with alphanumeric combinations in other social networks.

  1. Go to Username Search
  2. Type the username
  3. Select social networks as category
  4. Press search button
  5. Get instant links to associated social media profiles
usersearch social networks
usersearch social networks

This the best tool to find all social media profiles in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in a simple search.

2. Scamsearch

 Scamsearch is a amazing free tool for finding scammers. Any one’s Email address, contact information and social media accounts can be tracked.

  1. Go to scamsearch
  2. Next register with your name , email and password.
  3. Then, agree to the terms of service and choose the receiving communications and news checkbox.
  4. An email for verification will arrive right away.
  5. Click the verification email from scamsearch in your email inbox.

This type of email will be sent to you.

Welcome to ScamSearch!


You can download pdf and html reports.

3. Dork Search  

Dork Search is a search tool that employs smart search operators to locate data that is not easily accessible on a website. Any username entered into the search bar will link you to Google search so you may find the appropriate outcome.

  1. Visit Dork Search
  2. Type the user name of someone.
  3. Click search button
  4. Check the person’s google results
image 1
image 1

4. SearchPeopleFree – Reverse Email Lookup in Minutes

SearchPeopleFree is a free internet based reverse email lookup site that allows you to look for individuals dependent on their email addresses. You can utilize a few progressed tools like channels and observe plausible matches. It’s not free forever yet it’s certainly worth the cash since it’s really quick and precise. You can observe any email address through this instrument, regardless of whether they conceal their name or conceal the genuine mail server name.

The device pulls the information from openly available reports, marriage records, web-based media profiles and legitimate or court records. Further, the UI is extraordinary and easy to utilize. You should simply enter the email address you wish to track down data about and hit the ‘Start Search’ button. The reverse email lookup tool shows the outcomes as a table, with includes all essential data.

The genuine force of this lookup tool is its capacity to observe plausible matches. This component utilizes the email address you entered to find more data concerning that individual on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or some other profile on the web. Whether or not the individual has anything on the web or not, you can give it a shot with your companions, first to check whether their email addresses on their web-based media profiles are exact.

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5. RealPeopleSearch

Now and then you may get disappointed checking into an email address on the web, where to put the comma, what’s the distinction between “- ” and “/”, and so forth. RealPeopleSearch furnishes you with the most straightforward method for looking for an email address. Put the email address in the case at the search box and enter search, presto!

Numerous records: The reverse lookup tool will find accounts from Gmail, Yahoo and HotMail and Outlook. It ought to be noticed that assuming your email service isn’t recorded, this help may not work for you except if there is a full name+email design without any numbers or images.

Real People Search is a free lookup tool for email services that can likewise assist you with tracking down individuals on interpersonal organizations To begin utilizing the assistance, kindly enter the search box with your email address! Your information and email address won’t ever be given to anybody. All the data is strictly confidential.

Check site:

6. Instant Checkmate

This is the place where looking can become troublesome, however not with this reverse lookup email tool! Instant Checkmate is one of the best free reverse email lookup tools to get available reports and to search on individuals search registry.

It approaches billions of records and data about individuals and organizations. Assuming you need an email address search, you can undoubtedly observe what you want through their information base with every one of the instruments they make accessible to their clients.

Their administration will show you precisely what contact data your query items fit with, just as the city and state where it is found. You can likewise do a converse email address search through Instant Checkmate.

7. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is the best email address search and lookup tool to find individuals via web-based media sites. This reverse email tool lookup can assist you with checking someone else’s social media account, which you should do to begin following them.

This lookup tool allows you to look for an email address at a particular site, as Tumblr or kindling; regardless of whether the email isn’t freely accessible, generally in light of the fact that it’s identified with work or relatives.

You can likewise use a free email address search to observe individuals at the sites you indicate, just as transfer a record to look for different sorts of online profiles.

It additionally shows results from two significant web-based media destinations – Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is useful for tracking down your companions – or your ex – and LinkedIn, albeit not quite so famous as it used to be, still has a ton of expert contacts. Since it utilizes public data sets, the data is really exact.