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ezoic usa issue
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How to fix ezoic name server integration issues

Ezoic is a popular ad serving company that enable web master to monetize their content. I have applied to ezoic and went through so much struggles and later got declined. I want to share the issues I faced with the ezoic usa monetization process as this might help others facing similar issues. This article will help you to get over with Ezoic monetization onboarding process issues and fix ezoic name server integration issues.

How to fix ezoic name server integration issues

I added the site as normal though Cloudflare and changed nameservers to ezoic. However even after 48 hours, ezoic system was not able to fetch the nameservers. I sent a request to ezoic team using support site. I told them I am unable to integrate the site with cloudflare and ezoic. I have done everything and checked dns settings. They are all correct. However it does not get synced at all.

They replied back to me saying that DNS records might not be matching so asking me send it.

We are seeing a warning that the DNS records you have given do not resolve to the host, this is likely because you have entered the cloud flare IPs:

Can you please send me a copy of your DNS records exactly as they appear at your host? These might be labelled ‘zone files’ and will include CNAME, A, @, www records and so on. I want to double-check that the list of entries we hold here at Ezoic, match the records at your host exactly. It’s preferable if these are sent in text format.

Here is an article that will help you locate these at your host: Where to find DNS Records / Zone Files at your Host

Here is an example of what these records may look like:

DNS Records
DNS Records

DNS Records Matched Correctly

I checked both dns records and there were matching correctly. These were exactly the same. Ezoic fetched that data from cloudflare only.

So support said, “We would need the DNS records as they appear at your host rather than Cloudflare. When integrated with Ezoic via the Cloudflare method, Ezoic is acting as the main proxy for your site rather than Cloudflare. This means that any DNS records at Ezoic are required to match the records found at the host not Cloudflare because Ezoic will automatically propagate the DNS records over to Cloudflare.”

I have no idea what that means. I told them clearly that I changed nameservers to ezoic and also deleted site from cloudflare. still its not working and shared nameservers screenshot. I realized it would be really hard to fix ezoic name server integration issues.

Namecheap Integration Process

Later support told me, “Can I ask who you’re hosting the site with?”. This will not be Cloudflare or Ezoic, and they should have DNS records or Zone files of the IP’s on which the site will be hosted. These are what we will need a screenshot of, rather than Cloudflare or Ezoic settings. 

I shared the zone records and support messaged me stating that It is odd because those records match those in our system, but we’re still seeing a warning to say that they don’t resolve to your host. I said Namecheap is the hosting provider and I have done everything correctly but ezoic system is still not connected with updated nameservers.

GoDaddy Nameserver Update Time

When everything was correct, the support team said “Have you changed the nameservers at Godaddy? Sometimes it can take time for these changes to push through. If you did change these, at what time were they changed?’

I changed nameservers 48 hours before and it was already updated and sent dnschecker link.

Hosting IP trouble

Then the ezoic team meesaged me to check hosting ip. Okay, it could be taking time for the system to detect this. Alternatively, it may be that there is indeed an issue with the DNS records and this is why the system is taking time. Could you double check that the DNS records in both Namecheap and Godaddy are pointing to the same IP’s?

Obviously hosting ip was same. Godaddy had no dns records. “We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us.” this is what I get from GoDaddy. For Namecheap, I already sent zone records.

Cloudflare APO

Ezoic support later messaged that GoDaddy are probably misinterpreting Ezoic as the DNS manager because you’ve changed the DNS to ours. Was GoDaddy the location that you changed the nameservers to begin with? Additionally, this may not be related but you’ll need to turn of Cloudflare APO as this can conflict with our system.

Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization is not relevant here cause I deleted Cloudflare already hence there is no issue like that. Secondly GoDaddy had no dns records because the I kept the nameservers to Cloudflare. So when I deleted Cloudflare the dns records are kept with Namecheap.

I already sent you zone records of Namecheap as well. I guess the issue is with ezoic. Even after 48 hours ezoic is not able to detect nameservers. You can see that A records are resolving correctly. Still ezoic not able to detect the nameservers. I contacted namecheap hosting team and they also said there no issue from namecheap side.

Sent Video of DNS Records / Zone Records of Namecheap

Ezoic USA team messaged me to send video of zone records which I sent. After checking the data, the sent me this message.

It looks to me like your host is misinterpreting how Ezoic works and Ezoic is a reverse proxy for your site they should understand that we are making the request for your site from your host via our servers. Ezoic is acting as a proxy but does not manage your site. Your site is still controlled at the host; the way this works is you switch out your current name server addresses for the Ezoic name servers (located in your Dashboard). This allows Ezoic to split traffic at the DNS record level and send some users to see Ezoic versions of the site.

I can see from the video and compared to what you have sent me the previous screenshot of your host DNS was not the complete records. We need your DNS records in your Ezoic account to match exactly the records found at your host. Please ensure that all your records found in your host DNS records can also be found in your Ezoic DNS records.

The current records are matching with records from host. When I change nameservers to ezoic, site don’t load. Now I setup cloudflare nameservers again and the dns records are fetched automatically. I do not think I can link my site with ezoic. Hence if this does not work, I will just stop linking. I want to delete my website from this account in order to add it to my brother’s account, my brother has an Ezoic account and works on the same hosting that my site works on and does not face all these problems. I want to delete my site from this account so that I can add it to the other account

Backend Issue of Ezoic – A final solution

The ezoic support team asked me to send screenshots again. Can you send us a full list of the DNS records from your host and we will take a closer look with the tech team as to what might be causing this issue. i will need all screenshots and not a partial screenshot :). Can you also confirm which method of integration you are attempting to integrate via?

I told them, First The DNS records are correct its the third time I send a screenshot for the DNS and we can’t find a solution, Second I try to integrate with Cloudflare not working just I see the DNS record in my ezoic account is correct but the site is not integrated, I try to integrate with name servers and I can’t see my current name servers in ezoic dashboard this issue from ezoic end not at my end, I don’t have any issue at my end, I need to find a solution its 4 days and we still the same.

Someone from Success Analyst team messaged me; I’m sorry that you have had so much trouble with this, we would still be happy to troubleshoot for you with this account. So it turns out that there was a backend configuration that was blocking your CF integration. Can you please try and integrate again? You should now be able to. Please integrate via your CF account though as it is needed for you to be reviewed for monetization with Ezoic. Please let us know if you run into any issues integrating with CF.

Finally I was able to reintegrate my site and in 1 hour, site got declined. I was still wondering i went through so many suggestions and soutions to fix ezoic name server integration issues to ultimately getting declined.

Thanks so much for your interest in partnering with Ezoic. I’m afraid that after a careful review it was decided that your site doesn’t meet Ezoic’s partnership requirements. Unfortunately, there are many great sites that we cannot work with for various reasons, as there are many different conditions that have to be met before we can show ads on a site.

If you’re curious about why Ezoic has to have extensive criteria for prospective publishers, you can read more about this here.

Please note that here at the Support team, we’re tasked with troubleshooting urgent technical issues with websites and are not involved in site reviews, so we’re unable to go into any more detail about this, or to enter into a dialogue about the decision.

We’re very grateful for your understanding and we wish you the very best for the future of your site!

How more can you dislike ezoic support team and the whole system. If you ever gone through such issues, ask them to check with Success Analytics Team for a backend configuration that blocks your CF integration. This solution might help you to fix ezoic name server integration issues.