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How to Find a Person's Name From a Picture

How to Find a Person’s Name From a Picture

It is easy to Find a Person’s Name From a Picture. If you have someone’s image, you can upload them in the image search engine and check all the sources where these images are appearing. In this tutorial I will explain the easiest ways to Find a Person’s Name From a Picture using reverse image search..


Find a Person’s Name From a Picture: The Google Reverse Image Search

How easy ha!!

Reverse image search engines has been around for sometime now in Internet. Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile Phones, bing reverse image search, TinEye reverse image reverse search are popular among these that allows you to discover visual similar images.

The Google Reverse Image Search will let you find similar images in one click.

Google’s Image search and google photos advanced search tools can be used to do image Search on Mobile Phones. This will help you to find the original sources of WhatsApp photos, screenshots, any photos, memes and profile pictures.

Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile Phones

Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile Phones is the most widely used reverse search engines for iphone and android phones with the biggest database. The system works easy to Find a Person’s Name From a Picture. You either upload a picture from your PC or paste a link of the image. Google starts looking for similar images basing on the same shape, color, resolution etc.

It is free of charge service. If you are a Chrome user, you even don’t need to go to Google images site but do a right click on the image and choose ‘search Google for this image’.


Need some extra information about somebody on the picture? Nowadays, it is easy as one two three. In order to find somebody’s social media profile, you need to check whether they have one. This article will reveal some secrets how to find a Facebook profile from a picture.

Flustered how to find a facebook profile from a picture? Never has it been easier with reverse image search engines like Google images.

Google images search will help you with it. At this point, you have to options: to upload the picture from your computer or to insert the URL of the existent online image. To get the URL, you should simply right-click the image and choose “copy image address” and then, paste it into the Google images search.

After you hit the “search” button, you will be given a list of results. Scroll down until you find the link to Facebook to make sure that is the necessary profile. Check out the tutorial on reverse image search here.

How does Google Reverse Image Search work

Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile Phones takes an image as an input query, search an existing database, matches the image details with previous appearances of the same image and get the correct original source.

The image search tool helps you to find out duplicate images in Internet. Many matrimonial sites and dating sites uses these type of tools to detect fake profiles and remove them.

How to Do Google Reverse Image Search

You can do image search on desktop, tablet, android mobile phones, iPhone or iPad by uploading Image on google reverse Image search website. You can download Chrome browser app to your phone and “Request desktop site” in Chrome.

Reverse Google image Search help you to Find a Person’s Name From a Picture and find the original sources or the creators of WhatsApp images screenshots, any new images, memes and profile pictures.

You upload an image to  Google Reverse image search engine search and it search through the vast database and identify all appearances of images in internet and get the first appearance. Many of the people have may used their images on dating sites. You can Find Hidden Dating Profiles of anyone like this.


There are two ways of doing a reverse image search in Google. Google has developed and for users to do this.

  1. Go to Image Search here.
  2. Select the camera icon
  3. Upload the image and wait for it to get uploaded to Google.
  4. Once the image is uploaded, select Show Matches.
Matches will be shown in the Google search page with image size, Best guess for this image, Pages that include matching images and a list of Visually similar images.
Google will help you find similar images on mobile phone.

How to Find a Person’s Name From a Picture with a screenshot in Android and iphone

You can take a picture via your Android mobile phone, iPhone or iPad and upload the picture to Google Images Reverse Search Engine website. You can drag or upload them directly. Select search and you will find the sources if available.


Chrome browser app for iOS and Android supports Reverse Image search. You can download it from Playstore for android phones and App store for iphones.

Open the Chrome browser and select an image in any website. Press and Hold the image for little long and a pop window will appear. Choose “Search Google for This Image”.

You can copy the URL of the image, if the above option does not work and use Google Images search website to paste.

Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile to Find a Person’s Name From a Picture

You need to connect your mobile phone to Internet to do a Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile Phones. 
Ask Google Assistant to open reverse photos search website or go to Chrome browser to open Google Reverse images website. You can use the command “Google, Open the Google images and search this picture.”
Choose a image from gallery or from downloads. Upload the image in the website. Wait for sometime to get the image uploaded. Select Show Matches. Matches will be shown in the Google search page.



How can I find a person by image?

Select the image of the person.

Go to Google image Search and upload the image.

Search and find the details of the person.

 Google Advanced Image Search 

Ever want to find a similar image online faster. Google has announced a new tool called Google Advanced Image Search To Find Images that are similar or same of any image size: Large, Medium, Small and Icon.

This advanced-search tool identifies shape of images, colors in image and find similar images from indexed websites like Google, Bing or Yandex.

Reverse Image Search with Bing Visual Search in Mobile phones

Reverse image search in Bing help you to find original source of shares images in Internet. You can easily do this in Google in Android mobile phones and iphone, ipad and other devices. Download bing app or directly go to Bing website in Safari for iphone and any browser from Android phones.


You need to select a image and upload in Bing images website and hit search. Bing will the database and come up with related and similar image appeared in Internet.

You have to scroll through each result to find similar images. You can also just do another search with “Search Bing for This Image” to get exact results.

Use Reverse image search on iphone and Android phones

There is a wonderful way to find a person online without even typing a single word. Wondering how? Reverse image search engine will come in hand. Labnol has created mobile reverse search website to help to do Reverse Image Search on Mobile Phones.  
As for an ordinary user, it may sound complicated for you. It works when you upload an image and hit search. Reverse image search means that you need to upload a picture from Facebook and the engine will find a similar to that one.



Also, you can find some extra information and some contact details of the netizen you are looking for.

Watch the video on How to Reverse Image Search using Labnol Website


Well, take a look at some of the best reverse image search engines in web.

1. TinEye

This service is very popular among users as it was the first reverse image search engine. The principle is the same as with Google Images – you upload the image or paste a link.

TinEye can track illegal use of copyright even though it does not recognize the object on the picture. There is a limit to 150 searches per week for mobile phones as well as pc.

2. Image Raider

Another powerful reverse image search engine uses Bing, Google, and Yandex results to provide better results. Image Raider gives you an opportunity to upload more than one picture. Thus, you can conduct a multi-level search using this service in mobile phones. It is beneficial for photographers who want to track publishing of their photos on different websites.

Enjoy using powerful tools and save your time!