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Mouse pointer disappear Chrome: How to Fix Fast

Mouse pointer disappear Chrome while searching Internet is a common problem for Google Chrome users. Cursor of the mouse disappears in chrome after using touch screen in Windows PC.

It is quite distressing to move between tabs, selecting text inside Chrome and just do anything. Mouse pointer disappearing often happens with Windows computers with touch screen.

Mouse inputs are not registering in Chrome are resulting in disappearance of mouse pointers while user try to switch between tabs. Issues like Mouse pointer disappear Chrome on Windows 10, 7, 8 can be easily fixed with quick tweaks.

Fix Mouse Pointer Disappears Error on Google Chrome

First we need to Test if Mouse Pointer stopped working suddenly in Windows PC.

1. In Chrome, open 2 Tabs or more with any website
2. Place one finger on the screen and hold it there
3. Without lifting your finger, perform any keyboard shortcut which causes tab-focus to switch. e.g. press Ctrl+T (same results with ctrl+Tab or ctl+W)

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Go to Chrome Settings > System and uncheck the following –

Use hardware acceleration when available

Fix Mouse Pointer Disappears Error on Google Chrome

Watch video on how to Disable Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome

Update Google Chrome to Latest Version

Help > About Google Chrome, wait for the update to get finished and click Relaunch button.

Disable Adobe Flash

Go to More tools > Extensions and disable flash.

Enable Touch pad and mouse

If you have accidentally clicked keys in the laptop to disable mouse and touch pad, press it again to enable mouse pointer.

Unselect Hide Cursor

Go to Control Panel, Select Mouse, click pointer options and UN-SELECT HIDE POINTER/MOUSE CURSOR WHILE TYPING.
untick hide to fix Mouse Pointer Disappears on Chrome

You can submit a issue report to Chrome team, if the problem appears still. This Mouse Pointer Disappears Error on Google Chrome get fixed by doing the above steps. If the problem still appears, visit Fix All Connection Errors on Google Chrome.

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