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Welcome to the deals and resource page of Ship Me This. I created this page to share the best products, services, coupons, free deals that I use to make my business grow. These resources saved me from long hours and endless nights.

These products, services, resources and technology helped me to grow my business giving me more time to focus on core of business than the technical aspects. These are top notch products that I personally use every single day to make my business grow. I have written detailed reviews on each of these products which you can find out by searching in Ship Me

Ship Me This Blogging Course: The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging

“The A to Z of Making Money from Blogging” is for new bloggers who want to learn blogging, new strategies and make money from it. 42 new bloggers have taken this course till March 2018 and 80% of them are earning more than 100$ per month. 

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My Personal Collection of Products and Services to make your business grow

1. Learning: I use Udacity to learn app development, deep learning, machine learning, web development and get access to free open online courses. You can save Rs. 1,000 on your 1st enrollment if you enroll through my link.

2. Domain Hosting: Whether to start website, you need to host your domain in a hosting account. I use  Siteground  for my domains. The only reasons is awesome customer care. If you have no idea about domain hosting try with Siteground. Once you have an idea about how these works and number of users increases, then shift to a better plan.

3. Buy WordPress Themes: Once you have a domain and you hosted it in Siteground. The next thing is theme. I buy WordPress or other themes from Themeforest. Themeforest provides top notch products in affordable price.

4. Open Trading Trading Account in Zerodha – I use Zerodha for trading. It has a one time account opening fee of 500. The Kite interface is pretty good.

5. Open Mutual Fund Account in Kuvera – Join using my invite code UZ2Q9 – Kuvera is a free platform that offers only Direct Plans of Mutual funds. The interface is top notch and far ahead of MF utility or myCams.

6. Buy Ali Dropship Plugin at 66.75$ instead of 89$ with adding coupon code woo25. If you are planning to buy the plugin, buy using my link and code. This will give you discount.

7. Open Amazon Seller Central Account – Many ask me how to start an Amazon Seller Central account and sell products via Amazon. Here is the link.

8. Travel and Stay in Houses- I use Airbnb to book houses when travelling. Airbnb is the best way to rent unique, local accommodations on any travel budget. You can get INR 2,200 off your first trip of 5,000 Rs or more.

9. Hotel Booking – I use Oyo rooms to book hotels. Oyo hotel provides affordable hotel rooms. You can get 500 Rs discount using the link.

10. DBS Digibank – I park my emergency funds in the Development Bank of Singapore Limited. They offer online netbanking and app and you can open the account online. No need to visit the bank. The Balance up to Rs. 1 lakh will get 6% interest rates and Any balances over and above Rs. 1 lakh and up to Rs. 2 lakhs will get 7% on the incremental amount. Rates of DBS.

11. Calculator Vault App – I use Calculator Vault app to lock apps, hide personal photos and videos.

12. Bitcoin – I use Koinex to buy and sell bitcoins and altcoins. You can use this link to sign up at Koinex.


I will try to share coupons that I use here so it will benefit you too. 
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