March 22, 2018

How to Do Online KYC Registration for Mutual Fund in SBIMF


Here I am going to share a tutorial on how to do AADHAAR based eKYC in SBI Mutual fund house. Online kyc registration for mutual fund can be done though any AMCs and I prefer SBIMF for easy usage. I will share detailed step by step guide on how to do kyc online via e-kyc sbi. It does not mean that you need to invest in sbi mutual funds. Kyc online verification is compulsory in all AMCs and SBIMF will do online kyc update to other AMCs and kyc registration agencies.

You should do the following steps before.
  1. Link your aadhar with mobile number. date of birth and email id. 
  2. Link AADHAR with PAN card in Bank.
  3. Check if the mobile number and email address is receiving OTP.

Step by step guide on how to do kyc online via e-kyc sbi

Go to SBIMF eKYC webpage






Enter PAN Number, AADHAR number, Date of Birth, email Id and mobile number.

Select Submit.

You will get a message like this.

Online KYC Registration for Mutual Fund in SBIMF

You have successfully done Online KYC Registration for Mutual Fund in SBIMF.

You can invest in mutual fund only when you do successful eKYC. Now that you have successfully done eKYC, you can start investing in any of the AMCs. You may need to wait for 2-4 days to get the eKYC details to be updated in all other AMCs.

In order to eKYC via CAMS or HDFC, you need a cancelled cheque. I did not have a cancelled cheque so went through such DYI method. I have written a post on How to Invest in Mutual Funds for Beginners which you can read if you are starting out on investment. Let me tell you I have no other intention that help you. I do not generate a single penny from anyone. I only share what I have done.

What you can do for me is to share this post to many others. I struggle many times to get such information and do kyc registration and stuff and I really needed a post like this. I could not find any though. Hence I decided to share this. It would be great if you can share to others and make it reach to others.

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