March 13, 2018

Latest Google SEO Updates 2018 March Review


Google has announced another broad core algorithm SEO updates that struck websites today. This Google's Broad Core Algorithm 2018 is the latest google seo updates so far after the massive small latest google mobile algorithm updates in 2017 October and November. We will talk about what is the latest Google SEO updates in 2018 March, how it affected search engine rankings "quality signals" and review how far this broad core algorithm update will affect your websites.

Latest Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2018 March Review

Google has announced the launch of new broad core algorithm that is rolled out in March, 2018. Google SearchLiaison @searchliaison has shared the update info on 10:27 PM - 12 Mar 2018 in Twitter.

The Google team says that previously unrewarded websites with good quality pages will be gain search rank positions. I think these are part of continuous seo updates on January 2018 and in September 2017. You can read them to know more about how Google search is changing slowly.

Latest Google SEO Updates 2018 March Review

Stop Spamming Comment Section

Many bloggers and administrators add comments to posts by authority websites with their links and I would say almost spam them. These websites will be affected as the use of Non-descriptive anchors, Brand name, Naked site URL may not work anymore. Google is going to strictly punish the websites who has negative back links or back links from Spam comment section.

Google would be displaying more than one featured snippet

Have you read the post on how Google Featured Snippets are Bad For Blogs. Google is going to show more than one featured snippet in search results making it worse for blogs and websites. This will obviously reduces space for the websites and blogs listing, in turn reduce the number of visitors to the website.

Google does not tell you everything about seo updates

Google has been rolling out many small algorithm seo updates in the past 3 months. The search rankings fluctuates every day and SEO experts are even unable to understand which SEO factor has resulted in the fluctuation. It is not imperative to look and understand the minute details of google algorithm seo updates. Instead webmasters and bloggers should aim on working on quality content and building audience.

Quality signals??Hmm..Aha

The latest Google algorithm update 2018 March were  rolled out and many websites are affected. Google team has mentioned that there is no FIX for such changes as they part of the change in overall system. The Broad Core Algorithm is said to have affected "quality signals" resulting in larger changes in the search rankings.

What is Google algorithm update?

Google has this amazing mathematical formulas and codes that make it easy to rank websites as per more than hundred quality signals. This complex network is called an Algorithm. Google has major algorithms like Caffeine, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and the 'not so announced' Fred seo update.

There are major algorithm updates and minor algorithm updates. Website rankings fluctuate depending on the size of the seo updates. One of my website was ranking high in Google and Penguin update hit it badly and I had to work on it for almost 2 months to get it back on track. I know many website owners and blogger struggling to reach to the first page of Google to get some visitors. It is not easy these days as the competition has risen so much in the past few years.

Having Too many Doorway pages. Google is shutting the door.

Doorway pages are pages with low quality content mainly used to increase keyword content and page presence. Google has been very strict in the use of door way pages in websites. With the new Broad core algorithm, Google is hitting hard on doorway pages.

Update: Fresh Content or Quality Content: New SEO Updates

As per SEO That Works training course by Backlinko (Brian Dean), "Fresh content” makes ZERO difference in your rankings. I am pretty sure building fresh content may not work in the long term instead bloggers should go for the best quality content. This may lead to more organic reach and lead to higher rankings.

I was thinking about what Brian mentioned. Let us consider one keyword "Google SEO Update March 2018 Update". Under that I can write about Broad Core Algorithm, when it was launched and how it will affect the user. Well, Google do not want that. That article will never rank in Google. Why?

Because it does not contain the necessary related keywords to be ranked. If the article has more than 3k or 4k words with all related keywords, then there might be a chance. If you have seen the Brian's posts, you will understand that all of his posts are longer than 4k words. For a quick search, quick find world of Internet, Google is promoting such long articles because it offers quality to the readers instead of saving time of users.

Who is going to read 4k words. Only a few. The time they spend on the site is calculated using Analytics and the search rank get promoted. That is how Brian's posts became top ranked in Google. Google only provide best results for users. What is a best result? It is where users spend most of their time online. In order to address the gap of short answer to save time, Google introduced featured snippets and short answers.

Google is making the decision clear. You write engaging posts by spending hours and hours, get the user to stay in the website and we will rank you up. This is the reality.

Update: Ad sense and Ad mob revenue gone down

Ad sense and ad mob revenue gone down drastically and has not even reached the average yet for the last 2 days. Many websites are referring to this another Ad sense Earth Quake. There is a need to do clear strategy change in order to gain better search ranks and that is to write more content and more keywords.

I selected a post with a keyword "Investment through myCAMS Online" that was ranking on Page 3 of Google with about 79,800 results (0.34 seconds). I used a keyword research tool, added 79 words with keywords related and added in the first paragraph and updated search descriptions.

Update 2: Google Algorithm is Confused Searches and Domain Authority

I been using Google as a user as well as a blogger. I can clearly tell the difference between how Google react to keywords and how results are fetched from millions of websites. Till recently I started noticing that Google Algorithm is getting confused with keywords and priority of search results with domain authority.

I can explain.

Imagine you have started a blog recently and have selected a low competitive keyword and wrote a good post that you are sure will get ranked at least in the second page of Google.

It will not. Why?

The posts from websites who has higher domain authority will be pushed high instead of your post. May be your post has better content, originality and user engagement. Still it will not get listed. I started seeing this change since sometime.

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