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Find hidden dating profiles by username for Free

Find hidden dating profiles by username for free using this step-by-step guide using reverse username lookup methods. You can use reverse username search tools to get the individual’s background information. More data is gathered by username lookup tools using social networks, dating website, profiles and more public databases.

Find hidden dating profiles by username for Free

Finding secret dating profiles has never been easy with rise of username lookup tools. They are efficient in finding hidden online dating profiles by searching through more than 100 dating sites. Users can easily go to free tools and enter desired usernames. You can check out this amazing guide on what is Username Search? to know more this.

If you are doubtful whether your partner is secretly dating online on Facebook dating, Tik-tok, or Tinder, then you can take initiatives to not to get cheating during the relationship. There are many physical signals like your partner might be trying to hide his phone, laptop or iPad cause he might have secret dating profiles. If you notice that your partner having a secret dating profile, you can clearly investigate him without letting know the other person.

So how can you find a secret dating profile of your partner?

Well, I already mentioned username lookup methods right. Here I will explain all the possible ways you can find this information.

Best 5 Ways to find a dating profile online

Here are the 5 best ways to find a dating profile online with ease other than usernames search. These are simple but powerful tools so you can try them anytime at your convenience.

  1. Check browser history: You can start with basic search like you can find your wife/husband online dating profiles by checking their browser history. When he/she is surfing in a secret way, just passively go by and see if you can anything.
  2. Auto login dating sites using saved cookies: Another thing is to go to other dating sites that you fear he might having accounts in. Then see if you can auto login to dating sites. You can do this if computer has stored the cookies from dating site.
  3. Check saved passwords: Third thing is to go to password section of the browser and check for any dating sites names there. You can easily notice them when you do a manual search. You can check Google to know how to get password section by searching.
  4. Create fake profile: Fourth you can create a fake profile on dating sites and log in to the dating site. Then you can easily check if your partner has a profile there by manually adding specific filters.
  5. Reverse email lookup tools: You can use reverse email lookup tools to find hidden profiles if you know the email address of the person. Here is a detailed guide on 10 free reverse email lookup for dating sites.

Other than that there many free open source profile finders tools to find hidden user profiles online. However if you are not able to find any accurate information even after using all these methods, you can try username search tools.

6 Best tools to find a secret dating profile

User lookup tools aka profile finder tools can find any secret dating profile of anyone.

1. Username Search

Username search is one of the best username finder tools. They have a database of 100+ social networks and absolutely free to use. More specifically, it can find secret dating profiles of anyone in seconds.

  1. Go to username search.
  2. Select a specific category
  3. Press search button
  4. Wait for 15 seconds for the tool to search on all social networks or dating sites.
  5. Get your result.
username email search
username email search
username search results 1
username search results 1

2. Google Search for Usernames

Google is the most powerful tool to use to search for dating profiles online. Its an effective method to search suing double quotes as the Google bot will specifically show the results that contain the word inside double quotes.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the username in double quotes like “loveinair”, add a plus sign and type names of dating sites or social media sites.
  3. Click on search button
  4. Skim through Google search results and find the suitable one.
google username search 2
google username search 2

3. Knowem

Knowem has access to more than 500 popular social networking sites and USPTO trademark database. You can check brand, name or username.

  1. Go to Knowem check username tool.
  2. Enter the name of the person
  3. Wait for 10 seconds for the tool to find information
  4. get your result.
knowem username lookup social networks
knowem username lookup social networks

4. Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a great tool to find profiles in dating sites using username search. Their reverse username search tool specifically check for related dating websites hidden accounts. You can also use this guide on how to find hidden profiles on social networks free to find more such tools.

  1. Go to Social Catfish Reverse Username Search
  2. Enter the username
  3. Press Search
  4. Get the information of all associated profiles.
username search social catfish 1
username search social catfish 1

5. CheckUsernames

Checkusernames searches more than 500 popular social networks and social media sites. This is another version of which is shared earlier. They check in shockwave, tinychat, wikipedia and more to find out information about someone for free.

check usernames in social networks
check usernames in social networks

6. Tinder Username Search

You can use tinder to find out the username associated profiles. Tinder search is easy when you create a fake profile and check for matching usernames.

  1. Go to on iOS, Android or Web platform.
  2. Create a fake profile
  3. Search for usernames of your boyfriends, partner or husband.
  4. Set up filters to filter out non related profiles
  5. Get the desired profile.
tinder username search 1
tinder username search 1

Conclusion on how to find hidden dating profiles by username for Free

These are the best free people finder websites to find hidden dating profiles by username. You can easily go to each site and type username. You can also check out how to do a deep username search on someone to get more in-depth results.