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usersearch social networks
usersearch social networks

What is Username Search?

Username search is process to find out more about a person based their social media, dating sites and email usernames using username search tools. Username search is critical step in identifying the person, knowing more about their full name, social media profiles, dating site profiles and contact details. Here’s what happens during the username search, what these username search tools may indicate, and how it differentiates from other profiles.

What is Username Search?

Anyone who want to register a profile in social media sites or dating site has to choose a unique username. All the personal data of that individual is associated with that particular username.

More specifically, a username search is defined by the action of searching username of an individual online to obtain the personal information including full name, contact details, photos of the person, social media profiles and dating site profiles.

Anyone can do usersearch online and get all needed data of someone. Specifically, you just need to know the best username search tools that has a great database of all social media and dating sites profiles.

Fun FactSearching for user names only take 5-10 seconds. That’s how fast it is.

You can even go to other search tools for usernames to compare the information of someone and see if they are matching. This will bring more credibility to the search results.

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The username search process is divided into four major phases, defined by several important events:

  1. Find the best username search tool: You can easily go to Google and search for best username tools available online. However some of sites might be trying to steel your credit card information. So please be aware of that. Its better to choose the best username search tools suggested by This is because we conduct a thorough background check of each tools by personally visiting the site and finding out the process.
  2. Find out Usernames: You need to find out the possible username used by the person to register on dating sites and social media sites. You can use browser history, username used in gmail and yahoo accounts and names of the person as search term.
  3. Enter username in the site and press search – Now that you have found the username of the person, its time to go to the desired tool online, type the username and press search.
  4. Get your results – Voila, you get all the desired results in few seconds. You can go to two more username find out tools to compare the information that you got. You can find someone on dating sites by username search in seconds using other tools.

These phases of varying lengths make up the username search, meaning the process of finding the background information of someone using usernames only.

Username search vs. username finder

Username search tools will give you socio-demographic-personal details of someone if you enter the username of the person, whereas the username finder tools will search possible usernames out there that can matched with the given email address, phone number or last name or first name.

Knowing the use of these two tools can be critical to find out the correct information of a person on social networking sites.


More generally, a incorrect username results means that it takes longer for the tool to find out the information. There are several reasons why this could be, including:

  • incorrect username was entered
  • username was longer or shorter than its supposed to be
  • username consisted on spelling mistakes
  • usernames entered were not matching any resources.

Having an incorrect username result in one tool has no impact on the likelihood of finding correct information about someone using another tool.


By contrast, a normal username search may impact someone’s likelihood of finding the true information. This may be due to lack of proper database of social and dating sites in the tool, which may cause an incorrect result. This can result in the incorrect data of someone and lower the chances of getting the correct data. Deep username search is the solution in which you can use Google advanced search to get the information.

google advanced username search
google advanced username search

Best Username Search Tools

Here are some of the best username search tools online. These are checked by shipmethis team to verify the data and authenticity.

1. Username Search

  1. Go to username search.
  2. Select a specific category
  3. Press search button
  4. Wait for 15 seconds for the tool to search on all social networks or dating sites.
  5. Get your result.
username email search
username email search
username search results 1
username search results 1

2. Google Search for Usernames

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the username in double quotes like “loveinair”, add a plus sign and type names of dating sites or social media sites.
  3. Click on search button
  4. Skim through Google search results and find the suitable one.
google username search 2
google username search 2

3. Knowem

Knowem has access to more than 500 popular social networking sites and USPTO trademark database. You can check brand, name or username.

  1. Go to Knowem check username tool.
  2. Enter the name of the person
  3. Wait for 10 seconds for the tool to find information
  4. get your result.
knowem username lookup social networks
knowem username lookup social networks

4. Social Catfish

  1. Go to Social Catfish Reverse Username Search
  2. Enter the username
  3. Press Search
  4. Get the information of all associated profiles.
username search social catfish 1
username search social catfish 1

5. Tinder Username Search

You can use tinder to find out the username associated profiles.

  1. Go to on iOS, Android or Web platform.
  2. Create a fake profile
  3. Search for usernames of your boyfriends, partner or husband.
  4. Set up filters to filter out non related profiles
  5. Get the desired profile.
tinder username search 1
tinder username search 1


This detailed article has talked about what is username search?, critical steps of searching for username, difference between username search and username finder, deep username search and gave the best username search tools online for you to explore. You can also check out 7 best free username search dating sites.