I have been observing some posts regarding coding in blogger and especially adding social widgets in blogger. The actual need of the user is to get the code and paste in the gadget and save. However, most of the posts that rank 1-9 in Google has written more than seven hundred words for this. They have written like what is the widget, why is the widget important, what are the outcomes of adding this widget, how they added and how it made their traffic increase, how they came up with the code etc.

Java Devlopment Kit jdk 1.8 0_45 has been archived but is accessible for developers. This post shares an easy way to download and install jdk java 1.8 0_45 from archives.

Java SE Development Kit - jdk1 8.0 _51 has been archived by Java and a new version jdk1.8.0_131 has released for download. I have given tutorial in downloading and install jdk1.8.0_131 in Windows 7. Also a video tutorial is available that will help you to install it.

In last post we have covered the topic of how to access XML Editing Panel. Let us use layout editor that helps us create user interface in Android Studio v 2.3.3 in this tutorial.

We have created a new Android Project in the last tutorial. Now let us access XML editing panel to edit the codes as it would be easier to code there than UX design panel.

Name: .....              Age: 50 years Sex: Male Education: 10th
Marital Status: Unmarried SES: Lower middle Self: Self Domicile: ....
Reliable and adequate: The obtained information is reliable and adequate

Chief complaints:

Low mood
Death wishes
Anxious thoughts about future
Restlessness Current duration: 1 month
Loss of interest
Disturbed sleep

Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield provides the best rides in the town. Whether it is the Thunderbird 500 or 350 which are made for open skies and unhurried riding and it is the definitive highway cruiser or CAFÉ RACER, CONTINENTAL GT,  RETRO STREET, CLASSIC SQUADRON BLUE, CLASSIC DESERT STORM, CLASSIC BATTLE GREEN, CLASSIC CHROME, CLASSIC 500, CLASSIC 350, STANDARD STREET or motor cycling icons since 1932