FlipKart is a Indian company and one among the giant E commerce companies in the World. FlipKart offer all kinds of products and affiliate can earn good commission out of each sale. Here is a short guide on how to register for FlipKart affiliate program, create banners and links, how to display and generate payment.

Earn commission when products are purchased by traffic to flipkart using affiliate links on website, blog, app

I have already shared a detailed post on how to become a Blue Host Affiliate and start earning money. Many readers asked me to share details on HostGator Domain Hosting Affiliate Program and how to earn from it. Here is a detailed guide on how to become a HostGator Domain Hosting Affiliate and start earning.

Here is an easy tutorial on how to become Domain Hosting Affiliate with Bluehost and Start Earning. Domain hosting Affiliate Programs are comparatively easy when you have enough traffic. This concise tutorial will help you to do affiliate marketing with Blue Host which is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the World.

Who Is An Affiliate

An Affiliate is an individual, a company, or an entity participating in the affiliating program of another entity. An affiliate display the products and services offered by the entity [Merchant] in their website, blog, or through any other means using an affiliate tracking code in exchange for income received as commission for each sale.

Ever thought about saving enormous amount of time by having an easy method to open the programs in Windows. Here is an amazing time saving method to make shortcuts, list them and launch the desired programs in seconds. This will speed up computer as will as your work.

As standard, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera will not read in XML files when testing locally. You can use --allow-file-access-from-files command to test XML and HTML files by allowing access locally. Here is a short guide on how to launch XML, HTML in Google Chrome using --allow-file-access-from-files terminal command and Windows PowerShell.

I gave my pc for a new installation of Windows and those service people installed a trial Quick Heal Antivirus in the PC. It ran for few days and when the trial period was over, i tried to uninstall it. Even after my hundred agonizing efforts I could not uninstall this antivirus.

Due to large number of Phishing and fake websites, the Internet is getting less safer everyday. Google has created many algorithms to deal with these fake Phishing scam websites, but still they come back with another domain name. This guide will explain the process of how to report these Phishing websites to Google using the new Google Web spam Report Tool and take them down.

If everyone is aware about phishing and spam websites, know about reporting fake spam websites to Google, we can make the internet more cleaner and safer. Here is a list of types of sites and how to report them to Google.