GoPro camera is very popular among Youtubers and Vloggers. A beginner may find little hard to unbox and use GoPro model camera.

What do Usually YouTubers Prefer to buy to set up a home studio. Here is a list of all the Affordable and Cheap Vlogging Microhone Equipments For YouTube Recording that YouTubers prefer.

I wanted to start a YouTube Podcast and decided to buy a cheaper microphone. I searched Amazon and saw this  Generic 57000928MG Silica Gel Professional Condenser Microphone Mic Sound Studio Recording Dynamic (Requires phantom power). I bought it for INR 1,920.00 on 3 June 2017 and today, 23 July 2017 the cost reduced to 1,819.00. 

An Entrepreneur is not always the one who makes companies or startups. One can only become an entrepreneur if he/she possess the essential skills. These skills not only help to resolve issues, but also a great time saving. One essential skill is the power of letting go.

Starting a home daycare business is very simple and can be done with very low investment.Daycare center serves children who are 6 months - 5 year old. One person can run a daycare center with less than 25 children with practise. You can charge per child, depending on the existing competition and standard of the people living in that area.

Do you love paintings?

Do you love to watch and enjoy the vibrant colors of art?. Then why are you waiting for : start an art gallery and earn money.

Kerala mural painting
Kerala mural painting

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? You want to be entrepreneurs, but running short of money to start one? Then this "The Start Up Series: How To Make Money With Small Start Up Companies" will be very much suitable for you.