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How to Save Western Union Transfer Fees USA

Western Union has been the pioneer service for exchanging money and messages. It started as a telegram exchange and is America’s most renowned financial service. There are many products which are offered by the company which includes person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments, commercial services etc.

It enjoyed the monopoly over telegram services and even today is the first preference for sending or receiving internal money. The company allows easy online transaction for sending or receiving funds, paying bills, buying gift cards, finding the stores or even tracking the transactions.

They also help their customers by creating awareness relating to fraud by using video, articles, and quizzes. When the whole world is shifting to the small screen devices even western union left no stone unturned to provide the best quality service to its customers.

Western Union mobile money transfer service

They introduced mobile money transfer service using GSM association. It covered a large clientele of about 2.5 billion mobile subscribers and covers about 218 countries. They work in association with 700 mobile operators which help the customers connect with the service by receiving notifications and opting for phone remittance options.

This also open doors for money transfer through m-bank or m-wallet which is given by mobile operators and under the guidance of regulated financial institution.

How to Transfer Money USA using Western Union

The whole process of sending money is simple with western union. The one who wishes to send the money will have to go to the western union money office with the money they wish to send along with the fees for making the transaction. There are a few options which the sender has to choose from one area where the money will be transferred the next day and in one the money will be sent instantly.

western union international money transfer fees US

The sender will have to give his or her name and address along with the recipient’s name and destination. The sender will then receive a 10-digit money transfer control number from western union money transfer which should be shared with the recipient. The recipient will then have to visit the western union agent office at the designated location provided earlier and show the 10-digit MTCN along with a photo ID.

The money is then given to the recipient when the digits match. In case there is no identification document then there is also an additional option of creating a password which should match at the time of accepting the payment.

In most cases, the payment is accepted and made in cash. But if there are some limiting rules by local authorities or limitation of cash then the payment can be made in check. The website or the phone can also be to forward the funds. There are some countries where the recipient does not need MTC number if there is sufficient identification.

Western Union Transfer Fees USA

 Each time a transaction is made then the sender will have to pay an additional fee for the service enjoyed. This fee is levied based on the location of the send and receive, the kind of transfer made (instant, next day), the choice of sending it via location or website.

When you are paying the money and added fees then it is common that people feel that it is exceeding the budget. This fee can be an extra burden for many who are making international transactions. Most of the users of the western union would want to actually find ways in which they can avoid or at least minimize the fees.

Tips to Save Western Union Transfer Fees 

Being aware: You must be sure what are the exact fees that you are paying? You must be aware of the transaction details which are present in the fine print. You must be attentive as being unaware can lead to extra charges which might be levied due to the absence of alertness.

 No matter whether you are opting for online transactions or offline one read the terms and conditions carefully. If there is any problem then the awareness of these terms and condition will be helpful in saving a lot of charges or paying the minimal fees wherever applicable.

Use Western Union Offers

Not a lot of us are aware off but there are many Western union deals that can be really helpful in saving a lot of money. Avail western union coupons and exempt yourself to pay the fee. These coupons can be used while making transactions that can be done online and save some money. Thinking about the offers they should be the first priority whenever one wishes to make a payment.

Be cautious with Western Union receipts

In case there is a situation when the money is lost then the receipt will be very valuable. These receipts have the MTCN number which will be required for the money to be refunded. There are also some charges which are to be paid before you realize that MTCN number is available. It will be a serious heart breaking situation to see money being paid as fees and not having the right information to the lost one.

Go for Online Transactions using Western Union

This one is a very suitable medium which can just save you some fees and a lot of hassle. Going online can get the job done in less time and might even attract less transaction fees? There are also many coupons available for online transactions.

Try the credit card to Pay for Transactions in Western Union

There are prepaid Visa Card options offered by Western Union that are not very commonly used. These cards are very useful when you are talking about domestic exchanges. When they have a bank account then the money can be deposited without any additional charges. There is also no activation fee which is otherwise charged and also the receiver does not have to pay any ATM transaction fees.

When you are sending money to any friend or relative you would want them to get it as soon as possible and one of the best options is using western union. One thing that bothers many of us is the fees which are charged along with the transactions. There are many simple ways which can help customers save on the fees if they are aware and careful with all the transactions.

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