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Add A Tested floating Scroll from back To Top Button To Blogger

Customization of blogger layout and template need a lot time and patience. That is why there are so many paid website templates. I think you have read my older post about

image of a back To Top Button
back To Top Button

Like adding good page navigation gadget, its always good to add the floating scroll top to bottom button to your website template. A Scroll button from back To Top take a 1 to 2 percentage of a pro template. Well, you may think that what a scroll to top button gadget can do? i think that is false belief. It means that you are so concentrated in your site’ design and care for a good user experience.

Sometimes long comments make users to scroll infinitely to reach the post. Adding so much gadgets in the sidebar or long list of posts in the footer can also make this problem. So a scroll button will increase the time visitors stay in your site and increase SEO. So do not avoid this button and add it to your beautiful site which will be more attractive after the implementation of this button.

Add below CSS before skin tag of the template.

a.shipmethisspace { color: #795548; margin: 0 0 0 7px; font: 11px/29px arial,sans-serif; padding: 12px; font-size: smaller; } a:link, a:visited { outline: 0; text-decoration: none; padding-bottom: 2px; }

Add below code to where you want the link to appear.

<a class=”shipmethisspace” href=”#” title=”Go to top section”>Go to Top</a>

You can change the text to image by adding img src.

<img class=”shipmethisspace” href=”#” alt=”Back To Top Button” src=”” title=”get this one” />

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