March 1, 2014

Count words of title, content and posts for SEO


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Today i am going to share you a good Free online Word / character count tool for title, content / posts that will really help you for search engine optimizationGoogle and other search engines usually identify posts from websites and blogs on the basis of so many factors including the number of words in the posts and number of keywords in the post. This factor is included in all the algorithm used by search engines.

Counting Word / character for title, content and posts
Word tool

Why this tool is important? 

As the name suggests the tool helps the bloggers to know the count of words they entered in to the title, content and posts. In order to get good search engine optimization, your posts need to contain 400 or more words. This is a part of On-Page SEO which includes providing original and unique content that can help users, awesome keywords selection which must be in right length, creating a unique description for each post, giving appropriate title and headings to each post your site etc.

So a lot of webpages tries to use different kinds of deception for cheating search engines bots.
Hidden or invisible text that lay-outed in cascade style sheets or within HTML codes. Some of them use keywords within the page background color, making the bots to crawl it. But the users will not see such texts. Another way is by using a tiny font size like 2px or 1px to hide the keywords from users view. people also use  "no frame" sections to hide keywords within the HTML code. 

If you need to check any problem with your number of words in the posts, this Word / character count tool helps you to find the exact number of words in the post. You just need to select all the post content and paste it in the box. You will get the appropriate number of words.

So after publishing each posts you can use this tool to analyze the number of words in the post and add more words if it is below 300.


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