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Raising Alexa Rank Dramatically Using Link Boosters

Focusing on more

Write Guest post and articles- Realize that there are so many posts out there written in the same topic and may be same content. So give some more extra to visitors. Writing guest posts in other blogs give you a ticket to search engines. You can one in if you like.

Giving extra


Post on Blog and wait until your content is indexed by search engines like Google and Bing- 
There are bullet bloggers. They publish posts hour by hour which is not good for blogging. Wait till your last posts are crawled by search engines. Then post another one. You can write 3-4 posts a day. More than that, may add your website in the list of spam.

Syndicate your posts using Pinging and feeds – 
Pinging is a great method. You can use autopinger to ping. So that most of the search engines get the information about your newly published post.

Comment on other Blogs related to your niche– 
Commenting other blogs gives you so may back links. Just add <a href=”your website URl”>Some anchor text</a> after your text. Anchor text means text the resembles your niche. 

Make social media presence and create an active participation in social media- 
Comment, share and do crazy things.

Submit your articles to social bookmarking sites like Digg, stumble upon etc
– Not just face book, Google plus and Twitter, you can use Digg and other websites to share your posts. Bloggers usually use reddit for sharing and link building.

Create an attractive email subscription box – 
Subscription is good thing. You can add as many stylish subscription boxes from 1-4.

Add a pinging tool to the site. That way all search engines will get the info when you add a new post.

Set up an RSS feed for your blog. RSS helps users to get a thorough knowledge of what content are you posting and schedule of your posting. This makes it easier for others to syndicate your content and then provide attribution links back to your website. This will increase your SEO score also.

Add micro formatted hcard / v card to your posts

Add newer posts below the post- footer and popular posts in the sidebar.

Adding images to posts would increase the chance of clicks – You should add interesting images with alt tag for more SEO points

Add Meta tags for bots- Finally add some meta tags, unless your website may not get higher SEO ranks.


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