March 1, 2014

What is SEO - Something that nobody explains well


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing your websites or blog's visibility and ranking in search engines like Google, yahoo and others.

What is seo gift from
What is SEO; Something that nobody explains well

On page optimization means that optimizing internal aspects of a site.Off page optimization means that optimizing external aspects of a site.

On page optimization

What is On-page SEO optimization? On page optimization means that optimizing internal aspects of a site. Here are are a list of such features.

Name of Home Page counts: The home page should have a title that is listed upfront like ONE TOUCH. It will increase branding of your site. You can use the keyword phrase but do not stuff it with keywords.

Page size: Keep the page size limited to 150 kilobytes and concise. It is better to discuss one topic per page while can give links to additional pages for related content.

Number of Links: Keep the number of links on a page to a 100. There are no strict rules for that but it is counted.

Title tag: Do not stuff so much of keywords in the Page titles. The standard number of a page title is 70 characters. Use a keyword rich sentence that defines your content and each page should only target one keyword or keyword phrase. Try to give self-explainable titles which will attract more visitors. The relevancies of the keywords are considered in a title from left to right.
Add the following code before < b:skin >< ![CDATA [/* tag. This will optimize the titles of your page titles.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'> <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>

Search Description: You can see a search description box in the right corner of a new post page of blogger. In it you could add the description of your page. This should be limited to 155 characters. Add unique and interesting description to showcase your page which helps bots to fetch content for search results so stuffing with keywords won't be good.

Meta tags: Meta tags are the most important part of SEO. One should always use appropriate Meta tags for the website as it help in better ranking of site and higher click through rates as well. Avoid stuffing keywords in Meta tags and alt tags. You need to add a Meta description to your site by adding them below &lt; head &gt; tag in the blogger template. Look at us:” We invite everybody to know what is seo and optimize blog/website for it. We provide seo techniques and fix all CSS and HTML errors which will increase your site's traffic go high and increase affiliation revenue”. You also should add some Meta keywords to your blog. See our keywords:” Add forum to blogger, Blogger errors, CSS and HTML errors, how to fix html errors, Error parsing XML, add page navigation, Traffic source, seo techniques, what is seo”.

Some good Meta tags are,

<meta name="description" content=" Add description here"/> <meta content=' Add title of the website here' name='title'/> <!-- MICROFORMATS FOR Twitter --> <meta name="twitter:description" content="Add content here"/> <meta name="twitter:title" content=" Add title of the website here " > <meta name="twitter:site" content="@ Add username here " > <meta name="twitter:url" content=” Add URL here like”/> <meta name="bitly-verification" content=" Add bitly id here "/> <!-- MICROFORMATS FOR FB --> <meta property="fb:page_id" content=" Add fb id here " /> <meta property="fb:app_id" content=" Add app id here "/> <meta property="fb:admins" content="Add page URL here " /> <!-- MICROFORMATS FOR GPLUS --> <link href=" Add id here " rel="publisher" />

Link structure: Link structure of a website is a very crucial consideration. High quality interlinks result in more search engine friendly approach. It reflects the page depth (the number of required clicks to get a page from the homepage). Pages available in one click are preferred over those which require lot of clicks to get onto it.

Content analysis: Content analysis is as important as other aspects of SEO. Website must contain genuine, unique and impressive content. Good quality content which is easy to understand is preferred.

Page Headers: Page headers are used to segment parts on a page. We can use H1 header tags or H2 headers to segment the content and we can add any keyword phrase which is going to be focused in the following paragraph.

Off page SEO and On page SEO
What is seo?

Off page optimization 

Off page optimization means that optimizing external aspects of a site. Here are are a list of such features.

Link building

The links are said to be the measure of power of internet. One should always strive for getting more and more links to their site especially from those who are from the same industry. It helps you to make reputation of your website and get more traffic as well.

Anchor text

These are words which makes reference links from one page to other pages or sites. Usually anchor texts are “click here, check out this, keywords etc.” Targeted keywords are also used as anchor text to increase the ranking.
Keyword research- When users search any keyword using a search engine then it displays thousands of results found in its database. Keyword research can make your traffic go high as a rocket.

Page ranking

Page ranking help user to get quality and most related content of what he has been looking for.

Allow guest posting

Most of the traffic websites gets are from guest posting. Try to get some contacts and maintain such relationships. Ask them to write a guest post in your blog and in return give them something worth. Give a back link from the post and mention the author's name at the bottom of the article and link back to your site. Ask other bloggers where you can write a post in their site.

Avoid old seo techniques

Buying a link exchange programme or software

Adding flash content- Flash content reduces site’s loading speed and performance.

Adding iframe tags- iframe tags are easy to to use but for your info bots do not read the scripts inside iframe tags. So it is better to remove them and use normal CSS and HTML codes.

New findings of SEO by ME

Write some info by selecting a good keyword to create a back link for the next post. If writing about norovirus, first create a post about what is an infectious disease. Then create how we can prevent infectious disease as a second post and link with norovirus to the first post. Then type third post about prevention of infectious disease and link with keyword, “norovirus” into the first two posts. Then create the final post about “norovirus” and link all the three posts. So that people can use three above posts to get to your final post and increase clicks and staying time.

Adding meaning of word in a bracket will keep good reputation like gastroenteritis (GAS-tro-en-ter-I-tis; inflammation of the stomach and intestines).

To get more info look at the following websites,

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