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Find Someone’s Dating Profiles by Email, Number or Name

Are you trying to find hidden dating profiles online in dating sites? Or want to know how to search a person’s dating profiles using email, phone number or email address. There are many reverse lookup tools online that can obtain secret dating profiles online using username and email address.

First step to get hidden profiles to explore out what type of hidden profile does the person has. For that you need to perform a search for hidden dating profiles. I will share effective methods to find reverse email lookup tools to identify the secret person.

You need to use an email address to register a profile on majority of the social networking sites and online dating sites. In the case of the top online dating sites including tinder, using an email address to register is a necessary step.

Find Someone’s Dating Profiles by Email, Number or Name

Reverse email lookup tools use this email address to bring up profiles in dating sites. They will search the database of the dating profiles for this email id to find the needed profiles.

You can find someone on a dating site whether it be your husband or wife with ease using reverse email lookup search tools. So if you are the person who is asking how do I find a person in social media sites and online dating sites using only an email address, here is the right method to explore that.

1. Profile Searcher

To get hidden profiles, find someone’s dating profile and acquire hidden dating profile, you need to look for a tool called profile searcher in Google. There are many such tools online and I will share one of the best profile searcher online.

profile searcher
profile searcher
  1. Go to Profile Search Email Search
  2. Enter email address on the search box and press search.
profile search email search tool
profile search email search tool

The reverse email search system will search though all online dating sites and provide you with dating site name, found email address, name and location in US. These instructions are very helpful to find a hidden profile online.

2. Tinder Search

You can directly go to popular dating site like Tinder or Zoosk and enter the email address and find the account. However this wont work every time. You can conduct a reverse search by entering person’s email address on reverse email lookup tool. A secret dating profile might be tough to find if they changed their username. You can use hidden social apps however this is also very difficult method to follow.

tinder username search
tinder username search

You can create a dummy account and use filters like name, email address, usernames and interests to narrow down the profile. I usually find hidden profiles by e-mail address on Tinder by typing it in search bar and pressing search. You can find his or her hidden profiles like this. Go to any dating site, enter email address and hit search.

3. Spokeo Email Search

Spokeo is a free accurate email address search tool where you can search for someone on dating by email.

Go to Spokeo Email Search Tool and enter email address to find anybody’s email address, photos and videos instantly!

You can use Spokeo name search to find husband’s secret dating profiles or to know if your boyfriend is dating girls online.

I searched for a random person name John Sith and got so many results of John Sith around 91 people named John Sith found in California, New York and 31 other states including Alabama (3), Arizona (5), Arkansas (1), California (10), Colorado (3), Connecticut (5), Florida (1), Georgia (2), Idaho (1) and Illinois (1).

We can find hidden dating profiles using Spokeo using this method. It is easy to use and complete free.

4. Social Catfish

You can use Socialcatfish to find hidden dating profiles on all dating sites but it requires an exclusive online membership. You can also find someone’s hidden profiles from dating sites using social network profiles using Truthfinder but that also need truthfinder membership. Social Catfish is a popular tool to find someone’s dating profiles by email, number or name with more than 120+ social network database.

email search social catfish
email search social catfish


Pipl search social media profiles for individuals is another useful site to get background information of someone by signing up an account to find social network profiles. You can search secret dating profiles by email on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc..

They scan against 45 popular dating profiles from Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel. Using an email lookup service like pipl is always best to find anyone cheating on you. There are other types of lookup services which scan Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles and live spaces for usernames and registered email addresses.

6. Zoominfo

The best method for finding hidden dating profiles is using Zoominfo. Zoominfo will find hidden dating profiles and their digital trail. Zoominfo is a B2B marketing platform with sales intelligence, engagement software, and workflow tools. Zoominfo searches all online dating site profiles and searches email address registered on dating sites.

There are investigation sites that gives you custom search results if you are looking for your boyfriend or girl friend in dating sites but with online membership cost. This is a great way to find hidden profiles of your spouse as well.

7. Usersearch

Usersearch is a great reverse username search tool to get the person’s online profiles on dating websites and search someone’s dating accounts online. You can go to the website and enter possible usernames of your romantic partner. Then select the category you want to search on. You search your husband’s account on dating sites or on social networking sites.

usersearch dating sites 1
usersearch dating sites 1

You can find someone on dating sites by username using free username search dating sites.


I checked many other reverse dating sites lookup sites however the information was not good enough for me and they are very costly as well. The listed tools are the best to find someone’s dating profiles by their names, emails, phone number or usernames on popular dating sites.