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The Foundation course on Content addition plan

Have you read my new post about, “A Practical Tutorial Of Seo For Beginners And Newbies“. If not you can try reading it. Blogging sometimes take time. Time includes to know the basic things to do and do not. I am jut listing some of the basic points a beginner should understand before going for blogging to earn money. Maintaining a steady blog is very essential in search engine optimization. Most of the time beginners so many add Meta tags which gives info to bots, the time to crawl your blog unnecessarily. But what are the basic steps of blogging?

class on blogging

About Google bots

Google bots and all other bots would know the exact time when you generate content. Consistent pattern of publishing content usually create an idea of active site of the user. Such a consistent pattern of creating great blog content is the basic key for search engine optimization. If you have great blog content, then people would naturally want to link to it. This is one of the most tried and true ways to organically generate inbound links.

Some useful methods for visitors and search engine bots

    Schedule a calendar of posting in your site for the visitors. This way they will have an idea of when to visit your site. Use calendar which is bright and with beautiful images then your visitor will surely enjoy it.

    The Foundation course

    Optimize your site using SEO techniquesThere are “n” number of sites that explains about on page SEO and off Page Seo. You just need to take time to understand what are they and think will each technique help my blog in anyway.

    Install and configure a WordPress Blog or use a customized blogger template-
    Using a customized blogger template gives you more opportunity to attract visitors and give a professional look to your website.

    Try Set up your social media profiles for face book, Google plus and Twitter-
     Now a days 
    face book, Google plus and Twitter are really important. A day before yesterday, i have read some interesting article about the need for bloggers to avoid these crazy social buzz making thinking. At the end of the article, there is a share tag which include almost all the social icons, i have ever known. So having profiles helps you to gain followers, fans and more visitors.

    Try Set up your social media buttons for face book, Google plus and Twitter- Not only  social media profiles for face book, Google plus and Twitter, you have to have social media buttons for face book, Google plus and Twitter. This way it is easy to get more buzz and visitors may share your posts with their friends and for link building.

    Create a content addition plan

     You have to decide what type of content are you going to add. Is it about website hosting, blogging, gadgets or all of it. My suggestion is that focus on narrow perspectives. If you want to post about hosting, specifically go for either domain hosting or website hosting. In website hosting you can go for cloud hosting and more deeper.

    These are the basic steps to increase your search engine optimization.

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