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Latest SEO Tips: Non-descriptive anchors, Brand name, Naked site URL

Search Engine Optimization is seriously one of the easiest (and best) ways to get traffic. It is much easier than content marketing and paid acquisition. Unlike paid acquisition, it’s a sustainable and long-lasting source of traffic with a high conversion rate that continually builds over time. IN the optimizing process bloggers add meta tags and some techniques to boost the SERP rating or the position in a search engine.

Increase by Website Design optimization for blogger
Increase SEO / page rank by Website Design optimization for blogger

SEO practices that Google doesn’t like (like buying links) have become much less effective because you know the stiffened the rules for publishers. But finding low competition keywords and publishing good content still works extremely well. SEO practices should be included into your blogging platform. 

        Everybody in the blogger world knows that Google tightened its standards on evaluation and assessment of the excellence and credibility of websites with the Panda algorithm. The following major update, called Penguin, was intended to reprimand sites engaging in spamming.

    So what we need is SEO practice that does not interfere with such rules.

Naked site URL

Naked site URLs includes different variations of your URL, such as “” and “http://” You need to add these naked URLs to the entire web. Usually if somebody types anything such as “I need one touch phone”, the Google Bots try to find the words exactly or related to it and find the URL. That way we can reach to more audience spread the word.

Brand name

Using a brand name is an essential matter and that is something bloggers usually forget. A brand name conveys the credibility of a site. If I want to buy something online usually I go to flip cart or amazon or eBay but not to Google products. 

Why? I usually do not remember such a brand name of selling useful products when I need to buy a specific product from internet. Like you need to have a specific domain in order to use as a brand name. I could change it to NOT or shipmethis to use it as a brand name. Type it to articles, cards and create a buzz.

Non-descriptive anchors

Non-descriptive anchors include “click here”, “here”, and “visit this site.” That is you need to add a href tags without keywords. By adding targeting keywords to such tags are one of the SEO technique you know about which will increase your page ran high. But the problem arises when that type of linking is too high. 

                     Google’s algorithm will suspect whether you are buying links from other publishers. The chance of being banned increase if you have a lot of keyword anchors without other ranking factors. So to avoid that add non-descriptive anchors like “click here” and “my weblog”.


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