May 26, 2018

unemployed and depressed without job | Read This

Unemployment and Depression are two side of the same coin. Are you being unemployed and depressed without job for 6 Months and want to Get Recruited but not getting any interview calls. Do you have a 6-month unemployment period after graduation or Unemployed For over 6 Months after resigning from the last job. Getting unemployed and depressed is a normal phenomenon of many and you can use this time fruitful. There are millions of people in the US who are unemployed and depressed and you are not alone.

Here are 14 Tips if You've Been unemployed and depressed for Over 6 Months on how to improve your chances of to get a job, earn some passive income while having no job, escape from usual rejection e-mails, and increase confidence. Take your time and go through each point and choose that fits your interest and skill.

Lessons from Being unemployed and depressed for Over 6 Months

These lessons are an amalgamation of all lessons that I learned after resigning from my last job and also some interesting comments shared by readers. This may help if you are going to resign a job or unemployed for quite sometime.

unemployed and depressed without job

When I quit my job, I had a job offer in my pocket. Though I did not take it. I went to home, took days to see what exactly I wanted to do and started blogging. Let me tell you, it is hard path. The more hours i put, the less money I was getting. My family started pointing out that I am unemployed and should start looking for a job. I was now unemployed and depressed.

I could not convince them about my path nor I could not show them any result. I was devastated. I did not know what to do. I stopped blogging and send resume to many employers. If I clearly remember I send resume to at least 22 employers. 2 rejected it and I did not any communication from others. Now I am depressed and unemployed.

Finally some friend of mine called about a job in an NGO far away from my place. I had to take it up due to strong family pressure and shift to a place that I have no idea about. Place was bad, job was bad, salary was ok. I continued there for 6 months and then I again decided to quit my job. In these months I worked hard in my blog and I was getting enough money from it.

Lessons from being unemployed and depressed without job

1. Create a source of income when you are unemployed: I am not saying that you may find success in blogging or any other stuff. But do try to create a source of income that you can depend on when you leave job. That way you do not need worry about anything.

2. Never need to convince anyone including your family: Your family or friends or relatives do not know why you quit the job or you are not getting job. It does not matter whether you convince them or not. They are mostly not going understand. For them a steady independent earner is the best choice.

3. Read about Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Kiyosaki: There are many wonderful personalities who struggled all their life and then with passion and hardwork, raised millions of dollars. Do think optimistically and dont follow the crowd.

4. 9-5 Job kills: Yes, you heard it right. You are working 8-9 hours a day for fulfilling the dream of someone just because you will get some money. You are working for money. If you keep for working for money, then it will only end in your death. Money should work for you. Do read Rich Dad Poor Dad on how you can make money work for you.

5. List of stuff that you want to do alone: Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Do list out many stuff that you are passionate or have an idea. Try the best one and learn from the mistakes. Do not put all your money in that idea.

6. Do Lean Start up: A start up can be a small shop, a blog or website, an information center for your local community. This will generate income while you are a searching for a job. I have shared a few start up ideas in case you are interested. You may have an idea to build a super market. Do start a small grocery shop first and learn the business well. Then add vegetable to it, and expand slowly over 2-3 years of time.

Practical Lessons for people who are unemployed and depressed but no idea

There are some who do not have any idea on doing and they just keep doing job search. For them these lessons will be very useful.

1. Never Leave A Job Without A Job In Your Hand.

Always try to find another job before resigning from the current one. This will give you a piece of mind even if you are not planning to take it. If you do not have any alternate job, you may end up having no job offer and high stress, or may have to take up other jobs that are uninteresting, unfamiliar or less paid.

2. Get great reference to back you up.

Build connections in the departments and in the organisations. This way there will be always good reference to back you up while you search for jobs because there are thousands of qualified people searching for jobs.

3. Use the time to learn a skill or do a certificate course while Being Unemployed

If you decided to resign without any job in hand, use the time wisely. Prepare for Government exams, higher education, join a new course related to your job, write IELTS exam, get passport, join an online certificate course from an international university, learn a new computer software, train in social, writing, communication skills and learn a new language like French or German. These will back you up while attending interviews unless you will marked as Professionals with a Gap.

4. Hold on to your reasons of quitting the job.

No need to get stressed and feeling worthless. You had your reasons for quitting the job. Your reasons may not be understood by others. So there is no point in clarifying your intention or reasons to others instead convince yourself. Build confidence. You can do SWOT analysis to find out your strengths and weaknesses.

Hold on to your reasons of quitting the job

5. Get family involved

Family can help and support you in financial trouble. It is solely your call on whether you want to involve family. Staying with family will reduce your expenses thereby reducing financial stress.

Life Lessons for People unemployed and depressed and Never had a job

Here are some things or pointers that will help you restart your search for jobs or help you to figure out solutions.

1. Sell Your CV / Resume

Find good model of portfolio, CVs and Resume and start adding your information. Chance of getting a job is high with an excellent resume and good academic record. Prospective employers look at the CV before they look at you. It is your CV that makes the difference in the group of other potential applicants. You also need to start improving cover letter, statement of purpose and ask your friends to rate them at a scale of 1-10.

2 Being Selective is Tricky | Use Filters

I know many unemployed people who are looking for the right job or a job that match the skills or interest. If you are really want a job urgently, do not be selective much but use filters.
Filters can be;
a. low/ medium / high pay
b. small / medium / large company
c. regional / national / international company
d. permanent / temporary positition
e. matches your skills / does not match skills
f. matches your interests / does not match
g. higher positions or roles / lower positions

Being Unemployed

3. Get Unemployment Benefits for Being Unemployed

Apply for unemployment benefits from Government even if it is really less.

4. Step into a different field

Sometimes you need to get out of your degree cocoon and look for other jobs in different field. I know of a friend who have done Engineering Degree and have worked for a Space Research Organisations as an Intern and as a teacher for some years. So be open to all jobs in the market. Taking different jobs will help you to meet new people from different background eventually helping you to find the one you are looking for.

The job market is diluted with degrees. Mostly everyone is running behind general degrees like MBAs. Only a person with specific skill set have a chance to aim for a higher position. Many degrees pay very less such as Social work with a BA, or B.Ed

5. Look for Local Opportunities

Use google maps and search for all the companies nearby your area.
Check the website > career section, Visit their office, check with HR managers, contact them via email to know about existing vacancies.

6. Do Freelancing / Part Time Jobs and Earn Passive Income

While you are searching for jobs, sign with Elancer, Freelancers, upwork and other major freelancer sites and sell your skills. You can start applying on creating a resume for another person thereby earning income as well as learning the skill.

6. Post Resume in Job Boards and Websites

You can post your resume in Monster, Glassdoor, Careerbuilder, Dice Indeed and SimplyHired for identifying potential opportunities. You can also post resume to regional recruitment websites to get exposure.

7. Meet Other Job Seekers who also Being Unemployed currently

Go to coffee shops, clubs, online forums and talk to other fellow job seekers. They will say their story which will make you feel that your life is way better. This will also help you to generate leads and tips to other job opportunities.

May 20, 2018

Best emulator online for Windows, Android, Nintendo

RetroArch, FCEUX, Nestopia, VirtuaNES. jNES. Nintendulator are some of the best emulator online for Windows pc for gaming. FCEUX is most popular NES emulator online in Nintendo Entertainment System community. Here we will explore best Android emulator online like MAME4droid, Snes9x, Gameboy Color, GENPlusDroid. PPSSPP — PlayStation, MegaN64, best nes emulator online android, best nes emulators for Windows and best nes emulator 2018. Let us look at the Best NES Emulator online for Windows, Android, Nintendo Gaming Consoles.

Nintendo gaming emulators do the job

In this era of modern technology, and the era of gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox, we’ve lost that taste and flavor of gaming that we used to experience with those old Nintendo and Gameboy consoles.

old Nintendo and Gameboy consoles

Do you remember how we used to play games like Super Mario, Mario cart, duck hunt, and pokemon for hours and hours without getting bored? Nowadays, nobody even talks about those games. But do you know that there is still a way by which you can play games like Super Mario, Mario cart and duck hunt in your mobile phone or in your pc and relive those moments all over again? Yes, Nintendo gaming emulators do the job for us.

What are emulators?

Emulators are the special type of applications or software programs, specially designed to recreate a specific environment. Nintendo gaming emulators are specifically designed to play those old school games In your mobile phone or your computer. All of these emulators are free and easy to use. You can easily download them from the trusted sources like google play store.

You don’t need to root your smartphones for using these emulators. And also your smartphone does not need to have high-quality processors or high-quality graphics card. Most of the emulators work fine with basic or medium quality hardware. But the biggest drawback of using these emulators is that we don’t get that experience of playing games, which we used to get while playing those games in handheld devices, like Nintendo DS.

Best emulator online for Windows, Android, Nintendo

Note: All of the below-mentioned simulators are in no manner associated with/related to the official Nintendo gaming consoles only.

How to get started with emulator online for Windows, Android, Nintendo

In this article, I have mentioned some top notch quality emulators for Nintendo gaming consoles for android as well as windows. The first step, download the application from the play store and install it. Secondly, you need a special type of game files for these emulators, a.k.a. ROM files.

You can download these ROM files from the web. Say, you want to play duck hunt, so open your preferred web browser, search for “duck hunt ROM”. You will see a list of numerous websites from where you can download these ROM files. These ROM files are also free of cost.

After downloading these ROM files, emulator should automatically detect the ROM files and you should be able to play the games straight away. So here is the list of some of the best gaming emulators for Nintendo gaming consoles.

1. Drastic ds Emulator - Best Emulator for Nintendo Gaming Consoles

Today I will show you a brand new way to play nintendo games on your computer. With this new tool you will be able to play all the nintendo games you want on your computer for free. This tool is called Drastic ds Emulator.

What is a Drastic ds Emulator

A Drastic ds Emulator is a program that you can install on your laptop, computer or desktop, that will allow you to play Nintendo console games on your android and has been downloaded for over million times on play store. The console that I’m talking right now is the old nintendo console. As you know there are many emulators out there but only few of them work. Drastic ds Emulator apk can be downloaded from this link.

emulator online for smartphone android

This emulator is available for Android devices. this app is rated as 4.6/5 by the users on google play store. Currently, it is priced at $4.99, but trust me, with tons of features, this emulator is worth every penny. If you are not willing to pay then you can download the APK file of this application for free. Also, you can get the cracked version of this app for free.


This emulator works on almost every smartphone smoothly, doesn’t lag and no freezes at all. It is fast and reliable. You can change the on-screen displays or you can even connect an external controller. Its user-friendly UI makes it easier to use.


This emulator, however, does not have features of multiplayer gaming through Bluetooth or WIFI. Other than this, everything seems to be perfect!!

2. NDS Boy! NDS Emulator to play pokemon

This is an excellent emulator when you want to play games like pokemon black or pokemon silver soul. This emulator is available for free on google play store. Users have rated it as 4.5/5 but I would certainly rate it as 5 on 5.
NDS Emulator to play pokemon

It’s minimum requirements are:
  1. RAM should be 2GB or more
  2. A quadcore processor or an octa-core processor
  3. Android version 4.0 or above

These requirements are not an issue since we this type of hardware in every midrange or flagship phone.


This app supports all types of game files like .nds, .zip, .7z, and .rar. this emulator has a very fast save system. You can save and load games and continue playing where you left off, whenever you wish.


After installing you might face errors for the first time but try again, it will surely work. If your phone does not meet the requirements as mentioned above, then games might start lagging or even crash.

3. nds4droid Emulator for Android

This is another great emulator for android. It is available on play store for free. It has all the features that an ideal gaming emulator should have. On a scale of 5, I would rate it as a 4.


This emulator is an open source emulator, so if you are a developer, you can even customize it the way you like. Besides, this emulator saves the games every minute, so even if your game crashes, you can start playing from where you left.


Unfortunately, this emulator is slower as compared to the others, Even in the flagship phones. This emulator has problems with the high compatibility games. So if you like playing high compatibility games, I won’t recommend using nds4droid.

4. GENPlusDroid emulator with autosave feature

If your phone does not have enough space, then GENPlusDroid is all you need. The size of this app is just 1.6 MB. This app works perfectly on every android version. Also, it does not require high-end hardware specifications.


This apps works fine even with the high compatibility games. No issues of lagging and crashing at all. This emulator has an autosave feature, so even if you receive phone calls while you are playing, your data won’t be lost and you will be able to start where you left off


The only drawback of this emulator is its controls. The controls are not flexible enough and you have to be precise while tapping on the buttons. But sooner or later, you will get used to it.

5. No$GBA - No-cash-GBA - Emulator for Nintendo ds gaming console

great emulator for android and raspberry pieNo$GBA ( read as No-cash-GBA ) is an emulator for Nintendo ds gaming console, which works on windows. This emulator also supports Gameboy games. This emulator is very easy to install. A beginner should be easily able to install it, without any hassle. This is one of the best available emulators for windows. You can download it from its official website.


This emulator works perfectly even with the basic configuration like windows vista/XP/2000. And even 256 Mb of RAM is enough. This emulator also supports external gamepads, for people who are having a hard time using keyboards. This emulator supports almost every game.


This emulator has a problem with it’s save and load system. It does not save game properly and eventually, you end up losing data. However, this problem can be fixed by following the instructions that the developers have provided at their official site.

6. NeonDS

This emulator is no longer available officially after the developers decided to take it down from the internet. However, this emulator is still available on some of the third party websites like this emulator does not take much space on your pc.


This emulator supports all keyboard shortcuts, which comes in handy while playing high-speed games. Games can be saved and loaded easily. Also, irrespective of the compatibility, this emulator supports all sorts of games.


When it was first released, this emulator was in its developing stage. But after some time developers decided to take it down and today, years after it was released, it is still in its developing stage. And won’t ever get developed. So users having a low-end configuration might face some problems like slower frame rate.

7. DEsmuME 0.9.11 Emulator for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

This emulator is not only available for Windows, but for Mac OS and Linux as well. I can’t say anything about Mac OS or Linux, but as far as windows is concerned, it works perfectly can easily download it from its official site and the best part is, you still get updates for this emulator. Again, which are downloadable from its official site


This is an open source simulator, so if you are a developer and if you like things to be your way, this is for you. This simulator has an inbuilt movie recorder so that you can record your games. It also supports the microphone, connectable via USB or audio jack ports. This emulator works fine even with the basic configuration.


Stability has been a major issue with this emulator over the years. This emulator crashes very often. Maybe because it is open source. if you are lucky enough, you will definitely have a good time using this simulator.

8. Citra 3DS open source emulator online for Linux, Windows, macOS

Citra 3DS is also an open source emulator available for all three major operating systems viz. windows, macOS and Linux. This emulator needs a bit of advanced configuration. Windows 7 or higher and for macOS it need version 10.12 or higher. This emulator works only on 64 bit operating systems.

open source emulator online for windows


It is easy to save and load games in Citra 3DS emulator. Since it is an open source emulator, you can contribute to it or modify it according to you.


Not all games are compatible with this emulator. If your game is not compatible, all you see is a black screen. Or sometimes you just see the title and then it crashes or freezes. You can check the list of the compatible games on their official website.

9. DuoS DSEMU Emulator for Windows 10

This is an emulator where you can play almost every game, it doesn’t have any issues like lagging or crashing. Works absolutely fine on almost every windows version. This is available for Windows only


In order to save the memory, This emulator does not have a user interface to open the games. You can directly open the games by right-clicking on the ROM files and select “open with Duos DSEMU”. 


If you are someone who likes to play games by connecting external gamepads or joysticks, then this emulator is not for you. This emulator does not support external joysticks or gamepads. So you will have to use mouse and keyboard only

10. iDeaS Online Emulator

This is a near perfect emulator according to me. You can play the majority of games on this emulator without any lag, graphics or sound problems. This emulator can even work on systems which are as basic as Windows 95.


As I mentioned this there are no glitches and you can play the majority of games without any hustle. This emulator has a very simple and effective load and save system. So no need to worry about your data getting lost.


This emulator now is a dead project. Which means developers have stopped developing it further so you won’t get any updates. So even if find some glitches, you won’t be able to fix it.

11. RPCS3 - PlayStation 3 Emulator for Windows and Linux Open Source

This emulator is created by a team with some emulators in their back, but with all of their experience they still have major problems with the tool. Their Emulator is one of the hardest emulators to install, and for a normal user it will take ages to install it. You need to download so many required files to install it properly.

It took us more than an hour to install all the things and we still have some files missing. After we installed all the required files we found out that the tool can run only the games that the team tested on the emulator, and they only tested ten games.

PlayStation 3 Emulator for Windows

12. ESV Emulator

ESV Emulator is one of the oldest emulators from the market , it’s so old that don’t even think to download it on windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10. This emulator can’t operate on this operating systems. It has a lot of lag and the creators of this emulator really don’t know what to do. 

They don’t know how an emulator really work. They don’t allow you to use your keyboard as a controller which made it very hard for us to play one of the games. I used the emulator to play an old game and it crashed after one hour. We succeeded in opening the emulator again but it had some problems so we deleted it. 

On bing we found out that there is another ESV emulator that really works, but it is still in beta tests and works only with one game. We downloaded it and played that game. I can say that the game experience is fine , but that’s all, there are no special features in this ESV Emulator. I’m sure that in the future when they will launch it. It will have a big impact on the emulator market. The developers are developing a ps4 emulator which they will finish it before the end of the year.

13. Emulator by ANX - Best Online Emulator for Windows 10

Emulator by ANX” is one of the best emulators we ever tested, this emulator works with all operating systems including windows 7, windows 8, Mac Os and Latest Windows 10. We decided to test some games. This Emulator have a built in downloader that let you download any game from the Nintendo market that is compatible with Nintendo console. 

We downloaded God Of Arena and some major popular games, they worked better than ever, the game play was so fun. It was better than the actual console, this emulator allows you to connect a remote also, but it works with other remotes too. We even tested a wireless remote and worked without any problems. 

When you download the game it will be installed in less than 2 minutes, after that you can enter in the game and enjoy it. We tested all the hard games and played them for hours and the emulator seemed to work better and better. Than we decided to test the game speeds with the real console and for our surprise the emulator was faster than the console.

NES emulator online in Nintendo Entertainment System


The spot number 4 on google is a video from vimeo. This one can be called VEMULATOR , we watched the video and downloaded the tool , as expected we completed a survey, the tool didn’t worked, it didn’t even want to open so we deleted it right away. After seeing that the emulators ranked on google are all fake, we decided to change the tactic, so we searched on bing. 

15. Cils Emulator

First one in our test was, Cils Emulator, it’s an emulator created by a team from India. In this test we want to see which emulator is the fastest one to use, and which can be installed and used in less than 3 minutes. So the Cils Emulator have some great futures on paper , but when we tried to install it we needed an old computer, and that was a big problem for us. 

But with a little help from a friend got an old Laptop. So we installed it, than the Cils Emulator didn’t want to open so we needed the latest Net.Framework. We finally managed to open the Emulator and we found out that it only works with few games. We tested one of the games that worked and it was the most horrible game experience I ever had. With that in mind we uninstalled the Cils Emulator and installed another one.

16. Emulator by GRak

This one is called “Emulator by GRak”. This emulator was a nightmare too, as the resolution of the gameplay was like 600×900. This is a nightmare if you ask me, than as the Cils, only 2 games worked on this. But the thing is we succeed to install it in less than 10 minutes which is a bonus for us. 

Then we wanted to play the game , but the problem was it didn’t worked with our keyboard so we need to use a small keyboard shown in the emulator. After few more minutes playing the emulator crushed , and we couldn’t make it to work again. So another lose for us.

17. DDZ Emulator from United Kingdom

As you know there is a quote that tells Third time’s the charm, so we start testing another emulator, this time it is created by a Team from United Kingdom, This tool doesn’t have a name so we called it after the team who created it, DDZ Emulator, yeah it’s not a great team but don’t blame us, it’s the team fault that they call themselves like this. So we finally found an emulator that works on our new computer and not on our old laptop.

emulator online for Nintendo gaming console

We still needed to install some updated but after six minutes we succeed to install the emulator. So after we installed it we download some nintendo games from our site. We installed some games and start playing them, The game was really fun, but after a while it starts to have lag, first we think it was from us than after we run some test we found out that the tool use more resources that it should use, and if you don’t have one of the best computers out there I don’t recommend using this emulator, as it will kill your RAM.

18. Project Rolt Emulator

This emulator that is ranked on google when we tested the emulators wasn’t so good at all, we will call him Project Rolt, this emulator didn’t worked at all, as it made my computer crash , and I was forced to install the windows again, this cost me a lot of data, and hours of work lost. It was good for me that I had some info on my cloud storage otherwise it could make me great damage. I’ve reported it to google that provide fake content that could harm your computer, so I hope. I won’t see that website ranked on google ever again.

More Emulators - More testing - More Problems

We tested 5 more emulators that we found on Google, they say that they are the best emulators, so we decided to download and install all of them. After we downloaded the first emulator, who forced us to make a survey to open it, which is kind annoying. We start using it , but it didn’t worked with any of the games we had. So we uninstalled it and reported to the admin. Still we don’t have an answer from the Admin of the website. As we don’t have permission of the site admin to publish the name of the tool we will just call it emulator By LL.

Than we downloaded the second ranked website in google at that time emulator, also we hadn’t any response from the admin so we can’t share the website name or the tool name, as we don’t have rights to do that.

Best Emulators to Buy Online

If you want to use real emulators, you can buy them online. Many have asked me where to get good emulators to play retro games and other cool games. Here are a few super cool emulators and devices that you can buy online.

1. Pizza Boy - GBC Emulator 

Android emulator with high precision and passes all the super-hard Blargg tests. The code is written in C with OpenSL native libraries for video and audio and use very low battery.

Check out the price

2. Raspberry Pi 3 based retro games emulation console, 16GB edition, 2x snes type controller, Retropie

All-in-one lost cost MAME machine, retro gaming emulation console based on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to play retro games on HDTV.

3. Slayin by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

How do you feel if you get endless action RPG, endless tons of weapons, infinite armor and spells in pixel perfect retro-graphics. Slayin is an amazing cool RPG game amazing sounds, superb game play and gives classic super hard challenges.

A must buy - Check out price

These are some of the best emulator online for Windows, Android, Nintendo gaming consoles. So what are you waiting for? Download your favorite emulator and get started now!!

May 15, 2018

Find all social media accounts by phone number free

Are you looking for some individual and trying to find him overall social media accounts but all you know is his/her email id or phone number? If yes, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Here is a list of free mobile number lookups for social media accounts. These free mobile number lookups for social media accounts will help you to dig in deep and find the all of the social media accounts associated with the provided mobile number.

Advantages of using these reverse lookup services

There are quite a few advantages of using these free mobile number lookup sites for social media accounts. Like if u get a call from an unknown number or a mail that you think is not genuine or basically scam, then you can use these free mobile number lookup sites to find who was the unknown caller or whether the person who sent you mail is genuine.

Find all social media accounts by phone number free

You will be able to find accounts on all of the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+, reddit, quora, Pinterest and even some dating sites just in one click using these free mobile number reverse lookup sites for social media accounts.

Apart from social media accounts, these free mobile numbers reverse lookup sites gives you information about the physical address, name, profile image, place of work etc. of the individual. All of these free mobile number reverse lookup sites for social media accounts are free of cost and can be used multiple times.

These free mobile number reverse lookup sites also look up to several dating sites, so you can check if your significant other is still registered on any of the dating sites.

Some of the best and free mobile number reverse lookup sites for social media accounts are

PIPL - Find all social media accounts by phone number free

This site is one of the most famous sites for reverse mobile number lookups. This site is 100% free and provides accurate information associated with the provided mobile number. Pipl provides information on facebook and twitter accounts, full name, physical address, profile image.

Pipl claims to be the largest people search engine with over 3101932991 people and still counting
this site is my personal favourite and and would strongly recommend using this site if you are looking for someone’s social media account using mobile number.

Pros of using pipl

This site is very accurate in providing the basic as well ads the social media information of an individual. This site also respects the privacy of the user. This site has a very user friendly GUI which makes it easy to use.


EMAILSHERLOCK is very famous mobile phone number lookup service which claims that the website has done over 5 crore searches so far. However, this email service seems bogus to me as they claim that in their pro version, which is paid,  they provide government records such criminal records, asset records, marriage records, divorce records, court records, property records etc.

EMAILSHERLOCK is very famous mobile phone number lookup service

They also claim to provide social media profiles of the sites like blogger, Dailymotion, foursquare, full contact, rapleaf, facebook, Flickr, GitHub, shutter point, youtube, and eBay.

Pros of using emailshocker

As mentioned above, apart from providing basic information, this website also provides the government records which makes it different for all other lookup services. They also provide social media accounts of more than 20 social media platforms

Cons of using emailshocker

This service uses WHOIS lookup for the domain registration address so will be less accurate. They also show the recent searches by the other users which I think is not a good idea

SOCIALCATFISH - Social media accounts Finder

This site provides various lookups like name lookup, mobile number lookup, email id lookup, image lookup and username lookup. This site will help you verify a person’s identity. But this site is limited to basic information of the individual only.

Pros of using social catfish

This website helps you verify the person you’ve met. This website tells you about social networks, jobs, aliases, and much more apart from basic information. This website also has a feature called reverse image lookup. You can search for an individual using his image as well.

SPOKEO - Phone Number Check

This website is one of the popular reverse lookup websites. They provide various search filters and the user data is collected form 95+ social media platforms.

Pros of using spokeo

Beside email and mobile number lookup, here you can enter the username of the individual to check whether the person is genuine. They have a very large network and they collect information from over 95 social media platforms.

spokeo email and mobile number lookup

Cons of using spokeo

Their disclaimer states that all data offered is derived from public sources. spokeo does not verify or evaluate each piece of data and does not guarantee any information offered. 


That’s them is another reverse email lookup service that provides you with the information when you give email id as well as phone number. When I tried I did not get the satisfactory results. Seems like they have fewer sources than other email lookup services

Pros of using that’s them to find all social media accounts by phone number free

This website does not only accept email id and mobile number, but also you can search for an individual using his name, physical address or IP address also. It also has a user friendly GUI. They have also provided all the info on the website on how to use their lookup services.


This website also claims to provide the information related to criminal records, marriage records, court records, etc. apart from basic information. However, their disclaimer states that “data availability is largely based on the public sources from which the data is aggregated”. So there are chances of them providing some wrong or misleading information.


This website also claims to provide criminal records and other government documents covering all the 50 states. This service is available for people in the US only.

Facebook reverse lookup by phone number

Besides these sites, you can use facebook reverse mobile number lookup. All you have to do is type the mobile number that you want to look up to in the Facebook's search bar. If the provided mobile number is associated with a facebook account, it will pop up and you will come to know about that particular individual

Facebook reverse lookup by phone number

These free mobile number reverse lookup sites do not always provide the correct information about a person. These sites collect the information from the social media and it is fairly possible for an individual to hide the personal information on the social media platforms.

I searched for mobile number lookup services and Ones which I got were not working for whichever  number I provided . Their only answer was " sorry, this number is not in our database" . I tried them with Indian as well as US mobile numbers. So I was not sure if they really work. So I did not mention them.

And all the websites I have listed provide both services , email as well as mobile number lookup
I have tried these websites and they have worked for me. Some of them restricted the access since they were only Available for people in US , so I used VPN to access them. However, the information provided by these free mobile number reverse lookup sites is most of the times correct.

There are many people out there looking for such reverse lookup services, so do consider sharing the post.  

May 11, 2018

Best Wireless Bluetooth Headsets under Rs. 2500 – Buyer’s Guide 2018

Music holds a very important and unique place in our life. We cannot skip the importance of wireless bluetooth headsets in it. With increasing number of wireless bluetooth headsets companies, it is difficult to search and find the best wireless bluetooth headsets and buy them online. That is why we have shortlisted the best wireless bluetooth headsets 2018 in India under Rs. 2500 that you can buy from Amazon with discounts. This list is useful to know the best bluetooth earphones under 3000, best wireless earphones under 3000, best earphones under 2500 and best wireless headphones.

With the boom in the technology, 3.5 mm jack has started to vanish. There are many smartphones on the market that does not hold a 3.5 mm jack.

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Life is not possible today without a good Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Headsets under Rs. 2500 – Buyer’s Guide 2018

Music should never be stop and for that, we have created this list best wireless bluetooth headsets which will accompany you no matter what happens. So, here are top 10 Wireless Bluetooth Headsets available in the market under Rs 2,500. Remember there are many electronics offers on various shopping websites which can help you buy these headsets. Therefore, before buying check them as well.
  1. Tagg Inferno, Wireless Bluetooth Earphone With Mic + Carry Case (Black) - Check Price
  2. Leaf Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic and Deep Bass (Carbon Black) - Check Price
  3. Samsung Level U Bluetooth Stereo Headset Flexible Joint With Neckband (Gold)- Check Price
  4. TaoTronics BH07 Sweatproof Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones with Mic - Red - Check Price
  5. Philips SHB5250 In Ear Wireless Earphone - Black - Check Price
  6. CrossBeatsTM Raga Wireless Bluetooth Headset Headphones - Gray/Green - Check Price
  7. Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Sports Headset (Black/Green) -Check Price
  8. Future + 4.1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Noice Isolation - Check Price
  9. boAt Rockerz 210 In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone (Red/Black) - Check Price
  10. Skullcandy Jib Wireless In-Ear Earphones with Mic (Purple) - Check Price
Watch Video on Ship Me This Best Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

1.TAGG Inferno - Best Wireless Bluetooth Headset With Mic Review under Rs. 2500

TAGG Inferno - Best Wireless Bluetooth Headset With Mic ReviewTagg Inferno Bluetooth earphones offer us a good value for money. These Best Wireless Bluetooth Headsets comes with a with CVC 6.0 Noise cancellation technology, 1 year warranty and unique ear hook feature, which helps it to be in its place while we are doing some kind of activity. Hence, proving it perfect for every scenario.
Built-in rechargeable powerful lithium battery (100 mAh) 
The company provides a carry case along with some extra ear tips with the headset. The major advantage of these headphones is that they are sweat proof so you can use them while performing any kind of activity. It packs a battery, which can give you 8 hours of music playback non-stop with a single full charge.

The best wireless Bluetooth headset for iPhone 7, 6/6S, 6S Plus, 5 5c 5s 4s,iPad Air
The best wireless Bluetooth headset for iPhone 7, 6/6S, 6S Plus, 5 5c 5s 4s,iPad Air
This wireless bluetooth headset is compatible with iPhone 7, 6/6S, 6S Plus, 5 5c 5s 4s,iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S6,S5,S4,S3 Note 4 3, HTC M9 M8 M7,LG Flex 2 G3 G2, Apple watch and Other bluetooth enabled mobile phones and laptops.

2. Leaf Ear - Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic and Deep Bass (Carbon Black)

Leaf Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic and Deep Bass (Carbon Black) ReviewThere are many people who do not like large hooks around their and demand a very design from their headsets. For those people, Leaf Ear is best as its in-ear hooks add a very sleek and minimal design. 
High quality audio with a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, and sensitivity of 101 dB
Leaf Ear headsets have top-notch audio delivery with awesome stereo effect and bass combined with noise cancellation technology.

The soft ear tips and metal uni body design provides a very premium yet comfortable experience. It guarantees 8 hours of playback on a single charge.

Leaf ear bluetooth headset is compatible with all bluetooth supported devices. 

3. Samsung Level U - Bluetooth Stereo Headset under Rs. 2500 Flexible Joint With Neckband (Gold)

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Stereo Headset Flexible Joint With Neckband (Gold) ReviewSamsung took the Wireless Bluetooth Headsets market to a new level. Samsung’s Level U comes with a neckband attached to the headset.

This neckband rests on your neck and shoulder, without even bothering you.
Best-In-Class : Two Mics for clearer voice calls
The advantage of this neckband is that it packs a larger battery and all the tech and hardware is installed in it, so the earpiece feels very light.

This premium and comfortable earphones pack a 6 months warranty out of the box. Most of the headsets comes with this price band provides 1 year warranty and some even provide door step warranty. 6 months warranty is very less compared to other bluetooth headsets in the market.

Guide and earbuds are extra items that you will get with this headset. You can charge this headset with Samsung micro pin charger. This headset is compatible with bluetooth supported mobile phones.

4. TaoTronics BH07 Sweatproof Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones with Mic - Red

TaoTronics BH07 Sweatproof Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones with Mic - Red ReviewWhile designing these Wireless Bluetooth Headsets company’s main concern was an idea of non-bulkiness. Although having every technology this headset is the perfect blend of minimal and beautiful design.

Perfect workout Wireless Bluetooth Headsets with Built-in magnets

For better housing, it has an in-ear grip and magnets on the earbuds that hold them together while they are hanging on the neck.

Pairing is a major problem for these headsets and this TaoTronic’s BHO7 offers instant pairing with your device.
Best Wireless stereo Bluetooth headphones with Ear Hooks

 It comes with Wireless Bluetooth Headsets, Micro USB Charging Cable, 3 x Ear Tips, 3 x Ear Hooks and 1 x User Manual.

5. Philips SHB5250 In Ear Wireless Earphone - Black

Philips SHB5250 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headsets - Black - Red ReviewPhilips has always proven itself as a pioneer in the field of audio technology. This time Philips launched its SHB 5250 BL Wireless Bluetooth Headsets, which are most basic headsets that you can get for awesome audio output.
14.2 mm speaker drivers and powerful magnets
To avoid ambient noise they have in-ear tips, which provide a maximum seal in the ear. These are available in bright colors and we can choose one according to our requirement.

Philips in ear Wireless Bluetooth Headsets under Rs. 2500 are so lightweight that you will not even feel them and the flat cable is perfect to avoid tangles. There are some bad reviews in Amazon about the battery backup of this headphone. You can always test it for few days before the return period and give it back if battery back up is not sufficient.

Currently Amazon offers Rs.50 back with Amazon Pay balance if you buy it now.

6. CrossBeatsTM Raga Wireless Bluetooth Headset Headphones

CrossBeatsTM Raga Wireless Bluetooth Headset Headphones - Gray/Green ReviewWe all have different ear sizes and CrossBeat Raga solves this problem as it is made for every ear size and its in-ear hook can is adjustable according to the consumer. The rubber all around it ensures that the Wireless Bluetooth Headsets holds its place while you are running, jumping, in the gym or any kind of movement. 
These headphones come with lifetime support and a 1-year warranty
Raga has an amazing battery life of 8 hours of non-stop music playback. It also has noise cancellation ensures that only your music enters your ear and nothing else.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphone to gift to special one
Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphone to gift to special one
Built-in controls over the headsets allow you control your music through your headset only. 

7. Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Sports Headset(Black/Green)

Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Sports Headset (Black/Green) ReviewAll the individuals looking for sports headsets can take a halt and look at this product. Apart from being lightweight, these headsets fit quite well in the ears and are perfect for exercises and sports.
Gives a carry case, extra ear tips, hooks, clip for cable and headset itself.
Due to its comfortable fit, after wearing for a long duration also these headsets does not hurt a bit. This Wireless Bluetooth Headset has a unique feature of multiple connections at the same time.

Sold over 1 MILLION pcs in the past year - Shop this wireless bluetooth headsets 2018 on Amazon!!!

The custom sound engine which company delivers makes it perfect headset in this price range.

8. Future + 4.1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Noice Isolation under Rs. 2500

Future + 4.1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Noice Isolation ReviewFuture + 4.1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones comes with Noice Isolation, Integrated Neckband, Mic and Controlling Buttons (Black).

Future’s + design is somewhat similar to that of Samsung’s Level U, they both have a neckband and this neckband adds awesomeness to the sound quality of Future’s +. This headphones are designed in America and assembled in China.

Neckband gives you an advantage of wearing your Wireless Bluetooth Headsets without having the fear of falling them. 
Designed in USA to pair with 2 devices at once
All the controls are easily accessible as they are mounted on the neckband only. The metal unibody makes it durable and attractive.

Best Wireless Earbuds 2018 for workouts in gym

The most exceptional feature it holds is that it has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet.

9. boAt Rockerz 210 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headset under Rs. 2500

boAt Rockerz 210 In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone (Red, Black) ReviewThe Boat made its reputation in the market of audio equipment by launching some of the best headphones and earphones at a reasonable price under Rs. 2500. 
Perfect example of minimal design and awesome sound quality
The sound quality it delivers is one of the best apart from that it is one of the cheapest in this price segment.

Dual pairing is one of the best advantage of buying this headset. It does look cool and comes with a good price point.

It hosts a waterproof body, active noise cancellation, and unmatched bass. It gives you a battery backup of about 6-8 hours.

10. Skullcandy Jib Wireless In-Ear Earphones with Mic (Purple)

Skullcandy Jib Wireless In-Ear Earphones with Mic (Purple) ReviewOne of the most popular name in the field of audio devices launches its product in budget series.

This Skullcandy’s Wireless Bluetooth Headsets is lightweight because all the heavy components are installed in the in-line cylindrical component that rests on your neck. 
A bestselling essential earphone for music lovers
Well, it holds the reputation of Skullcandy by giving you an impressive and memorable audio quality for 6 hours straight on a single charge without making you uncomfortable.

Final Words - Buyer’s Guide 2018

Either you are sad or happy or want to express your emotions; music always plays a vital role in it. Music not only accompany us in our free time but there are many tasks like exercising, playing, running and many more during which we use to listen to our favorite songs.

best wireless bluetooth headset noise cancelling for phone calls in 2018

When it comes to buying the best bluetooth earphones under 3000, best wireless earphones under 3000, best earphones under 2500 or best wireless headphones, the buyer needs to know few specific stuff about wireless bluetooth headphones.

1. Mic - Go for bluetooth earphones with mic. It would be pretty useful when you can attend and cut calls while playing songs in the headphone. If you buy an earphone without mic, you may need to plug it out and then attend the call. This would be troublesome for the buyer.

2. Brand, Model, Form Factor, Connector Type and Weight

Brand Sony, TaoTronics, Philips, Skullcandy Jib or other brands listed here.
Model Looks like this MDR-XB55. Check if it latest.
Microphone Form Factor With Microphone
Connector Type Wired 3.5mm Single Pin
Weight 9 g
3. Retractable earbud - Check if the headphone have this feature.

4. CVC noise-cancellation technology - Noise cancellation technology helps to cancel noises.

5. Wireless and Bluetooth Range - High range is better.

6. Compatibility - Is the Bluetooth earphone compatible with Bluetooth supported devices such as Apple, iPhones, Android and iPads.

These Wireless Bluetooth Headsets have been designed especially for the music lovers who not just listen to music but feel the vibes too. Coming from the best brands, these are rated extremely efficient by the Gadget critics. Still, the cost of these Bluetooth devices is standardized according to the access of common man. Choose the best for yourself and experience the class music.

May 7, 2018

5 Amazing Ways to Improve your Site's Google Ranking (SEO)

Are you searching for how to improve seo ranking on google, increase seo ranking free, how to improve seo wordpress and how to improve seo 2018. How to Improve Google ranking of your site is a very much discussed topic in SEO world. Everyone want their site to rank high. Improving your google rankings is not an easy task even after doing SEO. Google has certain algorithms that takes more than a hundred ranking signals into account to  rank a website in search results. Rankings of sites can be improved by these 5 amazing ways that no one talks about.

1. Refurbish Low Quality Posts

You may have a thousand posts in your website or blog, but I am sure that only a handful posts gives you traffic. Most of the posts will not even be ranked in Google search results. It is wise to go back and check these posts and add more quality content, create back links and republish. Or you can refurbish the posts with new content and this will improve your site's rankings in Google.

Pack Your Site Tight

Google expects your site to be tightly packed with expert content on the niche or topic that your site is related. If you have low quality content in your posts, that will generate bad quality signals for your site and reduce search rankings.

These are done using specific keywords related to the topic. Use Google Instant search to find out the keywords and the bold words displayed in Search results. Adding them to the post will improve rankings.

Change Old post titles

Maybe some of your posts are having good content but have a low quality post title. Change the post titles and wait for the magic to happen. You can increase social shares more than 25% Free Headline Analyzer Tools.

improve your Site's Google Ranking

2. Focus on Content And Engagement

The 2 magic words of getting high rankings are relevancy and originality. The content that you generate should be relevant for the target audience. You may have expertise in something but if no wants to read about it, your sites rankings is going to fell apart. Go to Ad words keyword tool and find out what people are searching for. Make content related to those keywords.

Search for problems that users are having and find out answers. You can only succeed in improving rankings by solving problems of people. High paying keywords can bring more value to the posts and overall increase the content value.

Improve User Experience in multiple browsers;

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Safari
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. UC Browser
  6. Edge
  7. Android Webview
  8. Opera
  9. Chromeless 1.2.0
  10. Opera Mini
Increase Country Sessions
  1. United States
  2. United Arab Emirates
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. India
  6. Malaysia
  7. Philippines
  8. Brazil
  9. Japan
  10. Singapore
  11. Indonesia
You can change themes of website to increase conversions. There are many amazing themes and templates in Themeforest. Check them here.

3. Your Site is a Product

You may started your site as a hobby. But in order to boost your back links, improve search rankings, you need think of your site as a product. A well packed bag of original and relevant digital information under one domain. Try experimenting on different things to improve rankings. Changing the web hosting server to US, Cananda can improve rankings.

4. Experiment

Run few experiments in your site and check the results. I will list a few here.
  1. Run a subscribe campaign
  2. Add a rich card to your post
  3. Do a small give away campaign
  4. Changes titles
  5. Add sub headings
  6. Add more images and videos
  7. Check Analytics to see your website is doing in Google.
  8. Write a post on how you ended up being a blogger
  9. Search Quora and answer few questions that is related to your content.
  10. Throw some high paying keywords to your post.
  11. Remove nbsp codes from your HTML in blogspot.

5. Find what people are talking in Quora

People who actively use Quora follow an average of 64 topics.
Visiting and Travel
Computer Science
The Internet
Mobile Phones
Clothing and Apparel
Small Businesses
Writers and Authors
Technology Trends
Book Recommendations
Mental Health
Silicon Valley
Medicine and Healthcare
Medical Conditions and Diseases
Healthy Eating
Healthy Living
Small Business Advice
Startup Strategy
Business Strategy
Small Business Marketing
Small and Medium Enterprises
Business Ideas
Mental Illness
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Abnormal Psychology
Current Events in Medicine and Health
Pain (sensation)
Psychopathy and Psychopaths
Sociopathy and Sociopaths
Personality Disorders
Borderline Personality Disorder
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Clinical Psychology
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Does your niche fit here anywhere?

5. Do SEO Audit

Run few experiments analytics

There are many free SEO audit tools that will help you to generate SEO audit of your site. Free Google Analytics Intelligence Beta Insights can help you to start the analysis and trend of visitors of the website. From that you understand the SEO gaps in your site and try to correct it. You can correct it by your own or post a job in freelancing sites. Use SEMrush to do an SEO Audit and inf out how to improve rankings. Activate SEMrush free trial.

How to increase website traffic for free

Are you searching for how to increase website traffic for free, increase website traffic fast, get traffic to your website free and traffic increase tools. Here is the ultimate guide on how to get traffic to your website fast, how to increase seo traffic, traffic for website and how to direct traffic to a website. Improve and boost website traffic By 55% by Online Tools.

I am pretty sure that you have gone to many "guide sites" and read a lot about increasing sessions in blogger. Mostly all their content remains the same.

Their killer strategies would be like get a responsive design website, get original good quality content, get proper keywords, get as many back links, get higher page speed etc. Does these strategies matter? Yes, it does.

But there are other very important tactics that one can apply in blogging which will result in sudden increase in traffic and sessions. Those tactics will not be revealed because that will ruin them itself. I am sharing 5 Secret Strategies to Increase Sessions in Blogger.

1. Use AdWord Keyword Planner to Write Blog Post Titles. 

AdWord provides a free Keyword Planner to find keywords for putting ads. You can write a title of the post first and go to the site. Type the title in the keyword box and click on get ideas. A list of specific keywords will generate related to the typed title. The generated keywords are user typed keywords in Google. Check keyword ideas and Ad group ideas and select keywords that have low competition and high average monthly searches. This will surely generate more site traffic than ever.

2. Generate Free Site Report using Think With Google

Think with Google is a new service by Google to check the mobile friendliness of a site. has 96 out of 100 in mobile friendliness, 88 in mobile speed and 89 in desktop speed. Check your site and generate site report and find out gaps. To generate more traffic to site, mobile friendliness is a must.

How to Boost Website Traffic By 55% by Online Tools
Think with Google Report

3. Reduce Promotions/Ads

There are many sites that are stuffed with promotions, large banner ads, survey below posts, chat box in sidebar, pop up boxes for fb likes etc.

 Imagine difficulties of a user to read the content in the site.

  • First user has to wait for the website to load
  • Then click on the "close" button in pop up ad / subscription box
  • Then scroll down to see the post title as the banner ad is covering the content
  • Adjust scrolling to get the sharing buttons out of the content.
  • While reading the text, a chat box will appear, then that has to be closed
  • End of the content, a survey box will appear.
  • End of post, author will ask to subscribe or comment.

It is better to keep minimal ads and promotions and keep all other excessive promotions at bay. It is visually better to have white space in the site as it will relax the user very much. I am pretty sure about it.

4. No Errors Policy is the Best Policy

Some of the sites have many broken links, dead links, redirects, HTML and CSS errors, no screen orientation, no readable fonts etc. These errors has be corrected or minimized to generate more traffic to the site. It is always good keep the user in a single window and provide content in that. There are sites that fragmented the content into multiple posts. So user have to go to next post, next post and next post to read the entire content. This will reduce engagement of user and reduce traffic.

5. Implement Analytics and Use Info-graphics

Google Analytics is great platform to understand how traffic is generated and conversion rate. Analytics shows user demographics and interests which are useful in generating more traffic.

Info-graphics is a very important secret strategy which lots of bloggers use to increase traffic to their site. See below info-graphic which I have made for this post.

5 Secret Strategies to Generate More Site Traffic info-graphic
5 Secret Strategies to Generate More Site Traffic

 Even though it takes some time to make one, they are an asset for your blog or site. Usually these info-graphics get shared more than the post.
All small bloggers out there, here you have 17 Free Tools To Increase Page Rank and Website Hits. These were bookmarks of a professional blogger. This will help you to succeed in the path of becoming a professional blogger.

Online Website SEO Tools

1. SERP Checker

SERP means Search Engine Results Page and SERP tool check ranking of keyword of a domain in Google. Type your domain name and region and then enter keywords one by one. Then click the green colour button to get the results.  SERP details will appear in the adjacent box.

2. Best Online W3 CSS Validator

CSS Validator by Code beautify validate CSS code as per standard. This will let the website error free.

3. List of All Google 200 Ranking factors

The list includes 200 ranking factors of Google to rank a domain. Understand How Search Works is also a great resource to understand how a search happens in search engines. 3 steps for Google freshness update is a great article which talks about what is meant by freshness update.

4.  SEO Lessons After Analysing 1 Million Google Search Results

Brian Dean and team has analysed 1 million Google results and shared SEO lessons. This will benefit any blogger at any time. Refer to Google answer on part of search  results to know more about snippets and search results. Have a free SEO checklist to get started for small bloggers.

5. Clean CSS

Clean CSS tool will help to remove white spaces between CSS codes and minify. This will increase the loading speed of teh website.

6. HTML Minifier

HTML minifies HTML codes and remove white spaces between HTML codes. This will increase speed of a website. You can also use line break tool for removing white spaces.

7. Free SEO Responsive Templates shares 30 free responsive templates for blogger. share Aditii E commerce free template and share another Groovy template for blogger.

Aditii a Flat ECommerce Responsive Web Template Screenshot

8. Async Sharing Buttons (G+, Facebook, Twitter)

CSS Tricks has created Async Sharing Buttons (G+, Facebook, Twitter) that will increase speed of website than any other social sharing buttons.

9. 6 Techniques to Get More Visitors Using Analytics

This is post published onconversion-rate-experts which discusses about using web analytics, creating click maps, session recording tools, form analytics software, using live chat, and lastly co-browsing. This post will reveal why people abandon your website.

10. Learn CSS and HTML coding Easily - CSS Desk offers CSS Sandbox where you can learn CSS coding and HTML very Easily.

11. Learn SEO and techniques - Tutorialspoint offers free pdf version of Learn SEO tutorial. Its a great way to start learning about SEO.

12. SEO tool for browsers - SEObook offers rank checker, SEO toolbar and SEO tool for Mozilla Firefox.

13. Back link Tracker - Back link tracker will track all the internal and external links. Backlink watch is an excellent tool for this.

14. Back link Maker - Small SEO tools provides free backi link maker tool that will be useful to get some new back links for small bloggers.

15. Keyword Generator Tool - SEO centro offers a good keyword generator tool that will help bloggers to find out relevant and popular keywords fast. 40+ free methods for keyword research from Warrior forum is also a great option to look for.

16. Free URL submission tool - The URL submission tool by Submit express will submit the URL or link to Yahoo, Google and MSN search engines to be indexed.

17. Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool - Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool by Saney will let you to make a Google search result snippet and show the result. You can copy and paste the meta code to the template and see how snippet is working in Google.

Other Popular SEO tools

  1. SEO Moz
  2. SEMRush 
  3. BuzzSumo 
  4. Grammarly 
  5. WordAi 
  6. Article Forge
  7. LongTailPro 
  8. Warrior Forum
  9. WooRank
  10. SkillShare 
  11. ClickMagick
  12. SERPs
  13. TeamTreeHouse 
  14. CrazyEgg
  15. Netflix 
  16. Amazon Prime
  17. WWE 
  18. Webtexttool 
  19. CognitiveSEO 
  20. Lynda
  21. Alexa
  22. CanIRank
  23. Canva
  24. LXRSEO
  25. Wordtracker
  26. Unbounce
  27. SpyFu

These seo tool will Improve your Site's Ranking (SEO) in Google Search Results. Hope your search for how to improve seo ranking on google, increase seo ranking free, how to improve seo wordpress and how to improve seo 2018. This post has shared details on how to increase website traffic for free, increase website traffic fast, get traffic to your website free, traffic increase tools, how to get traffic to your website fast, how to increase seo traffic, traffic for website and how to direct traffic to a website.

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