September 15, 2018

Find Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords

Are you searching for High Paying Long Tail AdSense Keywords (CPC), top paying Adsense keywords and  Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords.


You can earn more than 50$ per click.

You heard it, right.

The secret ingredient to that much money is Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords. Here is the key to find all of them and get more money.

We are going to cover the following topics which I am pretty sure no other tutorials talked about. I will demonstrate you how to use, Google Trends, Google related searches and Google Trends.

There are many websites that published thousand keywords with high cpc ads list. The only issue here is how to rank using these as they are highly competitive. Below methods will solve the problem easily.

Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords
A good keyword can increase the CPC, RPM, CTR of a post and generate more revenue for the blog. I wrote a trending post on How To Increases Page RPM 2017 Google Adsense for beginners if their ad sense earnings dropped suddenly.

1. Most Searching Keyword with Free Tool

All great websites and blogs start from the seed - A keyword. An keyword can change your life. You need to figure out a keyword that is going to be in the market for long. The only fuel for blogging is good keywords.

1.1 Fixing Your Keyword

Think about why you want to start a website or blog. Is it boost sales, generate readers, to run an online magazine, to get revenue from ads or is it just a hobby. Running a website or a blog is a cumbersome task for the early days and fixing the keyword will help to keep the emotions at bay.

Eg: If you want to write about gift ideas, go to Search gifts and you can see rich keywords in the sidebar. Free ToolSearching Keyword with Free ToolHigh Paying Amazon Keywords Free Tool

You can make good keywords using these search options. Eg: Christmas Gifts for 12 years & more.

Do a filtered search with by ticking these boxes and you will find another set of complex keywords. Stick with more broader keywords as we need them to go for the next step.

You look at many companies that advertise using adwords other than and find keywords related to the product manufactured or marketed by them.

Choose at least 5-12 keywords and note it down in a notepad.

2. Research a High Paying Keyword 2017 That Pays Well Using Related Searches Google

Now that you have fixed your keywords and what you want to do, it is time to find a high paying keyword with high number of searches related to the interest area. A high paying keyword means a word that has high bid by by advertisers. There some proved methods to find keywords.

Go to Google and search for your keyword using quotes.

Eg: If you want to write about website builder then search in Google with "website builder". Then scroll down to the last and you can see some long tail keywords [3 or more keywords together] that are searched by people.

Searches related to highest costs per click (CPC) in Google

Searches related to "website builder"
website builder software
how to create a website free of cost
create website google
create free website and earn money
best free website builder
free website domain
create website free of cost in India
best website builder

3. Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords with Keyword Planner Tool

Go to Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and Login with Google Account. Take each keywords one by one and search them to find most searched keywords. Select 2-3 keywords which are more searched than others.

best website builder
best free website builder
create website google

How to Find top paying Adsense keywords with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Sign in to the Ad Words website with your Google Account.

Under Find new keywords and get search volume data, you will be able to see Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. Enter any keyword in the search box.

There are numerous options to select to get effective keyword search results.


Countries - Eg: United Arab Emirates, United States

Language - Eg: English

Select Google and search partners

Negative keywords
- Add keywords that you want omit
Date range - Select Show avg. monthly searches for: last 12 months

You can also add Keyword filters
  1. Average monthly searches
  2. Suggested bid
  3. Ad impression share
Keyword options

  1. Show broadly related ideas
  2. Hide keywords in my account
  3. Hide keywords in my plan
You can add specific Keywords to include in the search.
Hit Get Ideas.

The Adword Keyword Planner tool fetches data of the keywords searched for from Google Database and show following results.

  1. Avg. monthly searches
  2. Competition
  3. Suggested bid
  4. Ad impr. share
You can select on any of these options to reorder the data from high to low.

Bloggers mostly opt for keywords with low competitive, high avg. monthly searches and high suggested bid. That way posts can rank high in Google and get high cpc per click.

4. Find profitable Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords for Adsense with Google Trends

Go to Google Trends. Enter each profitable keywords to understand how many people are searching and what is future forecast of the word. You will know only one keyword is getting more traffic than other. Now you got the best searchable keyword.

Find Most Searching Keywords in Google using Google Trends

5. how to find top Google Adsense high paying keywords with

Go to and enter the keyword that you got. Enter them and found out related keywords. You can group keywords and find out which one is paying more.

6. Find highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

KW Finder is an amazing keyword finder tool that can generate high cpc long tail keywords for bloggers and for websites.

highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

Enter your keyword and select appropriate boxes. You have options to select different countries and languages. KWFinder will fetch related keywords from the selected geographies and languages. This is one of the unique keyword finder tools that you can use.

7. best paying Google Adsense keywords by SEMrush Keyword Find Tool

Increasing organic traffic is a tough task especially when your competitors are doing the exact same methods and keywords to increase traffic. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to increase organic traffic up to 29% by SEMrush Tool.

What is SEMrush Tool

SEMrush is an amazing paid keyword research platform for bloggers, website owners, SEO beginners and experts and entrepreneurs and those who needs to increase organic traffic to website multi fold. SEMrush will help you to discover incredibly high paying ad sense keywords at a nominal cost.

Why SEMrush keyword Tool For Finding cost per click (CPC) keywords AdWords

SEMrush can do more than just to find competitors' keywords and it is time to change that perspective. This keyword tool provides keywords from US, UK, DE, FR and 131 more countries.
It provide details of your website on Desktop vs Mobile and shows Categories and visibility percentage.

Other tools are;
  1. Domain Analytics
  2. Overview
  3. Organic Research
  4. Backlinks
  5. Advertising Research
  6. PLA Research
  7. Display Advertising
  8. Traffic Analysis
  9. Ranks
  10. Domain vs. Domain
  11. Charts
  12. Keyword Analytics
  13. Overview
  14. Phrase Match
  15. Related Keywords
  16. Ads History
  17. Keyword Difficulty
  18. Keyword Magic Tool
  19. Projects
  20. SEO Ideas
  21. Position Tracking
  22. Site Audit
  23. Social Media Tracker
  24. Social Media Poster
  25. Brand Monitoring
  26. Backlink Audit
  27. Link Building
  28. PPC Keyword tool
  29. Ads Builder
  30. Organic Traffic Insights
  31. Content Analyzer
  32. Gap Analysis
  33. Keyword Gap
  34. Backlink Gap
If you want to be a professional blogger, then check the SEMrush tool.

Get Free Trail for SEMrush here

8. Find Long Tail CPC Keywords with Keyword Generator Tool by SEOCentro

SEOcentro has a free keyword generator tool. Type the keyword, enter the captcha code and select Submit. You will get only 3 results which is really helpful in creating long tail keywords. You can start with a topic which you are interested and keep adding keywords as you search. Finally you will get a high paying long tail keyword.

Use the keyword generator tool

Finding Most Expensive Keywords in Ad sense is Easy

Most people want to know which are the most high paying and expensive keywords in ad sense. The answer is too simple. Here are the ten High Paying Google AdSense Keywords. The article on WordStream explains them.
  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
Most of these keywords pays from $27.80 to a whooping $54.91 per click. Two clicks from these keywords and you are looking at a pay check from Ad sense. It is that easy. I call these keywords are DREAM KEYWORDS.

Dream Keywords: highest cost per click (CPC) keywords

find high cpc keywords for youtube videos

As dreamy as it sound, you can just keep on dreaming on ranking on these dreamy keywords. All those SEO masters and SEO companies are working for them and their clients to get ranked on these Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords.

If you have seen the movie war dogs and dialogues of David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, This is the biggest pie. Everyone is competing against for these big pies. And small and medium bloggers should go for the pie chunks which are called the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords. It may take sometime to digest. it took me a while also.

LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords - the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords

I know it does not look fancy but what to do. This is the best I can do. Try saying it fast for 5 times. You can use it as a tongue twister. Does't it feel classy.

What are these LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The long tail low competitive high traffic keywords can bring you enough visitors and revenue.

Let's explore them. Shall We?

Let us take a keyword called "hosting".

A long tail Keyword will be like "Hosting Small Website" with three words together.

You can find enough long Tail keywords that has less competition and high traffic using Adwords keyword planner tool that I shared above. Remember as this is not just about writing a random post. People do have domain names and websites especially dedicated such long tail High Paying Google AdSense Keywords and they may end up ranking more than your posts.

Grouping poss with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The best way you can rank in Google using LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords is by grouping posts with such keywords. You can write ten little posts with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords and then write a corner post [a big post] adding these posts as internal links. This will increase page authority and boost your ranking.

Why You Should Not Focus Too much on Keywords but on Content

The content is king. Changing Google algorithm updates can do harm if your content is good. Another important part is that bloggers should focus on building an audience in these days rather than merely focusing SEO and website optimization.

Instead of selecting high paying keyword, bloggers should take high paying niches. High paying niche means make a small website about reviews of shared wordpress hosting only. This includes the high paying keyword "hosting" and it will have good long term returns.

Discovering High Paying Google AdSense Keywords is only the first task when it comes to higher earnings. Creating a good website and writing good quality content is always long lasting.

9. Identifying Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

You will get High Paying Google AdSense Keywords using the above keyword searching tools. After obtaining them, you need to see the target group for which you want to write. You can check Google Analytics to find the type of audience that are visiting your website.

Google Analytics - Audience - Overview.

Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

Here you can see the age bar graph and gender pie chart of the visitors of my client's website. 74.6% of the visitors are male and more visitors are of aged between 18-34. The keywords should match the target group of the website. Otherwise it will not bring organic traffic from search engines and higher earnings from Ad sense. You can read an interesting case study here.

Case Study

The client selected a high paying dream keyword "insurance" and started a website on "insurance policies". Later we decided to go with long tail keyword " retirement insurance policy". Long tail keywords can bring more targeted traffic and create a specific audience.

The above website had a post titled "how to get a retirement insurance policy" and the traffic was really lower than expected. This was basically because the audience he was catering to [unknowingly] was aged more than 65 years. After researching we decided to cater to a different target group of aged 25-34 and changed the post title and content to "Why Millennials need retirement insurance policy". This boosted the traffic to the post and he got 67% more visitors than before.

High paying targeted niche Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords and valuable content can generate value for your website and bring your higher earnings. This the best way to create an audience for your blog. Instead of creating an MFA [made for ad sense] you can reach out more specific target group and generate incredible higher earnings with ad sense ads. Adsense keyword research is an investment to create an impressive high quality website and authority content.

You can use keywords in YouTube as well. This list is useful if you are searching for high cpc keywords 2017 or high cpc keywords for youtube 2016. You can use this list as per your choice to find high cpc keywords for youtube 2017.

Read my latest post: 15 Ways To Compete for the Same Keyword In Low Paying Niche

September 11, 2018

Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons

This post explain the ultimate steps of Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons cheat sheet. You can call it it as Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons or a step by step tutorial. Hope this Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons will help you to stay invested in life and enjoy your life.

We will talk about why should one invest with comparing lives of Joe, Jones and Andrew and how these three drove their life and what happens to their investments, savings and returns. 

Why Should one Invest?

Let us discuss an example of a person named "Joe". Joe earns $600 or approximately 40,000 INR and spend $400 towards cost of living including rent, food, mobile and internet recharges, medical bills, shopping, transport etc. The balance is $200.

Joe decided to spend that too in taking membership in dating sites and clubs. At the end of month Joe wait for the next month salary. At the end of 20th year, Joe realized, he has no money as savings.

Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons

Jones is another fellow who worked with Joe. Jones decided to save some bit of money and not spend the whole amount. At the end of the 20th year, Jones has retained a significant chunk of money.
YearsYearly IncomeYearly ExpenseCash Retained
Total Income17,890,693
Jones have 17,890,693 to support him for his retirement life with increased inflation rate and higher expenditure,

Andrew, a friend of Joe and Jones decided to invest the money where he get an approximate 12% returns.
YearsYearly IncomeYearly ExpenseCash RetainedRetained Cash Invested @12%
1600,000360,000240,000 20,67,063
26,60,0003,88,8002,71,200 20,85,519
37,26,0004,19,9043,06,096 21,01,668
47,98,6004,53,4963,45,104 21,15,621
58,78,4604,89,7763,88,684 21,27,487
69,66,3065,28,9584,37,348 21,37,368
710,62,9375,71,2754,91,662 21,45,363
811,69,2306,16,9775,52,254 21,51,566
912,86,1536,66,3356,19,818 21,56,069
1014,14,7697,19,6426,95,127 21,58,959
1115,56,2457,77,2137,79,032 21,60,318
1217,11,8708,39,3908,72,480 21,60,228
1318,83,0579,06,5419,76,516 21,58,765
1420,71,3639,79,06510,92,298 21,56,003
1522,78,49910,57,39012,21,109 21,52,012
1625,06,34911,41,98113,64,368 21,46,859
1727,56,98412,33,33915,23,644 21,40,611
1830,32,68213,32,00617,00,676 21,33,328
1933,35,95014,38,56718,97,383 21,25,069
2036,69,54515,53,65221,15,893 21,15,893
Total cash after 20 years 4,26,95,771
Andrew made a whooping 4,26,95,771, staggering 2.4x times the regular amount. 

Now you know why we need to invest. Investments creates wealth, help you to fight inflation and support you in retirement life.

9 Steps of investing for Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons

1. Make a list of all your investment and assets and liabilities. Are you having a positive net worth or a negative net worth. If you are having negative net worth, try to think of ways to generate more income from other resources.

2. List down all your bank accounts and decide to cut down your total no. of Bank accounts. With the number of increased bank accounts and credit cards, you are losing a chunk of money as commissions, bank charges etc.

3. Identify your emergency corpus is in place or you are working on it with a plan. Having 6-9-12 months' expenses equal money to be kept as Emergency corpus.

4. Write down all your future goals. Put them in different time frames say, 0-2Y, 3-5Y, 5-10Y, 10Y and beyond. Put value for each goal, assuming if this goal is to be achieved in 2018. Compare the combined number of all goals with your net worth. Inflate your numbers for actual consumption years like 2020, 22, 25, 30 & so on.

5. Identify your term plan need and purchase adequate term plan. Term plan is only one claim during the term of policy or no claim at all. Term Plan must be at least 15-17 times of your yearly income or 500 times of your monthly expense. Review the cover amount at own marriage, and at every child's birth, as well as for home loan.

6. Identify your health insurance need and make sure your personal policy(ies) covering you, your family and parents is(are) in place. Best Family Health Insurance Plans in 2018

7. Identify how much do you need to invest on monthly basis for each individual goal, at different rates. Say 4% rate for a 0-2Y goal. 5-6% rate for 3-5Y goal. 6-8% rate for 5-10Y goals and 8-10% rate for 10+Y goals.

8. Based upon your goals, decide your asset allocation between Debt, Equity, Stocks and cash. Select investment instruments accordingly.  This is one of the Best Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons.

Asset allocation = Equity : Debt ratio

1. Cash - Hard cash in your purse and amount in your SB/Current account
3. Equity - Direct and through MFs
4. Real Estate - Direct and through REITs and Investment trusts, Land, House, Domestic, Commerical
5. Precious metals and Gems and stones - Gold, Silver, diamonds
6. Art work
7. Any other thing can't categorized above.

If you have not started any MF investments, you can read A Beginners Guide On How To Invest In Mutual Funds Online to get more info on it.

9. Write down your Will.

Reality Check of Investing For Investments for Beginners Lessons Cheat Sheet Ultimate

A lot of people pinged me after my last post on what lessons I have learnt from the market. I am no expert on guiding anyone however here are some of the things I would recommend (these work for me and hence sharing)

1. Passive income is great. Active income is critical

Investments will give returns and will also give losses. A good paying job will not always keep you happy. Learn a new skill, take tuitions, do longer hours for extra bonus. However don’t be a miser. Enjoy life.

Don’t worry too much about your investments. At least don’t track the passive income on a daily basis, however be careful on your active income on a daily basis. This is one of the Best Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons.

2. PPF, VPF and EPF

The best investment product in India are these 3. There is nothing that beats a EEE, sovereign guarantee, partially inflation linked, and politically sensitive product like these.
I absolutely love these 3.

Don’t worry about it becoming EET from EEE. Trust the democracy in India to allow grandfathering.

3. Dividends matter

If you plan to hold a stock for a long term, it should either have a strong dividend payout history or must be growing in double digit YoY. If it is neither, it can’t be be your retirement stock.
Dividend income adds up a massive amount over time plus it also tells you the company is making cash flow and not just paper profit.

4. Asset mix

There is no perfect asset mix. Whatever gives you a peace of mind is the correct asset mix. Don’t compare your portfolio with your friend. A vast majority of the fund manager fail to beat the index. So it is ok to be wrong.

5. Invest in equity only when you are ready to lose

When a company goes under, equity owners are the last in the queue. Be mentally prepared to lose 50% of the portfolio value. Asset mix will flow if you are ready to lose 50%

6. Ideas die

The idea that is hit in the current bull run will die once this part of the bill run is over. No point chasing a dead idea. Infra idea died in 2008. Banking idea is almost dead. Pharma idea is also dead but is showing some life now. Churn the portfolio if you feel the idea is done and dusted. Never be emotional with a stock. NEVER!

7. Learn how to calculate beta

If your returns match the index, you are good. If over the long term, it beats the index it is awesome. If it lags, it should lag just a bit.
You can manage it well if you know the beta of your portfolio. Get rid of volatile stocks if it is making your portfolio risky. This is one of the Best Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons.
If thrill is what you seek, try skydiving - it is less risky


It is a good place to get an overload of information. A moneycontrol app serves the basic need.

9. Don’t touch F&O till you have not practiced it in mock for couple of years

Leverage is great when the water is flowing in direction you want. It can screw you if the tide turns. Be very careful with leverage.
I had 6 naked written calls in March 2008. Margin calls can be very very rude.

10. Don’t judge yourself when other’s share their stock pick

Everyone boosts only of the stocks they got right. For every TTK in my portfolio, there was a shilpi cables.

11. Keep your eyes open for the trend around you

If people are getting more money, what do they do? Repaint their homes? Change their old car battery? Buy a new furniture? Upgrade their bikes? The next Asian paint, Amar Raja, Century plywood and TVS is right in front of you at this moment.

12. Learn when to sell

Buying the stock price at the correct price is an art. Selling it at the correct time is an art of the level of Mozart’s. No one can time the market. Aim at least to be closer to the peak while selling and closer to the bottom while buying. If you get it right, do let me know how you did it

13. Asset class moves in cycles

Real estate is almost dead in term of capital gains. No one wants to buy. However the yields are rising, it is a matter of time before the yield compression starts. This is not a pimping of real estate, just my POV.

Gold, fixed income, commodities, equities all go through such cycles. Don’t laugh on people who are buying assets that are not the favourites right now. They may end up with the final laugh. Source

Investment Risks For Dummies Cheat Sheet Ultimate

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the day when my portfolio had breached the negative 50% mark. In next 30days it went further red to negative 77%.

What did I learn from this carnage in my portfolio:

1. Never invest in an IPO

I had “invested” in most of the IPO between 2005 to 2007. I lost money in almost all of them.

Lesson: invest in businesses and mgmt who have a proven track record. Managing a company when it is private vs when it is public are 2 different things.

2. Always watch for beta

I caught Jai Corp before it hit 33 straight upper circuits. I had Unitech before it had split 3 times. I had sesa goa at cheap valuations. I made a killing in RPL and RNRL.
I lost everything in March of 2008 and then in Sep 2008.

Lesson: Today I follow the beta of my stock like it is a laxman rekha. This is one of the Best Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons.

3. Return of capital is more important than return on the capital

I wanted returns and fast. Market gave me both. And then took away everything.

Lesson: Risk mgmt is way more important than return mgmt.

4. Equity is not everything

Every building must be built on a strong and rock solid foundation. I was 100% in equity because they told me young people should invest in equities (I was 23yrs old).

Lesson: Today my target is more to find a decent fixed income product over an exciting stock. PPF, Bank FD, and NCD - I want them to be my base.

5. PE sucks

High PE means the market is giving a premium to the future earning

Lesson: Never ever look at a PE ratio. It is for suckers. This is one of the Best Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons.

6. Profit is the key. I want to see the bottom line

I always looked at the YoY Sales growth and profit growth. If this number beats the estimate, it is a buy

Lesson: I bought Damodran ki book. Learnt valuation. Learnt financial statement. And most importantly learnt how to read the notes. I attend almost all the analyst calls. I talk to store managers at grocery shops on sales. I talk to moms and cooks of what they like to use in kitchen and why (this is how I got into TTK in 2011). Never watch CNBC TV18.

7. What is the most important thing in a company?

Profit? Cash flow? Business model? Market share? Valuation? I was told it is something on these lines

Lesson: the most important thing is management. Ethical, honest, smart and hard working mgmt beats every other metrics by a mile. Find a company with good mgmt and you are set on your retirement.

8. The best trade advice will come from real people, not experts

Never underestimate the knowledge a simple store owner can give you. I was shopping for my underwears in Delhi. I asked the owner why Hanes stock is kept behind and jockey in front. He told me “sabko jockey hi chaiye”. I had no idea Jockey’s parent was listed. I bought page industries just because I had a chat with this shop owner in 2016.

Lesson: I prefer to shop from a small shop and not from big stores. Small shop owners open up to the ideas that are selling in the market. This is one of the Best Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons.

Have these lessons helped me ace the markets?

No. I have underperformed the index for straight 3yrs now. I still buy garbage. My portfolio is not even close to perfection. But I now respect the market. I don’t ever think it will give me return because indian economy is growing. I am an eternal student now. Source.

Share these Smart Investments for Beginners Lessons to others.

September 8, 2018

Find Hidden Profiles with Email Address Free

Are you trying to find hidden profiles with email address. You can use an email address without sending email to verify the person. Find hidden profiles with email address online tools to verify an email address to know if it is real or fake.

You can find out who owns an email address and check mail address using SMTP, MX record and connect it via Telnet protocol. You can find out who owns an email address, verify the address, check mail address and find hidden email accounts free using SMTP, MX records using Command Prompt in Windows.

find hidden profiles with email address

How to find hidden profiles with email address

First we need to verify whether the email address is fake or original. In Windows, go to start menu, type "Turn Windows Features on or off" without quotes and select it.

Tick the "Telnet Client" and select Ok. Telnet Client will help you to connect to remote networks using telnet protocol.

Computer might restart.

Go to start menu, type "cmd" without quotes, right click on it and select Run as administrator.
A black window will appear. Copy or type the below command inside command prompt. You can paste the code by right clicking and select paste.

nslookup  –type=mx

The command will extract all the mx records of the domain and you may get some codes like below. MX preference=30, exchanger = MX preference=20, exchanger = MX preference=5,  exchanger = MX preference=10, exchanger = MX preference=40, exchanger =
Replace with the domain that you want to verify.

Once you have received the mx records of the domain, pick any of the server and start sending the messages to verify an email address to know if it is real or fake.

Check email online to verify an email address to find out who owns an email address

Go to start menu, type "cmd" without quotes, right click on it and select Run as administrator.
A black window will appear. Copy or type the below command inside command prompt. You can paste the code by right clicking and select paste.

telnet 25

Say Hello to server


Identify yourself

mail from:<[email protected]>

Type the email id that you want to verify to know if it is real or fake

rcpt to:<[email protected]>

 You’ll get an “OK” if the address exists.

If email id is fake, you may get 550 error.

[email protected] – The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.
[email protected] – The email account that you tried to reach is disabled.

Command Prompt method not working

Some used the command prompt method to verify email id and it did not work out. They were getting timed out error. You need to install Telnet protocol first to avoid this error.

cmd verify email address mx record timedout

This way you can easily find out who owns an email address. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to find out who owns an email address. Read more: Free email verification services to Verify an Email Address here.

Find hidden profiles with email address using Lookup tools

We can use free reverse email lookup tools to find out the hidden profiles under any email id. I have shared multiple posts on reverse email look up tools to find hidden profiles with email address in Do a search on the website to find more.

You have to be careful in using these Find Hidden Profiles with Email Address. Many lookup services are fake and may ask you money. Never pay money to find hidden profiles and hidden social networks of anyone.

Find Dating Profiles by Email Free Scam Review

Many of you might have heard of find dating profiles by email free services for dating sites that are generally used to catch your girlfriend or boyfriend red handed. These find dating profiles by email free services used to check whether they are registered to any of the dating sites like, tinder, Ashley Madison and many more.

These find dating profiles by email free services for dating sites, primarily and use some dirty business tactics to earn money in the name of email lookup services.

This article is all about the dirty business tactics these lookup services use. I am using my personal experience to prove that these lookup services are fake and are just to loot money from people.

Some Find dating profiles by email free services can be Fake

Few days back, I created a fake email ID using the email ID generators that are available in one of the popular email lookup services of a dating website. These email ID generators, provide you fake email IDs for actually nothing. These email ID generators charge nothing to make a fake Email ID.

find dating profiles by email free lookup tool

Coming back to the topic, I created a fake email ID and with the help of that created an account on Keep in mind that email ID was fake, thus account make on was also fake. Then it was time to check if find dating profiles by email free services for dating sites actually work. Here I was using which is a famous email lookup service.

There I was supposed to enter the email ID which was used to register on I provided all the required details. And then the search begins. After some time, it says that the search is over and click on “view results now” to check results. The email lookup services of this website ended by just fetching the fake email ID i provided.

Money Making Business with find dating profiles by email free services

Here comes the first point of suspect. As I told you before, that email ID and profile on both were fake, so how can this site claim that they have completed the search? There is no way possible to carry out the search if the email ID and profile on dating sites are fake. You can see this in the image that search results are ready. 

find dating profiles by email free services

So when you click on “view results”, you are directed to another page where you are asked to pay a certain amount.

register at Email Look up Services for Dating Sites

As you can see in the above images that they are asking you to “register now”. And then they ask you to choose from their deals and services that are of no use. 

monthly subscription for register at Email Lookup Service for Dating Site

And hence I came to the conclusion that since the email ID and profile on dating site both were fake, there are no chances that this find dating profiles by email free services would have done any type of searches. But still they are asking you to buy their services. This makes no sense. I will advise you to not to fall prey for such cheaters. 

Not only email lookup services but there are many such services that of no use and they try to loot money from the people. In order to get work done, some innocent people pay the amount to these services and all they get is disappointment. So make sure you do not fall in the trap of such find dating profiles by email free services.

5 Free Reverse Email Lookup Social Networks

Here are some awesome free reverse email lookup tools for finding anyone from social networks. These powerful free reverse email lookup social networks tools is amazing. Find all that you need to know about a person using these free reverse email lookup social networks tools. 

You may try to to google up somebody’s full name along with the word “email”, but you are likely to fail as email addresses are usually protected. Do not get upset as we have a list of reliable and powerful email lookup tools. Scroll down!

Sometimes social media platforms as Facebook or linked in are not the best option to contact somebody for the first time, especially if it is necessary to make a formal inquiry. You can choose these powerful free reverse email lookup social networks tools to do look ups for email address.

Voila Norbert free reverse email lookup social networks

Voila is a super easy-to-use email lookup tool gives you an opportunity to find a certain user by a company domain even at free platforms such as Gmail. You may also insert first and last names of the person you are looking for. However, they only give you fifty free searches.

free reverse email lookup social networks

Hunter free reverse email lookup tool for finding social networks

Hunter proves to be the best of email lookup tools for finding somebody’s company email address. You enter a company domain name and look the results list to choose what you need. There, you may also verify the address to make sure the your message will be delivered.

Anymail Finder Email Lookup Tool for Social Networks

This tool is not much different from the previous ones. You can even find somebody without signing up but entering any name and a domain to search for an email address. Unfortunately, you can make only twenty free requests with this tool with free email look up.

Rapportive Free Reverse Email Lookup Extension

Use this Google extension to look up somebody’s email who has a Linkedin profile. Basically, it is a complementary email look up tool, which comes in hand when you are looking for somebody you really know (and you are sure they have Gmail domain). LinkedIn has bought this and now it is named as Linkedin navigator. This is one of the best free reverse email lookup social networks.

Toofr to Verify Email addresses

With the help of this email lookup tool you may find and verify email addresses asking only for first and last name and a domain name. It may find the right address even if you do not know the domain name. However, this tool has no free trials.  

Find all social media accounts by email free

Clearbit connect is a chrome extension that let you find all social media accounts by email free from any company. You can install Clearbit chrome extension in Chrome Web Store to find all social media accounts by email free. Clearbit chrome extension is used extensively to obtain up to date information of millions of companies and employee email address and is used by many to know whose email address is this.

 The clearbit chrome extension is named as Clearbit Connect - Supercharge Gmail and it allows you to find all social media accounts by email free without leaving your gmail inbox. Many users have asked me about Clearbit chrome extensions and how to use Clearbit chrome extension to find all social media accounts by email free.

What is clearbit chrome extension

Clearbit Chrome extension is small widget that gets installed in your Gmail sidebar. The extension will show you details of people that send you emails about their companies, email addresses, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter social media profiles, designations and locations. More than 150,000+ users are currently using the extension. This way you will know whose email address is this.

find all social media accounts by email free

You can type the name of the company in the Clearbit chrome extension and instantly find out the details of the people and find all social media accounts by email free working in the company including email addresses and social media profiles to know whose email address is this. Others search options are search by name, job title, or role.

How to find all social media accounts by email free using Clearbit

Select Add to Chrome.
Give necessary permission for accessing gmail.

Watch the video on installing and using clearbit email finder

Clearbit pricing

They have two packages - Free and Paid.

Community Edition - Free
Access to 30 million business contacts
Find 100 emails per month
Person & company information in Gmail
Requires sharing business contacts (?)

Premium Edition - $499 / month
Access to 30 million business contacts
Find 200 emails per month
Person & company information in Gmail
Contact sharing opt-in
(5 users)

You can install the extension in Gmail and Outlook using Connect website.

Find all social media accounts by email free instantly

Go to your gmail inbox. You will notice a small widget on top of the inbox names as Clearbit.
Select that and enter any name of the company and instantly the Clearbit chrome extension will find employees, their designations, email addresses and social media profiles and whose email address is this.

How to uninstall Clearbit extension

You can uninstall the Clearbit chrome extension by going to the Clearbit extension on the tab bar of Google Chrome or the browser that you are using. Right click and select remove from Chrome. Finish the survey and reload the inbox.

Clearbit connect review

Clearbit chrome extension has provided seamless and smooth integration with gmail and is one of the best find all social media accounts by email free tool online. It does exactly what it says and provide a smoother experience and better UI for the user.

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