December 10, 2018

How to Save Western Union Transfer Fees USA

Western Union has been the pioneer service for exchanging money and messages. It started as a telegram exchange and is America’s most renowned financial service. There are many products which are offered by the company which includes person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments, commercial services etc.

It enjoyed the monopoly over telegram services and even today is the first preference for sending or receiving internal money. The company allows easy online transaction for sending or receiving funds, paying bills, buying gift cards, finding the stores or even tracking the transactions.

They also help their customers by creating awareness relating to fraud by using video, articles, and quizzes. When the whole world is shifting to the small screen devices even western union left no stone unturned to provide the best quality service to its customers.

Western Union mobile money transfer service

They introduced mobile money transfer service using GSM association. It covered a large clientele of about 2.5 billion mobile subscribers and covers about 218 countries. They work in association with 700 mobile operators which help the customers connect with the service by receiving notifications and opting for phone remittance options.

This also open doors for money transfer through m-bank or m-wallet which is given by mobile operators and under the guidance of regulated financial institution.

How to Transfer Money USA using Western Union

The whole process of sending money is simple with western union. The one who wishes to send the money will have to go to the western union money office with the money they wish to send along with the fees for making the transaction. There are a few options which the sender has to choose from one area where the money will be transferred the next day and in one the money will be sent instantly.

western union international money transfer fees US

The sender will have to give his or her name and address along with the recipient’s name and destination. The sender will then receive a 10-digit money transfer control number from western union money transfer which should be shared with the recipient. The recipient will then have to visit the western union agent office at the designated location provided earlier and show the 10-digit MTCN along with a photo ID.

The money is then given to the recipient when the digits match. In case there is no identification document then there is also an additional option of creating a password which should match at the time of accepting the payment.

In most cases, the payment is accepted and made in cash. But if there are some limiting rules by local authorities or limitation of cash then the payment can be made in check. The website or the phone can also be to forward the funds. There are some countries where the recipient does not need MTC number if there is sufficient identification.

Western Union Transfer Fees USA

 Each time a transaction is made then the sender will have to pay an additional fee for the service enjoyed. This fee is levied based on the location of the send and receive, the kind of transfer made (instant, next day), the choice of sending it via location or website.

When you are paying the money and added fees then it is common that people feel that it is exceeding the budget. This fee can be an extra burden for many who are making international transactions. Most of the users of the western union would want to actually find ways in which they can avoid or at least minimize the fees.

Tips to Save Western Union Transfer Fees 

Being aware: You must be sure what are the exact fees that you are paying? You must be aware of the transaction details which are present in the fine print. You must be attentive as being unaware can lead to extra charges which might be levied due to the absence of alertness.

 No matter whether you are opting for online transactions or offline one read the terms and conditions carefully. If there is any problem then the awareness of these terms and condition will be helpful in saving a lot of charges or paying the minimal fees wherever applicable.

Use Western Union Offers

Not a lot of us are aware off but there are many Western union deals that can be really helpful in saving a lot of money. Avail western union coupons and exempt yourself to pay the fee. These coupons can be used while making transactions that can be done online and save some money. Thinking about the offers they should be the first priority whenever one wishes to make a payment.

Be cautious with Western Union receipts

In case there is a situation when the money is lost then the receipt will be very valuable. These receipts have the MTCN number which will be required for the money to be refunded. There are also some charges which are to be paid before you realize that MTCN number is available. It will be a serious heart breaking situation to see money being paid as fees and not having the right information to the lost one.

Go for Online Transactions using Western Union

This one is a very suitable medium which can just save you some fees and a lot of hassle. Going online can get the job done in less time and might even attract less transaction fees? There are also many coupons available for online transactions.

Try the credit card to Pay for Transactions in Western Union

There are prepaid Visa Card options offered by Western Union that are not very commonly used. These cards are very useful when you are talking about domestic exchanges. When they have a bank account then the money can be deposited without any additional charges. There is also no activation fee which is otherwise charged and also the receiver does not have to pay any ATM transaction fees.

When you are sending money to any friend or relative you would want them to get it as soon as possible and one of the best options is using western union. One thing that bothers many of us is the fees which are charged along with the transactions. There are many simple ways which can help customers save on the fees if they are aware and careful with all the transactions.

November 21, 2018

10 Free Reverse Email Lookup For Dating Sites

Free Reverse Email Lookup for Dating sites is an essential strategy you must know about. Enter email of the one you are looking for and get their social media details, personal data, dating sites data and social details in one click. This 10 Free Reverse Email Lookup For Dating Sites services sites will help you to find any social information. These 10 Free Reverse Email Lookup For Dating Sites services are complete free of cost and can be used multiple times.

Are you searching for Find Social Account of Someone on a Dating Site by Email Free, free reverse email lookup for dating sites, find dating profiles by email free and search email address for social networks. This post will show you amazing tools on how to find out if someone is on dating sites for free, find social media accounts with email address and find accounts linked to email for free. This relevant review of tools will solve your questions on how to find someone on a dating site by their email, free reverse email lookup social networks and free email lookup social networks.

A reverse email search look up allows you to find people using their email address for dating sites. Reverse email lookup services are used to get names, usernames, age, relatives, images, area code when you enter an email ID of someone to check whether they are in dating websites.

Find Social Account of Someone on a Dating Site by Email Free

What are some absolutely free reverse email lookup for Dating Sites that you must use. Here is 10 Awesome Free Reverse Email Lookup Services.

Free Reverse Email Lookup For Dating Sites
Reverse email look-up or Reverse email search does not always provides you with the true identity of the person. The information that is often grabbed by search engines are from online media and other similar sources. It is particularly easy for his/her to hide his true identity from these online sources also. However mostly the true identity is revealed.

For starters to do a free email lookup for dating sites, you can do a Google search with the email ID you have and check images, news etc. to find details. You can also do reverse email look-up using Facebook. Go to Facebook and search with the email. There you can find the person with the same email ID. Below is a much has list of 10 Free Reverse Email Lookup for Dating Sites Services.

1. PIPL | Find Free Reverse Email Lookup for Dating Sites

pipl is a good and completely free email look up service. Website is having searched of 3,101,933,333 People and counting. It is claimed to be the world's largest people search engine.
Pipl provides details on Facebook and Twitter addresses, Name, profile image, phone number, physical address etc.

pipl email look up - find dating profiles by email free
pipl website

2. SOCIALCATFISH: find dating profiles by email free

Socialcatfishis a very famous dating website that offers multiple look up services including name look up, user name look up, phone look up and image look up. Social catfish email look up service will help you to find lost connection and verify a person's online identity and find out personal details using mail ID. The service is faster but limited to basic information of the person.

Socialcatfish email look up service - search email address for dating sites free


3. SPOKEO: search email address for dating sites free

Spokeo is popular among reverse email look up service websites. People who often prefer to desktop investigation use it very much. They also provide various search filters and the user data is available from 95+ Social Media Platforms where you can Find Free Reverse Email Lookup for Dating Sites.

The disclaimer states that all data offered is derived from public sources. Spokeo does not verify or evaluate each piece of data, and makes no warranties or guarantees about any of the information offered.

Mostly the results include, Online Alias, Phone & Address Profiles from 95+ Social Networks and Top Online Dating Site Profiles Social Profile Pics & Blogs.

spokeo reverse email search - amazing tools on how to find out if someone is on dating sites for free

4. EMAILSHERLOCK: how to find out if someone is on dating sites for free

Emailsherlock is very famous look up service and they claim that the website has done 50,324,012 searches so far. This email service appears to be bogus as the website states they will provide the following information in the pro version which seriously doubt.

Government Records: Criminal Records, Asset Records, Marriage Records, Divorce Records, Property Records, Court Records,

Social Media Profiles: Blogger, Dailymotion, Foursquare, Fullcontact, Rapleaf, Delicious, Disqus, Eventful, Facebook, Flickr, Flixster, Friendfeed, Github, Lastfm, Metacafe, Shutterpoint, Slideshare, Smugmug, Twitter, Typepad, Vimeo, Xanga and Youtube, Ebay.

This is just a technique to get more users sign up for the service. 

The website use WHOIS look up for the domain registration address so will not be accurate. It also shows Recent Searches with Email IDs which is completely irresponsible of them.

email sherlock email search - find social media accounts with email address

5. ADDRESSSEARCH: find social media accounts with email address

Addreessearch provides you address of the person when you enter the email ID. I tried however the website is not capable enough to provide address of the person instead it provided the domain address that I registered in GoDaddy using Whois Lookup.

reverse email search email address lookup & trace - find accounts linked to email for free

Addresssearch Website

6. THAT'S THEM: find accounts linked to email for free

That's them is another free Reverse Email Look up Service that provides info when you give email ID. When I tried it did not provide any information. I guess their sources are lesser than other Reverse Email Look up Services.

thats them email look up reverse - how to find someone on a dating site by their email
That's them website

7. EVERIFY: how to find someone on a dating site by their email

Claimed to provide real information on arrest records, warrants, felonies, misdemeanors, offenses, criminal driving violations, convictions, jail records, legal judgments and more collected from thousands of county sheriff offices, police departments, courthouses and other public and private sources.

However the disclaimer in the website states that "Data availability is largely dependent on various public sources from which the information is aggregated." So the website is providing misleading information.

8. USSEARCH: free reverse email lookup social networks United States

USSearch allows you to search for name, current address, address history, household members, utility verification, age and phone numbers. This lookup service in United States gives you access to run background & criminal checks. I am not sure how efficient it is. This website has been features in The Wall Street Journal and CBS News.

USsearch - Free Address Search and People Search in US.

9. INTELIGATOR: free email lookup social networks

Inteligator- This website also claims to contain real criminal records, legal docs etc. covering all 50 States & Over 3,000 Counties. This service is only for US.

10. RADARIS: social network username searches

Radaris- Free Address Search and People Search in India. Just in case.

These tools will solve your questions on how to find someone on a dating site by their email and queries on dating sites by email free, International Reverse Email Lookup Search to Find Email Addresses, free reverse email lookup for dating sites and Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address.

You can read on Find Accounts Linked to Email for Free and Find Social Media Profile with Email Address Free and Find Hidden Dating Profiles on Social Networks.

Kindly share the post for others. There are many who want to check someone's name in dating sites and social networks.

November 9, 2018

Top 10 Best Free Reverse Email Search Chrome Extension

What if I introduce to free reverse email search Chrome extensions that let you find Someone's Social Media Profile With  Email Address. In the new Internet age, people are searching more often to get the social media profiles of others than postal addresses. Here are awesome ways to find Someone's Social Media Profile With Email Address using Chrome Extensions.

What is a reverse email search

Top 10 Best Free Reverse Email Search Chrome Extension

A reverse email search use the reverse logic of finding information using email address of a person.
You can find phone number, business address, names, crime records and other documents related to an individual using these reverse email look up services.

How Useful is reverse email search

How Useful is reverse email search

Imagine you got a monthly phone bill and noticed a 25$ long international call. You for got the whom you called. You copy the phone number and type in a free reverse email search look up service website. You will find the name and address of the person belonging to the phone number.

Another instance is when you get spam / unknown email address. You can easily copy the email address and paste in a reverse email search engine service online. The website will search the vast database and find out who exactly belong to the email address.

You can use reverse email address to find out company address by searching just the email id of the organization. You can now find out address of organizations by searching email address in Google, Bing search engines. If the company is not listed in Google, you can easily find the address of the institution using these reverse email search.

Is there a free reverse email search

Is there a free reverse email search

There are many free reverse email search engines. You can search for more posts or check out the posts on the right side in the sidebar on 10 AWESOME FREE REVERSE EMAIL LOOKUP SERVICES. I also added many free Chrome extensions that can be used completely free of charge.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extension for Chrome to find social media accounts by phone number free

LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome to find social media accounts by phone number free

Rapportive Chrome Extension currently known as LinkedIn Sales Navigator reveal the social media accounts Twitter, LinkedIn and Face book of the person from their email address. Now Linked in has acquired and it is called LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is an amazing extension that let you find social media accounts by phone number free. Download Rapportive for Chrome 1.2.6 for Windows

2. Supercharge Gmail Chrome Extension to find all social media accounts by email free

Clearbit Connect - Supercharge Gmail - Chrome Web Store to find all social media accounts by email free

Clearbit Connect - Supercharge Gmail is another extension for Chrome browser where you can find location, job title, social profiles, and email address of a person. Many have been using this service to find all social media accounts by email free.

The clearbit chrome extension is named as Clearbit Connect - Supercharge Gmail and it allows you to find all social media accounts by email free without leaving your gmail inbox. Many users have asked me about Clearbit chrome extensions and how to use Clearbit chrome extension to find all social media accounts by email free.

 Download the extension here.

3. Discoverly to find social media profiles by email address free

Discoverly for Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook to find social media profiles by email address free

Discoverly is a popular social media profile free reverse email search extension in Chrome store with 32,174 users. Discoverly works with Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Boomerang, Rapportive, Hubspot, Buffer, Hunter, Yesware & Right Inbox for looking up contacts. I have seen many good reviews for this chrome extsntion that let you find social media profiles by email address free. Download it here

4. Linked Helper - automate work with LinkedIn to Find email addresses, phone numbers, social networks

Linked Helper - automate work with LinkedIn to Find email addresses, phone numbers, social networks

Linked Helper - automate work with LinkedIn - Find email addresses, phone numbers, social networks of anyone when you browse, just one click is an extension for Chrome users to search across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Meetup and Google+, Gmail, Xing, Quora etc.

Add to Chrome from here

5. Email Qualifier Extension to find social media accounts with email address free

Email Qualifier - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome to find social media accounts with email address free

The Email Qualifier extension for Chrome discovers the social-profiles associated to any email ID: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, sites, emails, phones. I have not used this extension personally to find social media accounts with email address free. So many good reviews are there about this. Check it out here

6. RocketReach Chrome Extension to Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Email Address

RocketReach Chrome Extension to Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Email Address

RocketReach Chrome Extension Chrome Extension it will search social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo with the given email address. The email address is automatically fetched from your gmail.

You may need to check the validity of the email address first and then use RocketReach Chrome Extension to Find Someone's Social Media Profiles. This chrome extension has a good user interface that shows icons of social networks near to the email Id of the person. This extension just not find Someone's Social Media Profile With Email Address. It does more than that. Do check it out.

7. Email Finder by VoilaNorbert to find someone on all social networks

Email Finder by VoilaNorbert is a chrome free reverse email search extension that let you find someone on all social networks. You can install Email Finder by VoilaNorbert chrome extension in Chrome Web Store to find all social media accounts by email free. Email Finder by VoilaNorbert chrome extension is used extensively to obtain up to date information of millions of companies and employee email address and is used by many to know whose email address is this. Add by here.



FTL Chrome extension for free reverse email search is small widget that gets installed in your Gmail sidebar. The extension will show you details of people that send you emails about their companies, email addresses, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter social media profiles, designations and locations. More than 150,000+ users are currently using the extension. This way you will know whose email address is this.

9. Adapt Prospector - Find Emails On Websites

Adapt Prospector - Find Emails On Websites

You can type the name of the company in the Adapt Prospector - Find Emails On Websites chrome extension and instantly find out the details of the people and find all social media accounts by email free working in the company including email addresses and social media profiles to know whose email address is this. Others search options are search by name, job title, or role.

10. E-Reveal - Free LinkedIn Email Finder

E-Reveal - Free LinkedIn Email Finder to Reveal email addresses on LinkedIn Profiles for free

E-Reveal - Free LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome Extension is an awesome free reverse email search extension like reverse email lookup websites. It will also find hidden profiles in social media if the person has used the same email address to create an account. It is important that the email address that we give to E-Reveal - Free LinkedIn Email Finder are relevant. The extension will only search the exact email address and may not check the validity of the email address.

I am sure you will be interested to read the Find All Social Media Accounts by Phone Number Free.

November 7, 2018

Newegg Black Friday Sale USA: 30 Deals with 80% discount

Spend Less Time Searching, More time Shipping with great reviews and comparison for products and services from Ship Me This. This year Ship Me This bring great offers from Newegg Black Friday Sale USA.

Newegg brings you the latest product and component news from market leading suppliers. Technology areas covered include laptops, gaming stations, home appliances and home care, networking, computer systems, health and sports, apparels and accessories and others at Newegg Black Friday Sale at amazing discount and offers with up to 80 % discount on products.

1) Gigabyte Aero Windows 10 Home Gaming Laptop For $ 1849 

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A5 Desktop Gaming PC

The AERO 15 uses state of the art technology in chassis manufacturing, the Computer Numerical Control is an automation of precise machine tools which creates well-detailed chassis. Plus another unique gigabyte design feature, the Nano-Imprint Lithography triangle, the AERO 15 will suit your needs from performance to style. Get it for $ 1849 where its original price is $ 1999.

2) CyberpowerPC Gaming Desktop Gamer For $ 1249

CyberPowerPC Gaming PCs - Custom Gaming Desktops

Conduct the ultimate high speed attack with Gamer Xtreme. The powerful Intel Core i7 8th Gen 8700 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card combine with 8 GB DDR4 memory and 16 GB Optane memory, letting gamers crush hot titles and VR games with both high frame rates and stunning detail. You can buy it for $ 1249, where its original price is $ 1399.

3) Krazilla Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android Phones For $ 29

krazilla bluetooth smart watch for android phones kzw08 silver

The KZW08 is a value-priced, feature-packed smart watch designed to streamline your everyday life. It connects to your Android phone via Bluetooth, and allows you to check messages and notifications right on your wrist, without reaching out for the phone. Buy it for $ 29.

4) Acer Laptop Aspire For $ 749

acer laptops online shopping

The new Aspire 5 Series is the perfect laptop for every need. It packs a beautiful 15.6" Full HD screen, solid performance and the latest WiFi into an attractive design that's easy to place in a backpack and take to class. This budget friendly laptop has all the essentials you need so you can quickly browse the Web for $ 749. Its original price costs $ 899.

5) ASUS E402WA-WH21 14" Lightweight and Portable Laptop For $ 219

ASUS E402WA-WH21 14 review Newegg Black Friday USA: 30 Deals with 80 % discount

Get full productivity and functionality with more portability than ever with the ASUS E402WA featuring Windows 10 S. Windows 10 S is a specific configuration of Windows 10 Pro that offers a familiar, productive Windows experience fo9r $ 219. The price earlier was $ 229.

6) Lenovo Tab 4 For $ 144

A Tablet for the Entire Family.From entertaining the kids to creating key presentations, the Tab 4 10 is ideal for the whole family. This stylish yet robust device offers seamless performance, a 10.1” display, immersive audio, and great battery life. What's more, everyone can have their own account and for $ 144, where the original price of the tab is $ 179.

7) LG LED Monitor For $ 239

To more fully realize content creators’ vision, this monitor is compatible with industry-standard HDR10 high dynamic range, supporting specific levels of color and brightness that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors.

8) Ring Floodlight Cam For $ 229

Thwart any thieves on your property from anywhere in the world day and night. The floodlight came from Ring is a motion-activated security camera with two floodlights, siren alarm, and two-way audio. It enables automated recording, and covers a large area. It can even integrate with various smart technologies. You can get it for $ 229.

9) Rosewill Neon K51 - Hybrid Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard For $ 39 

Unleash your inner hardcore gamer with the Rosewill Neon K51 gaming keyboard series. The NEON K51 features RGB backlights and revolutionary mechanical key switches that deliver a unique typing experience with more tactile feedback and enhanced durability to stand out in every gaming battle and dominate with glowing triumph! You can buy it for $ 39, where the actual price was $ 54.99.

10) Dyson AM11 Pure Cool Tower Purifier Fan For $ 169  

RefurbishedThe Dyson AM11 Pure Cool purifier fan is wrapped with a 360 degree, vacuum-sealed glass HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns from your home including pollen, bacteria and pet dander. A layer of activated carbon granules captures odors and harmful toxins like paint fumes. Get it for $ 169, where its original price costs $ 279.

Newegg Black Friday Sale America

11) NVIDIA Shield Tv Pro Streaming Media Player with Remote and Game Controller For $ 299

NVIDIA Shield Tv provides incredible entertainment and is the perfect fit for your Google-connected lifestyle. Ask your Google Assistant to play your favorite shows in up to 4K HDR, share your photos, stream the latest songs, display your calendar, dim the lights, and so much more, all with just your voice. Buy it from Newegg Black Friday Sale for $ 299.

12) ViewSonic VG2249 22" Monitor For $ 189  

With future-proof connectivity and advanced ergonomics, the ViewSonic VG2249 is a productivity-boosting monitor perfect for corporate, government, and education environments. Designed with both a DisplayPort input and output, this monitor delivers easy, single-cable daisy-chaining of multiple monitors for increased productivity. Purchase it from the sale for $ 189, where its original price is $ 209.

13) Dell Monitor For $ 119  

Maximize workplace efficiency with a monitor designed to meet your business needs. View your applications, spreadsheets and more on 23-inches of 1920x1080 Full HD clarity. Optimize eye comfort and reduce harmful blue light emissions with ComfortView and a flicker-free screen. See consistent colors across a wide 178°/178° viewing angle with In-plane switching technology. You can get it for $ 119. Its original price is $ 299.

14) Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing For $ 102 

This gaming chair features an easy lock-tilt adjustment. 360 degree swivel rotation. Breathable premium leather. Freely adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillow. Top quality mute rolling Wheels avoid scratching on floor board. You can get it for $ 102, where its original price is $ 199.

15) Alpine Swiss Men’s Nash Chelsea Boots For $ 34 

These shoes has a manmade upper, leather lining and insoles, with classic chelsea boot silhouette, snakeskin textured upper smooth back heel panel, twin elastic side panels for a secure fit. You can pull on tab for easy slip-on with navy and white contrast stitching. Buy it for $ 39, where actual price costs $ 97.

16) Waterproof Roomy Laptop Backpack For $ 29

Keep your laptop protected in an internal padded sleeve, big enough for up to a 15.6 inch sized laptop. Padded back and straps make for a more comfortable carry. Perfect for travel, study & work. Available in constructed metal, made from durable eco-friendly nylon fabric. Buy it for $ 29.

17) Sodial Kotion Each B3506 V4.1 Bluetooth Wireless Headset For $ 24

kotion each bluetooth headset

B3506 is not only a Bluetooth headset, but also a wired headset. Compatible with many devices by connecting its included audio cable, such as for iPhone 6 / 6S Plus, Samsung S5, S4, LG, Xiaomi, iPad, PC, laptop, PlayStation 4, etc. Buy it for just $ 24. Check out other Best Wireless Earphones.

18) Soundstream Street Hopper 5 Plus Bluetooth Wireless Speaker For $ 49 

With up to 15 hours of wireless playback and a 50 Watt amplifier, the Street Hopper 5 is the heart of the party. It's splash-resistant, so take it to the beach or put it poolside without worrying about the wet. It's got colored lights to set the mood, and you can control and customize it from the free smartphone app for just $ 49, where the actual price is $ 199.

19) Pai Interactive Storybook For $ 14

Reading has never been more fun and engaging! With the use of Augmented Reality technology, Pai Storybooks pair with our free app to create a unique interactive reading experience. Rich, detailed illustrations will come to life in 360 degree animations! Customize the characters in the story for just $ 14.

20) HP DeskJet 3755 All-in-One Printer For $ 44 

This HP Printer has been professionally refurbished and tested by a Certified Technician. We make every effort to clean and restore the printer so you have a great experience with it. This product may have minor cosmetic issues like light scuffs or scratches and this should not hinder the performance of your device. Buy this printer for $ 44.

Newegg Black Friday Sale United States

21) Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate & Activity Tracker For $ 129 

Make every beat count with Fitbit Charge 2 the all-new heart rate and fitness wristband. Maximize workouts with PurePulse heart rate, multi-sport modes and Connected GPS. Track all-day activity, exercise and sleep. And make the most of your entire routine with smartphone notifications, Reminders to Move and personalized guided breathing sessions at just $ 129. Its original price earlier was $ 199.

22) Apple iPad Pro 2nd Generation For $ 699 

The updated 12.9" iPad Pro from Apple features a redesigned display and updated hardware to accelerate and enhance user experience. Its display has a resolution of 2732 x 2048, a brightness of 600 cd/m2, support for the P3 color gamut, an anti-reflective coating, and a 120 Hz refresh rate thanks to ProMotion technology.
Get this product for $ 699, where its original price costs $ 949.

23) Ancheer Indoor Cycle Exercise Belt Drive Pro Exercise Flywheel For $ 189 

LCD monitor displays your distance, speed, duration, calorie bike LCD screen and you will be able to see your results in order to maintain power and speed. Ideal for indoor health With these convenient transport wheels, it becomes effortless to transform your home into your own private fitness room, and fitness and wellness should be done regardless of the user's height. Buy it for $ 189.

24) Precor EFX 546 Elliptical V1 For $ 1450 

The Precor EFX 546 elliptical machine lets you work on your upper body, lower body, and cardiovascular endurance without causing a lot of stress to the feet and ankles. This trainer has 20 different incline levels and 20 resistance levels, so you can adjust your workout intensity accordingly and get it for $ 1450, where the price earlier was $ 1699.

25) Stairmaster 7000pt Blue screen For $ 2250 

Stairmaster 7000pt Blue Screen stepmill is the ideal machine for cardiovascular workouts. The machine has a revolving step platform that provides the experience of actually climbing a stairwell of a building or stadium. The height of the steps is 8 inches, and the user can control the stepping speed from 24 steps to 162 steps a minute. You can buy this stepmill for $ 2250, where its actual price costs $ 7490.

26) Vilano Pulse Men's Electric Commuter Bike For $ 749 

The Vilano Pulse Electric Bike is the perfect ebike for a city commute or the ride to campus! Cutting edge pedal assist technology will help you conquer wind and hills. Simply turn it on and start pedalling, the electric motor takes over and keeps you going. You can get it for $ 749, where its actual price is $ 1499.

27) Ecobee3 Lite Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Works with Alexa For $ 169

Ensure uncompromised comfort with this ecobee3 lite smart thermostat. Its DataRhythm technology provides intuitive temperature adjustment based on the current weather, family schedules, desired settings and information from room sensors for efficient operation. Control this Wi-Fi-enabled ecobee3 lite smart thermostat by voice or remotely from your Android or iOS device and buy it for $ 169.

28) Samsung Galaxy S7 For $ 199 

Introducing the smartphone your life can't do without, the Samsung Galaxy S7. Packed with features to keep you both productive and entertained, all in a sleek, slim design that fits comfortably in your hand or pocket. With a bigger, more stunning screen on a slimmer profile, the Galaxy S7 proves that less can actually be more for just $ 199. Actual price is $ 499.

29) Autel Robotics EVO Remote Control Drone with Camera For $ 999

The EVO’s camera is built on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal capturing stunning video at 4k resolution & 60 frames per second and 12-megapixel still images all designed in-house. Using real glass optics and the Ambarella H2 image processor, record more dynamic range in each shot. From the sale get it for $ 999.

30) Liectroux B3000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner For $ 119 

Review of Liectroux B3000 robot vacuum cleaner

Smart Vacuum Cleaner with good suction power. Suitable for ceramic tiles, wooden floor, short-pile carpet, and marble floor. Unique design to separate the dust and rubbish.

Avoids blocking of the dust collector. Prime filter and HEPA filter can filter dust with 0.03 micro, eradicating second-pollution. You can get it for $ 119.


Electronic Shopping is all about quality and definitely the price at which this quality is being offered! In this splendid sale of the season, you can choose from 1 million plus products from the Newegg Black Friday Sale.

You can avail super exciting discounts on them too. So, before you waste your time in dodging between numerous online and offline stores to get the perfect deal keep this is in mind that the Newegg Sale is on the go!

November 5, 2018

Find Long Tail High CPC Keywords Adsense

Are you searching for High Paying Long Tail AdSense Keywords (CPC), top paying Adsense keywords and Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords. I will share some secret keyword tools to high CPC AdSense keywords.


You can earn more than 50$ per click.

You heard it, right.

The secret ingredient to that much money is Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords. Here is the key to find all of them and get more money.

We are going to cover the following topics like top google adsense keywords, best keyword research tool free, keyword suggestion tool, google keyword traffic tool and google keyword planner free which I am pretty sure no other tutorials talked about. I will demonstrate you how to use, Google Trends, Google related searches and Google Trends.

There are many websites that published thousand keywords with high cpc ads list. The only issue here is how to rank using these as they are highly competitive. Below methods will solve the problem easily.

Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords
A good keyword can increase the CPC, RPM, CTR of a post and generate more revenue for the blog. I wrote a trending post on How To Increases Page RPM 2017 Google Adsense for beginners if their ad sense earnings dropped suddenly.

1. Most Searching Keyword with Free Tool

All great websites and blogs start from the seed - A keyword. An keyword can change your life. You need to figure out a keyword that is going to be in the market for long. The only fuel for blogging is good keywords.

1.1 Fixing Your Keyword

Think about why you want to start a website or blog. Is it boost sales, generate readers, to run an online magazine, to get revenue from ads or is it just a hobby. Running a website or a blog is a cumbersome task for the early days and fixing the keyword will help to keep the emotions at bay.

Eg: If you want to write about gift ideas, go to Search gifts and you can see rich keywords in the sidebar. Free ToolSearching Keyword with Free ToolHigh Paying Amazon Keywords Free Tool

You can make good keywords using these search options. Eg: Christmas Gifts for 12 years & more.

Do a filtered search with by ticking these boxes and you will find another set of complex keywords. Stick with more broader keywords as we need them to go for the next step.

You look at many companies that advertise using adwords other than and find keywords related to the product manufactured or marketed by them.

Choose at least 5-12 keywords and note it down in a notepad.

2. Research a High Paying Keyword 2017 That Pays Well Using Related Searches Google

Now that you have fixed your keywords and what you want to do, it is time to find a high paying keyword with high number of searches related to the interest area. A high paying keyword means a word that has high bid by by advertisers. There some proved methods to find keywords.

Go to Google and search for your keyword using quotes.

Eg: If you want to write about website builder then search in Google with "website builder". Then scroll down to the last and you can see some long tail keywords [3 or more keywords together] that are searched by people.

Searches related to highest costs per click (CPC) in Google

Searches related to "website builder"
website builder software
how to create a website free of cost
create website google
create free website and earn money
best free website builder
free website domain
create website free of cost in India
best website builder

3. Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords with Keyword Planner Tool

Go to Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and Login with Google Account. Take each keywords one by one and search them to find most searched keywords. Select 2-3 keywords which are more searched than others.

best website builder
best free website builder
create website google

How to Find top paying Adsense keywords with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Sign in to the Ad Words website with your Google Account.

Under Find new keywords and get search volume data, you will be able to see Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. Enter any keyword in the search box.

There are numerous options to select to get effective keyword search results.


Countries - Eg: United Arab Emirates, United States

Language - Eg: English

Select Google and search partners

Negative keywords
- Add keywords that you want omit
Date range - Select Show avg. monthly searches for: last 12 months

You can also add Keyword filters
  1. Average monthly searches
  2. Suggested bid
  3. Ad impression share
Keyword options

  1. Show broadly related ideas
  2. Hide keywords in my account
  3. Hide keywords in my plan
You can add specific Keywords to include in the search.
Hit Get Ideas.

The Adword Keyword Planner tool fetches data of the keywords searched for from Google Database and show following results.

  1. Avg. monthly searches
  2. Competition
  3. Suggested bid
  4. Ad impr. share
You can select on any of these options to reorder the data from high to low.

Bloggers mostly opt for keywords with low competitive, high avg. monthly searches and high suggested bid. That way posts can rank high in Google and get high cpc per click.

4. Find profitable Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords for Adsense with Google Trends

The very easy way to do this is to know what is Google Trends. It is a platform that lists the most searched keywords in Google based on categories, Nations, and what are trending in YouTube. You just have to visit the website and all the information is visible. 

The listed top search keywords will keep on changing their positions as per the volume of the search. So it will be harder to know which keyword is the number one.

The advantage of this is that bloggers can know the search volume per keyword which will help to make better posts related to that keyword. This increases page views or should i say dramatically explodes the number of page views.

The disadvantage is that it will be harder to start a niche blog based on the keywords as this search volume will keep on changing. You can try refreshing Google trends after 2 minutes. You could see the change in positions.

By selecting each keyword, you will be able to Most relevant articles, Interest of viewers over time, Interest by region, Trending queries and Related topics.

Go to Google Trends. Enter each profitable keywords to understand how many people are searching and what is future forecast of the word. You will know only one keyword is getting more traffic than other. Now you got the best searchable keyword.

Find Most Searching Keywords in Google using Google Trends

Points to be noted:

1. Recently published articles are listed first in Google.

2. The keyword or parts of the keyword should be there in the title and full keywords are listed first.

Interest of viewers over time

The graph shows interest of viewers over a period of time and the type of article that are getting all the traffic. 

Interest of viewers over time Graph
Search Interest

Interest by region

You can see the map of the country in this tab. By selecting the "List View" you can see the search volume in each state. 

Trending queries 

Trending queries is the best option here. You can see what are the related queries per keyword and find out the search volume of that. This will enable bloggers to add more related keywords to the blog post. You can select "Embedded" option to get the code. In that you can see a tick box for "Keep data updated. This data is live and will keep updating". It means what it says.

5. how to find top Google Adsense high paying keywords with

Go to and enter the keyword that you got. Enter them and found out related keywords. You can group keywords and find out which one is paying more.

6. Find highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

KW Finder is an amazing keyword finder tool that can generate high cpc long tail keywords for bloggers and for websites.

highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

Enter your keyword and select appropriate boxes. You have options to select different countries and languages. KWFinder will fetch related keywords from the selected geographies and languages. This is one of the unique keyword finder tools that you can use.

7. best paying Google Adsense keywords by SEMrush Keyword Find Tool

Increasing organic traffic is a tough task especially when your competitors are doing the exact same methods and keywords to increase traffic. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to increase organic traffic up to 29% by SEMrush Tool.

What is SEMrush Tool

SEMrush is an amazing paid keyword research platform for bloggers, website owners, SEO beginners and experts and entrepreneurs and those who needs to increase organic traffic to website multi fold. SEMrush will help you to discover incredibly high paying ad sense keywords at a nominal cost.

Why SEMrush keyword Tool For Finding cost per click (CPC) keywords AdWords

SEMrush can do more than just to find competitors' keywords and it is time to change that perspective. This keyword tool provides keywords from US, UK, DE, FR and 131 more countries.
It provide details of your website on Desktop vs Mobile and shows Categories and visibility percentage.

Other tools are;
  1. Domain Analytics
  2. Overview
  3. Organic Research
  4. Backlinks
  5. Advertising Research
  6. PLA Research
  7. Display Advertising
  8. Traffic Analysis
  9. Ranks
  10. Domain vs. Domain
  11. Charts
  12. Keyword Analytics
  13. Overview
  14. Phrase Match
  15. Related Keywords
  16. Ads History
  17. Keyword Difficulty
  18. Keyword Magic Tool
  19. Projects
  20. SEO Ideas
  21. Position Tracking
  22. Site Audit
  23. Social Media Tracker
  24. Social Media Poster
  25. Brand Monitoring
  26. Backlink Audit
  27. Link Building
  28. PPC Keyword tool
  29. Ads Builder
  30. Organic Traffic Insights
  31. Content Analyzer
  32. Gap Analysis
  33. Keyword Gap
  34. Backlink Gap
If you want to be a professional blogger, then check the SEMrush tool.

Get Free Trail for SEMrush here

8. Find Long Tail CPC Keywords with Keyword Generator Tool by SEOCentro

SEOcentro has a free keyword generator tool. Type the keyword, enter the captcha code and select Submit. You will get only 3 results which is really helpful in creating long tail keywords. You can start with a topic which you are interested and keep adding keywords as you search. Finally you will get a high paying long tail keyword.

Use the keyword generator tool

Finding Most Expensive Keywords in Ad sense is Easy

Most people want to know which are the most high paying and expensive keywords in ad sense. The answer is too simple. Here are the ten High Paying Google AdSense Keywords. The article on WordStream explains them.
  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
Most of these keywords pays from $27.80 to a whooping $54.91 per click. Two clicks from these keywords and you are looking at a pay check from Ad sense. It is that easy. I call these keywords are DREAM KEYWORDS.

Dream Keywords: highest cost per click (CPC) keywords

find high cpc keywords for youtube videos

As dreamy as it sound, you can just keep on dreaming on ranking on these dreamy keywords. All those SEO masters and SEO companies are working for them and their clients to get ranked on these Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords.

If you have seen the movie war dogs and dialogues of David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, This is the biggest pie. Everyone is competing against for these big pies. And small and medium bloggers should go for the pie chunks which are called the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords. It may take sometime to digest. it took me a while also.

LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords - the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords

I know it does not look fancy but what to do. This is the best I can do. Try saying it fast for 5 times. You can use it as a tongue twister. Does't it feel classy.

What are these LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The long tail low competitive high traffic keywords can bring you enough visitors and revenue.

Let's explore them. Shall We?

Let us take a keyword called "hosting".

A long tail Keyword will be like "Hosting Small Website" with three words together.

You can find enough long Tail keywords that has less competition and high traffic using Adwords keyword planner tool that I shared above. Remember as this is not just about writing a random post. People do have domain names and websites especially dedicated such long tail High Paying Google AdSense Keywords and they may end up ranking more than your posts.

Grouping poss with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The best way you can rank in Google using LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords is by grouping posts with such keywords. You can write ten little posts with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords and then write a corner post [a big post] adding these posts as internal links. This will increase page authority and boost your ranking.

Why You Should Not Focus Too much on Keywords but on Content

The content is king. Changing Google algorithm updates can do harm if your content is good. Another important part is that bloggers should focus on building an audience in these days rather than merely focusing SEO and website optimization.

Instead of selecting high paying keyword, bloggers should take high paying niches. High paying niche means make a small website about reviews of shared wordpress hosting only. This includes the high paying keyword "hosting" and it will have good long term returns.

Discovering High Paying Google AdSense Keywords is only the first task when it comes to higher earnings. Creating a good website and writing good quality content is always long lasting.

9. Identifying Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

You will get High Paying Google AdSense Keywords using the above keyword searching tools. After obtaining them, you need to see the target group for which you want to write. You can check Google Analytics to find the type of audience that are visiting your website.

Google Analytics - Audience - Overview.

Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

Here you can see the age bar graph and gender pie chart of the visitors of my client's website. 74.6% of the visitors are male and more visitors are of aged between 18-34. The keywords should match the target group of the website. Otherwise it will not bring organic traffic from search engines and higher earnings from Ad sense. You can read an interesting case study here.

Case Study

The client selected a high paying dream keyword "insurance" and started a website on "insurance policies". Later we decided to go with long tail keyword " retirement insurance policy". Long tail keywords can bring more targeted traffic and create a specific audience.

The above website had a post titled "how to get a retirement insurance policy" and the traffic was really lower than expected. This was basically because the audience he was catering to [unknowingly] was aged more than 65 years.

After researching we decided to cater to a different target group of aged 25-34 and changed the post title and content to "Why Millennials need retirement insurance policy". This boosted the traffic to the post and he got 67% more visitors than before.

High paying targeted niche Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords and valuable content can generate value for your website and bring your higher earnings. This the best way to create an audience for your blog.

Instead of creating an MFA [made for ad sense] you can reach out more specific target group and generate incredible higher earnings with ad sense ads. Adsense keyword research is an investment to create an impressive high quality website and authority content.

You can use keywords in YouTube as well. This list is useful if you are searching for high cpc keywords 2017 or high cpc keywords for youtube 2016. You can use this list as per your choice to find high cpc keywords for youtube 2017.

Read my latest post: 15 Ways To Compete for the Same Keyword In Low Paying Niche

How to Find Accounts Linked to Email for Free

You have to sign up and login to use a website. In the course of time, you may have created thousands of accounts linked to your email to use the websites and their services. You can find accounts linked to email for free using reverse email look up services and use Google sign in checks to see the websites linked to your gmail account. There is no single service to find all the accounts linked to email for free or find websites linked to email address currently. Follow the step by step guide in the post to find accounts linked to email for free.

These days all apps and websites ask for email address. In one way our email id and data is shared across multiple platforms in internet. It is good to find these email ID connected accounts, apps and websites and remove email id and remove permission to use them. This post How to Find Accounts Linked to Email for Free will help you find such apps and websites and then you can remove the permission easily and protect your privacy.

Find Accounts Linked to Email for Free using Google Connected Apps

Go to Google Connected Apps, Enter your gmail and password and sign in to the Google Connected apps section. Connected apps is a platform where Google will show you all the websites that are connected to your gmail / google account. You may have noticed when you go to a website to create an account, they will show you a Google sign in option. That way you do not need to create a email ID and password. The website will capture the information from Google account and easily create the account in the website.

When you login to connected apps section, a welcome screen showing Manage your account access and security settings will be there. Scroll down below to see Apps with account access: Keep track of which apps or services you gave permission to access your account, and remove the ones you no longer use or trust.

Find Accounts Linked to Email for Free using Google Connected Apps

Select Manage Apps and you will be redirected to a page of Here you can see all the Third-party apps which you gave permission to access your Google Account and get information. You can go through each of these websites, apps, and services and review the type of access these apps have & if needed, remove access for apps or services you no longer use or trust with your information. 

Remove Access to Accounts Linked to Email

Once you remove the access, you will not be able to sign to the website and have to sign up again to use the services in that website. Select any of the third party app and see information such as Homepage address, app has access to and Access given on.

find websites linked to email address

Select Remove Access and the a pop up box will ask you whether you want to Remove access to the app. The app will no longer have access to your Google Account. You’ll need to grant access later if you want to use this app or service again. Select Ok and remove the access.

accounts linked will no longer have access to your Google Account

If you get an error Account access couldn't be removed. Try again, then check your internet connection and try again. You can try reloading [CTRL R] the web page.

Using Reverse Email Account Checking Services

I have written a compiled post on all the best ten awesome reverse email look up services and websites where you can find linked email accounts, social network accounts, dating accounts and more. The post provide reviews of all the popular email reverse email look up services such as PIPL, socialcatfish, spokeo, emailsherlock, addresssearch, that'sthem, everify, ussearch, intelligator and Radaris. You can read the post from Free Reverse Lookup For Dating Sites

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