November 21, 2017

How to Transfer Hosting from one server to another

Are you searching for how to transfer hosting, migrate wordpress from one server to another and how to move website from one server to another iis. Here is how to migrate a website from one server to another, ways to website transfer service and how to transfer hosting to godaddy. Best information to change web hosting keep domain name and how to transfer domain from one host to another is available in this post. Lets switch web hosting.

Users often ask me is it Easy is Switching From One Web Hosting Provider to Another. We will start with an interesting story of marriage between hosting provider and your website.

Purchase a hosting account: A Marriage using Matrimonial Sites

There are many hosting providers in the market that provides advantages over the other. They all have some disadvantages, limitations and problems.

All the hosting providers that you contact will show you their best benefits and offer you free features for lifetime. Ultimately you decide one hosting provider for hosting your website.

The payment will be done and you will change the nameservers from your domain registrar.

Enjoy new web host's servers: Hosting Honeymoon

The website will run amazingly for 2 weeks. This is called Hosting Honeymoon. You never thought that your website can go this amazingly faster and look stunningly beautiful. All your issues are solved within seconds by a senior engineer. You are satisfied with your decision to select this hosting provider.

Problems start after the Hosting honeymoon period. The hosting provider will send you emails about exceeded script executions, high cpu usage, unknown bot attacks, hacking attempts and what not.

This will make you really frustrated and tensed. So you decide to work with hosting provider to figure out ways to remove this issues. You try to chat with them and they will ask you to file a ticket.

They ask you to wait minimum 24 hours to get support. They appoint low level skill personnel to deal with you, creating more issues and frustration. You spend days and nights to fix the problems.

You think you have fixed everything and think that you have accomplished the impossible. Next day you get a mail saying your website is suspended due to over usage. Now what.

You try to chat with them and they never get connected. You file a ticker, no one responds. You send emails threatening to change hosting provider. Someone from somewhere send you a reply saying that they cannot do anything. You need to log in to hosting panel and change some settings.

You go to hosting panel and unable to login. You try all the possible means to login using different browsers and still not able to. You send a reply to that stranger saying that you are unable to access it. He did not respond. You spend another 1-2 hours searching in Google trying to decide what to do and figures better to do divorce.

Website Down, Bad Service: The Marriage is over.

Are you thinking about how to transfer web hosting from one company to another. The decision is really tough and I completely understand. It is not easy as changing email hosting provider to another or moving email from one host to another.

I was at this junction 2 months back and I wanted to change the existing hosting provider to SiteGround. I will provide show you step by step guide on how I changed the website from One Hosting Provider to Another. You can change web hosting and keep domain name in hand.

How to Transfer Hosting from one server to another

How to move website from one server to another

Changing a hosting provider is not that easy. It takes careful execution and correct steps. Otherwise your website may end up in suspended mode or experience downtime.

Choose Hosting Provider That Supports Free Migration of WordPress Website

You can start by asking a simple question. Does your new hosting provider support free migration of Word Press Site. If not, you may end up paying for it.

List Out All The Reasons of Switching web hosting

You can make a list of all reasons on why you want to move out. You can use this list to clarify ad get more info on plan details of new hosting provider.

Migrate wordpress from one server to another

You should back up your website and database before asking the existing provider for change in hosting. There are some hosting providers that locks your access and ask for money.

You can login to cPanel > File Manager and compress into a zip file all files located in public_html , then you can download that zip to your local computer . You can also use a File Zilla to do so. And from phpMyAdmin you can extract the Database. The database of the website contains only records of the website structure.

When you are ready with the back up and you are sure that all required files and Databases are saved on your computer, let the hosting provider know and then they will assist you with that further. It would be best to download the whole website files and folders. The website posts is located within the wp-content folder of yours.

How to Transfer Hosting to Godaddy

Once hosting account is cancelled, change the Name Servers of your domain through your Domain name Registrar. If the domain name is registered with GoDaddy, whatever changes you want to make with the Name Servers, should be made from GoDaddy DNS manager.

There you can set the GoDaddy Name Servers or the ones for another hosting provider and then wait for the DNS change to take effect.

Check Video on How to Change Nameservers in GoDaddy

November 19, 2017

How to Download & Install Android Studio 3.0.0 on Windows

Are you searching for how to Download & Install Android Studio 3.0.0 on Windows, android studio 3.0 canary download, android studio 3.0 canary 1 download and android studio 3.0 stable release date. Here is the best tutorial to download and install android studio 3.0 beta on windows. This post will show you how to install android studio 3, android studio 3.0 canary and explain android studio 3.0 features and android studio 3.0 release date.

How to Download & Install Android Studio 3.0.0 on Windows

Android studio 3.0 stable release date

Android studio 3.0 stable release has been published on OCTOBER 25, 2017 and is available to download. The stable release some amazing features, more options, smoother interface, material type icons and better emulators.

File Size:
681 MB
File Name:
OS Support:
Windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 + 64bit
Date Added:
OCTOBER 25, 2017

Read more on Release dates of Android Studio Versions.

Android Studio 3.0.0 Features

The new Android Profiler replaces the Android Monitor tool
The new Device File Explorer
Instant Apps support
Create adaptive launcher icons for Android 8.0
New toolbar layout and icons.
APK Analyzer
Support for Android 8.0.
Support for building separate APKs based on language resources.

Check out all the features of android studio 3.0.0.

How to Download & Install Android Studio 3.0.0 on Windows

Let us start then to download and install Android Studio 3.0.0 on Windows PC. 

Your Windows PC should have Java JDK Installed. If no JDK is installed, install it first. You can use the tutorial on download and install Java Development Kit (JDK). Watch video for that.

If Your Windows PC Do NOT Have any previous installed previous Android Studio, then follow the steps in the tutorial of installing Android Studio 2.3.3 On Windows.

If your Windows PC have previous versions of Android Studio installed, then follow the tutorial.

Get Stable Version of Android Studio in case if you go to Canary download home page. If you Want Canary version, select download.

android studio 3.0 canary download

Download Android Studio 3.0.0 Stable Version from Official Website. Link:

Download Android Studio The official IDE for Android

Accept Licence Agreement

Accept licence agreement for downloading android studio 3

Double Click the exe file and run the installer of Android Studio

run the installer of Android Studio

Select Uninstall Older Versions. Select Install. Select Yes.

Uninstall older versions of Android Studio

Uninstall older versions of Android Studio continue yes

Welcome to Android Studio Set Up : Next

Welcome to Android Studio Set Up

Choose Components. Deselect virtual devices to save space in disk. Android Studio will only take up 1.1gb size without virtual devices. With virtual devices it will take 2.1 GB of space.

Choose Components 1.1gb size without virtual devices

Configuration settings choose android studio installation location

Configuration settings choose android studio installation location

Choose a start menu folder.

Choose a start menu folder on windows

Extraction of files and installation of android studio is successful message.

 Extraction of files and installation of android studio is successful message.

Completing Android set up click finish.

Completing Android set up click finish

Complete installation import from previous version.

Complete installation import from previous version

Type master password for android studio starting up.

Type master password for android studio starting up.

Watch the below video for Installing android studio 3.0 canary

Android Studio 3.0.0 on Windows: Review

 I installed this release in my Windows PC with 4 GB ram and it hangs little bit. Built is stable but takes up most of the resources. I had Android Studio 2.3.3 and was working quite well without hanging. Now I had to close other windows, browsers and open Android Studio 3.0.0 only.

Other fellow Android Developers may be looking for this information. Share to them and they will appreciate it. Sharing is Caring.

November 17, 2017

3 Top Free Weather Apps - Android Apps on Google Play

Are you searching for weather app for android apk, weather download mobile and weather and clock widget for android free download. These 3 weather apps are Weather Camera, Weather Photos Live Pro, Weather Outlook - Real Time Update & 7 Day Forecast and Weather Daily - Multi city Weather Real Time Update. These are top weather apps and widget for android home screen and provide weather 24 app download.

1. Weather Daily - Multi-city Weather Real Time Update - weather and clock widget for android

Get Real Time Up To Date Weather Updates from Multiple Cities in One App.

Premium Flat Interface
Sliding Menu
Next 5 Days Forecast
Different color for different weather
Weather Updates of Multiple Cities

Weather Daily - Multicity Weather Real Time Update

weather report my city

weather conditions forecast in saurashtra today

weather in saurashtra today

Download The weather app for android on play store.

2. Weather Outlook -Real Time Update & 7 Day Forecast - Weather app and Widget for android home screen

Premium weather app for free with Real Time Update & 7 Day Forecast.

Weather Outlook is a premium app available for free.

All Weather Updates: App provides real time updates on temperature [Celsius or Fahrenheit Unit], wind [m/s Unit], humidity [Percentage unit], pressure, cloudiness [percentage], sunrise timing and sunset timing [AM and PM unit].

All Weather Graphs: Weather Outlook provides user friendly weather graphs of Temperature, wind, rain and snow to understand weather for a particular city.

7 Day Weather Forecast: The app provides 7 day forecast on night, morning, day and evening weather  - temperature [Celsius or Fahrenheit Unit], rain [mm Unit], wind [m/s NE Unit], snow [mm Unit], humidity [percentage Unit] and pressure [hPa Unit].


Premium Flat Interface
Sliding Menu
Next 7 Days Forecast
Different color for different weather
Different Light and Dark Themes for app
Quick Share button to share weather updates with family, friends and relatives.
Quick Refresh button for faster real time updates
Weather Updates of Multiple Cities.

Weather Outlook -Real Time Update & 7 Day Forecast

5 to 7 day rainfall forecast

6-10 day outlook weather

3. Weats - Weather Camera, Weather Photos Live Pro

Capture live photos with current weather and location with your android phone.
  1. Weats will get your location name and collect information on the current weather, temperature and time.
  2. Use your Camera in Android Phone to take any photo.
  3. Customize Your Photo by giving effects to make your photo more beautiful and choose weather information layout.
  4. Weats save the photo to local storage like your gallery automatically.
  5. Share your photo with weather and location information to social media like Face Book, Instagram, Twitter etc.
live weather camera android app

weather info city time in photo

add weather in photo

Download the weather outlook app for android

November 16, 2017

How to Find High Paying AdSense Keywords (CPC) 2017

Are you searching for highest costs per click (CPC) in Google, High Paying AdSense Keywords (CPC), top paying Adsense keywords,  profitable keywords for Adsense and most expensive keywords in Google AdWords. This post has information on how to find top Google Adsense high paying keywords, adsense high paying keywords 2017, highest cost per click (CPC) keywords and best paying Google Adsense keywords.

Here is a step by step guide on How to Find Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords. We are going to cover the following topics which I am pretty sure no other tutorials talked about. I will demonstrate you how to use, Google Trends, Google related searches and Google Trends.

Some users even asked how high cpc keywords 2016 has effect in 2017 and how to find high cpc keywords. I have been searching lately to find out ways on how to get high cpc adsense, high paying Google AdSense Keywords in india and other ties 1 countries. There are many websites that published thousand keywords with high cpc ads list. The only issue here is how to rank using these as they are highly competitive. Below methods will solve the problem easily.

High Paying AdSense Keywords (CPC) 2017
A good keyword can increase the CPC, RPM, CTR of a post and generate more revenue for the blog. I wrote a trending post on How To Increases Page RPM 2017 Google Adsense for beginners if their ad sense earnings dropped suddenly.

1. Most Searching Keyword with Free Tool

All great websites and blogs start from the seed - A keyword. An keyword can change your life. You need to figure out a keyword that is going to be in the market for long. The only fuel for blogging is good keywords.

1.1 Fixing Your Keyword

Think about why you want to start a website or blog. Is it boost sales, generate readers, to run an online magazine, to get revenue from ads or is it just a hobby. Running a website or a blog is a cumbersome task for the early days and fixing the keyword will help to keep the emotions at bay.

Eg: If you want to write about gift ideas, go to Search gifts and you can see rich keywords in the sidebar. Free ToolSearching Keyword with Free ToolHigh Paying Amazon Keywords Free Tool

You can make good keywords using these search options. Eg: Christmas Gifts for 12 years & more.

Do a filtered search with by ticking these boxes and you will find another set of complex keywords. Stick with more broader keywords as we need them to go for the next step.

You look at many companies that advertise using adwords other than and find keywords related to the product manufactured or marketed by them.

Choose at least 5-12 keywords and note it down in a notepad.

2. Research a High Paying Keyword 2017 That Pays Well Using Related Searches Google

Now that you have fixed your keywords and what you want to do, it is time to find a high paying keyword with high number of searches related to the interest area. A high paying keyword means a word that has high bid by by advertisers. There some proved methods to find keywords.

Go to Google and search for your keyword using quotes.

Eg: If you want to write about website builder then search in Google with "website builder". Then scroll down to the last and you can see some long tail keywords [3 or more keywords together] that are searched by people.

Searches related to highest costs per click (CPC) in Google

Searches related to "website builder"
website builder software
how to create a website free of cost
create website google
create free website and earn money
best free website builder
free website domain
create website free of cost in India
best website builder

3. Find High Paying AdSense Keywords (CPC) 2017 in Google with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Go to Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and Login with Google Account. Take each keywords one by one and search them to find most searched keywords. Select 2-3 keywords which are more searched than others.

best website builder
best free website builder
create website google

How to Find top paying Adsense keywords with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Sign in to the Ad Words website with your Google Account.

Under Find new keywords and get search volume data, you will be able to see Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. Enter any keyword in the search box.

There are numerous options to select to get effective keyword search results.


Countries - Eg: United Arab Emirates, United States

Language - Eg: English

Select Google and search partners

Negative keywords
- Add keywords that you want omit
Date range - Select Show avg. monthly searches for: last 12 months

You can also add Keyword filters
  1. Average monthly searches
  2. Suggested bid
  3. Ad impression share
Keyword options

  1. Show broadly related ideas
  2. Hide keywords in my account
  3. Hide keywords in my plan
You can add specific Keywords to include in the search.
Hit Get Ideas.

The Adword Keyword Planner tool fetches data of the keywords searched for from Google Database and show following results.

  1. Avg. monthly searches
  2. Competition
  3. Suggested bid
  4. Ad impr. share
You can select on any of these options to reorder the data from high to low.

Bloggers mostly opt for keywords with low competitive, high avg. monthly searches and high suggested bid. That way posts can rank high in Google and get high cpc per click.

4. Find profitable keywords for Adsense with Google Trends

Go to Google Trends. Enter each profitable keywords to understand how many people are searching and what is future forecast of the word. You will know only one keyword is getting more traffic than other. Now you got the best searchable keyword.

Find Most Searching Keywords in Google using Google Trends

5. how to find top Google Adsense high paying keywords with

Go to and enter the keyword that you got. Enter them and found out related keywords. You can group keywords and find out which one is paying more.

6. Find highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

KW Finder is an amazing keyword finder tool that can generate high cpc long tail keywords for bloggers and for websites.

highest cost per click (CPC) keywords with KW Finder

Enter your keyword and select appropriate boxes. You have options to select different countries and languages. KWFinder will fetch related keywords from the selected geographies and languages. This is one of the unique keyword finder tools that you can use.

7. best paying Google Adsense keywords by SEMrush Keyword Find Tool

Increasing organic traffic is a tough task especially when your competitors are doing the exact same methods and keywords to increase traffic. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to increase organic traffic up to 29% by SEMrush Tool.

What is SEMrush Tool

SEMrush is an amazing paid keyword research platform for bloggers, website owners, SEO beginners and experts and entrepreneurs and those who needs to increase organic traffic to website multi fold. SEMrush will help you to discover incredibly high paying ad sense keywords at a nominal cost.

Why SEMrush keyword Tool For Finding cost per click (CPC) keywords AdWords

SEMrush can do more than just to find competitors' keywords and it is time to change that perspective. This keyword tool provides keywords from US, UK, DE, FR and 131 more countries.
It provide details of your website on Desktop vs Mobile and shows Categories and visibility percentage.

Other tools are;
  1. Domain Analytics
  2. Overview
  3. Organic Research
  4. Backlinks
  5. Advertising Research
  6. PLA Research
  7. Display Advertising
  8. Traffic Analysis
  9. Ranks
  10. Domain vs. Domain
  11. Charts
  12. Keyword Analytics
  13. Overview
  14. Phrase Match
  15. Related Keywords
  16. Ads History
  17. Keyword Difficulty
  18. Keyword Magic Tool
  19. Projects
  20. SEO Ideas
  21. Position Tracking
  22. Site Audit
  23. Social Media Tracker
  24. Social Media Poster
  25. Brand Monitoring
  26. Backlink Audit
  27. Link Building
  28. PPC Keyword tool
  29. Ads Builder
  30. Organic Traffic Insights
  31. Content Analyzer
  32. Gap Analysis
  33. Keyword Gap
  34. Backlink Gap
If you want to be a professional blogger, then check the SEMrush tool.

Get Free Trail for SEMrush here

8. Find best paying Google Adsense keywords with Keyword Generator Tool by SEOCentro

SEOcentro has a free keyword generator tool. Type the keyword, enter the captcha code and select Submit. You will get only 3 results which is really helpful in creating long tail keywords. You can start with a topic which you are interested and keep adding keywords as you search. Finally you will get a high paying long tail keyword.

Use the keyword generator tool

Finding Most Expensive Keywords in Ad sense is Easy

Most people want to know which are the most high paying and expensive keywords in ad sense. The answer is too simple. Here are the ten High Paying Google AdSense Keywords. The article on WordStream explains them.
  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
Most of these keywords pays from $27.80 to a whooping $54.91 per click. Two clicks from these keywords and you are looking at a pay check from Ad sense. It is that easy. I call these keywords are DREAM KEYWORDS.

Dream Keywords: highest cost per click (CPC) keywords

find high cpc keywords for youtube videos

As dreamy as it sound, you can just keep on dreaming on ranking on these dreamy keywords. All those SEO masters and SEO companies are working for them and their clients to get ranked on these keywords.

If you have seen the movie war dogs and dialogues of David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, This is the biggest pie. Everyone is competing against for these big pies. And small and medium bloggers should go for the pie chunks which are called the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords. It may take sometime to digest. it took me a while also.

LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords - the long tail low competitive high traffic keywords

I know it does not look fancy but what to do. This is the best I can do. Try saying it fast for 5 times. You can use it as a tongue twister. Does't it feel classy.

What are these LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The long tail low competitive high traffic keywords can bring you enough visitors and revenue.

Let's explore them. Shall We?

Let us take a keyword called "hosting".

A long tail Keyword will be like "Hosting Small Website" with three words together.

You can find enough long Tail keywords that has less competition and high traffic using Adwords keyword planner tool that I shared above. Remember as this is not just about writing a random post. People do have domain names and websites especially dedicated such long tail High Paying Google AdSense Keywords and they may end up ranking more than your posts.

Grouping poss with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords

The best way you can rank in Google using LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords is by grouping posts with such keywords. You can write ten little posts with LoTaloCoHiTra Keywords and then write a corner post [a big post] adding these posts as internal links. This will increase page authority and boost your ranking.

Why You Should Not Focus Too much on Keywords but on Content

The content is king. Changing Google algorithm updates can do harm if your content is good. Another important part is that bloggers should focus on building an audience in these days rather than merely focusing SEO and website optimization.

Instead of selecting high paying keyword, bloggers should take high paying niches. High paying niche means make a small website about reviews of shared wordpress hosting only. This includes the high paying keyword "hosting" and it will have good long term returns.

Discovering High Paying Google AdSense Keywords is only the first task when it comes to higher earnings. Creating a good website and writing good quality content is always long lasting.

9. Identifying Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

You will get High Paying Google AdSense Keywords using the above keyword searching tools. After obtaining them, you need to see the target group for which you want to write. You can check Google Analytics to find the type of audience that are visiting your website.

Google Analytics - Audience - Overview.

Google Adsense high CPC Targeted Niche Keywords Google Analytics

Here you can see the age bar graph and gender pie chart of the visitors of my client's website. 74.6% of the visitors are male and more visitors are of aged between 18-34. The keywords should match the target group of the website. Otherwise it will not bring organic traffic from search engines and higher earnings from Ad sense. You can read an interesting case study here.

Case Study

The client selected a high paying dream keyword "insurance" and started a website on "insurance policies". Later we decided to go with long tail keyword " retirement insurance policy". Long tail keywords can bring more targeted traffic and create a specific audience.

The above website had a post titled "how to get a retirement insurance policy" and the traffic was really lower than expected. This was basically because the audience he was catering to [unknowingly] was aged more than 65 years. After researching we decided to cater to a different target group of aged 25-34 and changed the post title and content to "Why Millennials need retirement insurance policy". This boosted the traffic to the post and he got 67% more visitors than before.

High paying targeted niche keyword and valuable content can generate value for your website and bring your higher earnings. This the best way to create an audience for your blog. Instead of creating an MFA [made for ad sense] you can reach out more specific target group and generate incredible higher earnings with ad sense ads. Adsense keyword research is an investment to create an impressive high quality website and authority content.

You can use keywords in YouTube as well. This list is useful if you are searching for high cpc keywords 2017 or high cpc keywords for youtube 2016. You can use this list as per your choice to find high cpc keywords for youtube 2017.

Read my latest post: 15 Ways To Compete for the Same Keyword In Low Paying Niche

November 13, 2017

15 Paid Fellowship Programs In India That You Must Not Miss

Are you searching for paid Fellowship Programs in India For Youth, teach for India Fellowship– Teach For India Teach for All, legislative assistants to members of parliament (lamp) fellowship, william j clinton fellowship and fellowships in india for youth. Here is an updated list of fellowship programs in india 2017, grassroutes fellowship and youth for india fellowship. This awesome list of 15 paid fellowships in india are available for Indian youth.

Do you have the passion to understand the ubiquitous realities of India? Do you want to feel connected to the rural and urban India and do something to make it better? Do you want to be the change agent?

The following list will give you only the best and the most rigorous and enriching fellowship programs for the youth, in India. These are best Paid Fellowships Programs in India that will give you experience of your life.

  1. India Fellow
  2. Youth for India
  3. Young India Fellowship
  4. Teach For India
  5. Full Bright fellowship
  6. Villgro Fellows
  7. Ashoka Fellowship
  8. Tata Motors Fellowship
  9. Gandhi Fellowship
  10. Azim Premji Foundation
  11. Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows Scheme
  12. LAMP Fellowship: Legislative Assistant to Member of Parliament
  13. william j clinton fellowship
  14. IIHS Urban Fellowship Program
  15. Chief Minister’s Good Governance Fellowship

Lets start then.

1. India Fellow Fellowship: Paid Fellowship Program in India

India Fellow Fellowship: Paid Fellowship Program in India
Can you spot me? Credit: India Fellow. 
I was an India Fellow of the year 2015-16. I am keen to join the program in July 14. India Fellow is a One year-long leadership program that makes you become socially conscious leaders of tomorrow. This is a Fellowship for students from India.

The team consist of Rahul Nainwal, the founder India Fellow program, Anupama Pain, co-founder with Manali Shah and Anvesh Tirukovalluru. Application process starts in April of every year. Starting from the 2016 cohort, 5 fellows will be able to work as“Ideosync UNESCO India Fellow (IUIF).

Duration - 1 year
Paid - Yes [15K for Urban and 12K for Rural]
Application process starts at - December
Source: India Fellow Website. Visit India Fellow website for more information.

2. Youth for India Fellowship by State Bank of India

Youth for India Fellowship by State Bank of India
youth for India Fellowship SBi Your view of the world

Youth for India is a fellowship program that enables young graduates to work on rural development projects with experienced NGOs. The fellowship is supported by State Bank of India (SBI). You will have opportunity in working in any of 35 locations across 10 states of the country.

The applicants will have to be Young Professionals or Fresh Graduates with an Age between 21-32 (as on date of commencement of the program). Two of my friends are doing their fellowships here and they are posted in Kuppam, AP. The fellowship is focused in 12 program areas and is diverse.

Duration - 1 year
Paid - Yes [15K]
Application process starts at - June
Source: Youth for India Website.

3. Young India Fellowship by Asoka University

Young India Fellowship by Asoka University

I was a campus leader for the Young India Fellowship for the year 2014-15. It is a one- year residential post-graduate program to develop committed change agents for India. The average cost of the program per Fellow is INR 6 lakhs with an additional INR 75,000 as food cost.

Each Fellow is sponsored fully or partially by a sponsor. Students who are in the final year of their undergraduate and postgraduate degree can also apply for the fellowship. One of my friends completed this fellowship and commented that the exposure she got is significant.

Duration - 1 year
Paid - No [Fees are covered under sponsorship]
Application process starts at - September
Source: Young India Fellowship website

4. Teach For India Teach for All Fellowship Program

Teach For India Teach for All Fellowship Program
Apply to Teach for India Fellowship 2018

Teach for India is a 2 year paid program and fellows will be provided an opportunity to work in under resourced and low income rural schools in India. The program has more than six hundred alumni, nine hundred fellows in 7 cities and has taught over 27 thousand children.

Fellows will be posted as school coordinator or teacher with the responsibilities of working as a full time  teacher of English, Math, Science and Social Science, designing and managing systems and procedures to maximize school-site and training, to improve efficiency of teaching in schools and to track and analyze school-site student data to help optimize  effectiveness.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes [17K]
Application process starts at - Register using interest form
Source: Teach For India Fellowship Web Site

5. Full Bright fellowship program in Indian Youth

ull Bright fellowship program in Indian Youth
Full Bright 

Full Bright and Rhodes Scholarship, Fellowships for Indian students are very prestigious. The United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF) provides Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships,Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship, Other Fulbright Fellowships, Non Fulbright Fellowships and other Fulbright Fellowships for Indian students, researchers and teachers. These fellowships are a good opportunity for Social Work Post Graduates [MSW] in India to study abroad. 

The fellowships are mainly in three categories:
  1. Student Awards to pursue a master's degree or attend a U.S. University as a visiting student researcher,
  2. Scholars and Teacher Awards for academics, teachers and professionals to teach or conduct research in the U.S., and
  3. Professional Development Programs for leadership and skill development.
Duration - As per the course selected
Paid - Full paid
Application process starts at - Know more in FAQ section

6. Villgro Fellows Program updated

Villgro Fellows Program updated
Villgro Fellowships

Villgro Fellowships will provide to work with startups in various fields and have access to premier social enterprise conferences that are happening in India. The fellow is expected to create Key Result Areas (KRAs) after two months of fellowship where they will evaluated under this. This is a chance to work in social enterprise sector and have an immerse experience. Fellows share their experiences in Fellowship Diaries.

Eligibility: Work experience of at least three years in one or more of these functional areas: business development, sales, operations, finance, product design, marketing.

Duration - 12 Months
Paid - A stipend of Rs. 25000rs. It has mentioned in the FAQ section as a stipend it will  cover reasonable monthly living costs for the duration of the year- long program. 
Application process starts at - March

7. Ashoka Fellowship in India 2017

Ashoka Fellowship in India in india 2017
Ashoka Fellowships

Ashoka is a global program for making social innovators and entrepreneurs over 65 countries. Visit Ashoks Fellowship website for more information. 

Duration - 3 year
Paid - Living stipend for an average of three years
Application process starts at - Register using interest form.

8. Tata Motors Fellowship for TISS Students

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of Tata Motors Limited
TISS Fellowship

The Tata Motors Fellowship is offered to the students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. The candidates have to send a proposal which will be reviewed. Then face to face interview with a panel of 4 members. Generally two fellows are selected. The fellows will work in Tata Motors CSR areas.

Five fellowships are awarded to the social work graduates of TISS for a period of two years. The objective is to create an interface between academia and industry by supporting social development programs.

Tata Motors Fellowship for TISS Students
TISS Fellows
The fellowship began in June 2015 with two projects being awarded in the field of affirmative action. One of the fellows is working in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh on improving the secondary educational status of students from Musahar community. The other fellow is making efforts to increase the retention rate of tribal students caught amidst the conflict in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh.
Tata Motors Fellowship
TISS Fellows 2
Two more fellowships have been awarded in subsequent months.

The fellows contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of Tata Motors Limited at Sanand (Gujarat) and Jamshedpur (Jharkhand). They work closely with CSR teams in order to develop, monitor and implement the field action programs of the company.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes [25K + 5K for TA and DA]

Application process starts at - Through Central Placement Cell of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

9. Gandhi Fellowship - Youth Leadership Program in India

Gandhi Fellowship - Youth Leadership Program in India
Gandhi Fellowship - Youth Leadership Program

The Gandhi Fellowship Program is a Fellowship program for talented youngsters from India's top colleges. The fellows in India will be posted in rural Government Schools and have to assist teachers and headmasters and headmistresses of 5 schools per fellow. One of the Gandhi fellows is posted in Rajastan with Educate girls.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes [14K] [7K will be given each month with free accommodation. The other 7K per month will be cumulatively added and paid back at the end of first year if you leave the fellowship or the second year.]

Application process starts at - Through website

10. Azim Premji Foundation Teach for All Fellowship Program

Azim Premji Foundation Teach for All Fellowship Program
Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship

Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship Program is a 2 year program offered to post graduates or professionals who have 3 - 10 years of experience. The fellows will be posted in Government Rural schools in India. You can go to the FAQ section of the fellowship and know every detail. There is an induction training program if you get selected after online test and interview. The induction training will be conducted in the initial 2 weeks in Bengaluru.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes [27K] [Provident Fund, Medical-Life- Personal Accident Insurance benefits are in addition]

FUTURE: After the completion of the Fellowship Program, the fellows will be posted as employees in the foundation.

Application process starts at - Through website

11. Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows Scheme India

Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows Scheme India
Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows Scheme
PMRD Fellowships are India's one of the best fellowship program that offer more than 75K as stipend. This fellowship program is offered by  the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India (GoI) to to facilitate convergence of and improving access to welfare and development programs for people in conflict- affected, backward and isolated areas in India. The fellows will be able to work at grass root level with the community. 

Essential criteria:-
Age between 22-27 years at the time of application. For candidates belonging to SC/ST category, the maximum age limit will be 32 years.
At least a graduate from a recognized university/institute
At least 50% marks in the aggregate or equivalent grade at the graduate or postgraduate level, whichever is qualifying.

Duration - 2 year
Paid - Yes. The Fellows shall be entitled to a consolidated stipend package of Rs.50,000
(Rupees Fifty thousand only) per month during the orientation period.  Rs.75,000 per
Month (Rupees Seventy Five Thousand only) during the first year and a 10% increment
during the second year.
Application process starts: November

12. legislative assistants to members of parliament (lamp) fellowship

The Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship is an  opportunity for youngsters to work with Members of Parliament for full time from the beginning of the Monsoon session to the end of the Budget session. Fellows will be trained in policy-making, drafting questions for MPs, basic parliamentary and legal frameworks, parliamentary procedures, information sources and research tools.

Duration: 11 Months 
Place of posting: Delhi
Eligibility: Bachelor's degree
Stipend: Rs 17,000 per month, with an additional amount of Rs 3,000 per month to cover any expenses incurred (such as local conveyance, telephone calls, internet charges etc).

Website: Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship

13. william j clinton fellowship in India

william j clinton fellowship in India
William J Clinton Fellowship For Service in India

THE AMERICAN INDIA FOUNDATION offers William J Clinton Fellowship to young Indians. They are funded by many corporations and foundations Adobe Foundation, American Express, Applied Materials Foundation, Citi Foundation, Dell, The Hans Foundation, Human Dignity Foundation, ICICI, John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Oracle and SanDisk. 

The fellows will be working with leading NGOs and social enterprises in India in order to create 
Scalable, and sustainable projects and effectively address multiple social issues. Know more on this in the FAQ section. You can subscribe in the William J Clinton Fellowship website for getting updates about this. 

Eligibility:• Be a citizen / permanent resident of the United States or citizen of India
• Be between the ages of 21 and 34 on September 1, 2016
• Complete an undergraduate degree prior to September 1, 2016

Duration: Ten months

Stipend: Yes. Provides domestic travel from their hometowns in India, insurance coverage, rent, utilities, transportation to and from work, language classes, personal expenses, and food.

Application process starts at - First week of April through the website.

14. The IIHS Urban Fellowship Program in india for youth

The IIHS Urban Fellowship Program in india for youth
The IIHS urban fellowships
The IIHS urban fellowships are a new fellowship program supported by the H T Parekh foundation by HDFC. It is fully-funded, full-time, interdisciplinary fellowship program. The program structure includes 7 elements which are The Commons, The Elective Courses, The Internship, Applied Practica, Skill Labs, Immersion Trips, and Master Classes.

The selected fellows will have to deposit Rs 20,000 which will be refunded after the program finishes.

Stipend: Rs 10,000 per month. Accommodation is provided.

Eligibility:    Candidates with a Bachelors Degree in any subject or discipline, including the social sciences, planning, architecture, journalism, law, media and the arts.
   Candidates who have non-degree training and have undertaken certification programs after their 10+2 schooling.
   Candidates who do not have formal education after their 10+2, but have experience of formal or informal work in urban sectors.

Duration: 9 months

Place of posting: IIHS Bangalore City Campus.

Website: IIHS Urban Fellows Programme: Home

15. Chief Minister’s Good Governance Fellowship Program, Chhattisgarh, India

Chief Minister’s Good Governance Fellowship Program is a 2 year program for managerial professionals to execute projects in government domain and gain experience to advance as managers of excellence. CMGGF program will start from 2nd Oct 2017 and the program is for 2 years. Fellows are expected to remain committed to the program for the entire duration.

Stipend: INR 1,00,000 to 2,50,000

Duration: 2 Years

Location: Chhattisgarh

Eligibility: You must have completed your undergraduate degree and have five year of full- time work experience OR have a postgraduate degree or diploma in any discipline and have three year of full- time work experience.

Website: The Chief Minister Good Governance Fellowship

Other similar Fellowships:

2. Shikshantar's Hacking the Education System Fellowship

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