August 16, 2018

How to use Linkedin sales navigator

Everybody knows that Linkedin is a rather social platform for employment-oriented communication. It gives an opportunity for professionals to contact with their clients and customers. Having such a tool as Linkedin sales navigator, sales specialists establish valuable connections with their customers and look for bigger profits.

How to use Linkedin sales navigator with filters

Linkedin Sales navigator Website gives a nice opportunity to search for people who are engaged in the sphere of sales and filter them accordingly. All you need to do is to set your "buyer profile" an use search filters to concentrate on those customers or businesses you want to work with. Due to a vast set of filters, you may even look for the business that is using a certain technology such as Salesforce or Taleo.

How to use Linkedin sales navigator

Boolean search

Start from Boolean search (key words with modifiers) using different filters to shorten the list of results of key customers. After finding a target person, you may also check the other important people in that business with the help of contact tools.

The tool suggests best algorithm according to the search request. Remember to track and tag your search activity so that you could analyze your results. Use template if it is necessary to interact with a large list of contacts.

Finding the ideal buyer

Finding the ideal buyer does not mean that you will necessarily succeed in selling. Never push your service or product upon the person. First of all, try to establish a trustful relationship showing your personal not commercial interest.

Spamming your potential customers is the worst idea ever. You need to use Linkedin Sales Navigator tools to analyze your customers' preferences and interests to create a individual buyer-orientated message.

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a paid service that allows you to get an access to sales relative data promising a huge marketing potential.

August 15, 2018

How to do international reverse email lookup

Reverse email lookup is an amazing method to lookup anyone email addresses. Whether you need to find a new friend contact details or unknown caller id, the reverse email lookup is a useful way to achieve your goal. Being an ordinary web user, you have hardly heard about such a thing as a reverse email lookup.

Need to contact somebody from abroad, but lost their contact info? Not a big deal. These days it has become available to trace the identity of online user having their email address. It works to identify the owner of a certain email address. You may conduct it without the help of special tools but using free services including Google and Facebook.

international reverse email lookup

Start international reverse email lookup with Facebook

It is highly probable that an email owner has a Facebook profile. Thus, you cannot ignore a possibility to find him there first. In Facebook, you can look through the public profiles and user database based on the email address. Just enter the address in a search box and it will immediately show whether a necessary profile is in the database or not.

Google images tricks

After conducting a Facebook search, you can download a user's profile picture in order to use it in Google images search. When uploading the picture there, you make Google look for other social profiles that host the same picture. This reverse email lookup helps to verify somebody's identity.

Trace Mail

The tool is designed to help you find the owner of the email address using their IP. It tracks the source of the email and gathers all available contact information.

When tracking suspicious email address and trying ti find the owner, remember that the disclosure of personal data is not frowned upon in our country. Thus, do not get into trap paying for user's database and violating the law.

August 14, 2018

5 Powerful Email Lookup Tools

Here are some awesome Email Lookup Tools for finding anyone from social networks. You may try to to google up somebody’s full name along with the word “email”, but you are likely to fail as email addresses are usually protected. Do not get upset as we have a list of reliable and powerful email lookup tools. Scroll down!

Sometimes social media platforms as Facebook or linked in are not the best option to contact somebody for the first time, especially if it is necessary to make a formal inquiry. You can choose these powerful tools to do look ups for email address.

Voila Norbert Email Lookup Tools.

This super easy-to-use email lookup tool gives you an opportunity to find a certain user by a company domain even at free platforms such as Gmail. You may also insert first and last names of the person you are looking for. However, they only give you fifty free searches.

Email Lookup Tools


It proves to be the best of email lookup tools for finding somebody’s company email address. You enter a company domain name and look the results list to choose what you need. There, you may also verify the address to make sure the your message will be delivered.

Anymail Finder

This tool is not much different from the previous ones. You can even find somebody without signing up but entering any name and a domain to search for an email address. Unfortunately, you can make only twenty free requests with this tool with free email look up.


Use this Google extension to look up somebody’s email who has a Linkedin profile. Basically, it is a complementary email look up tool, which comes in hand when you are looking for somebody you really know (and you are sure they have Gmail domain).


With the help of this email lookup tool you may find and verify email addresses asking only for first and last name and a domain name. It may find the right address even if you do not know the domain name. However, this tool has no free trials.  

August 6, 2018

Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address

What if I introduce to a Chrome extension that let you find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address. In the new internet age, people are searching more often to get the social media profiles of others than postal addresses. Here is an awesome way to find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address using many contacts Chrome Extension.

How does ManyContacts Chrome Extension let you Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address

ManyContacts Chrome Extension comes with Email Qualifier algorithm and it will search social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo with the given email address. The email address is automatically fetched from your gmail.

Manycontacts is an awesome extension like reverse email lookup websites. It will also find hidden profiles in social media if the person has used the same email address to create an account. It is important that the email address that we give to manycontacts are relevant. The extension will only search the exact email address and may not check the validity of the email address.

You may need to check the validity of the email address first and then use Manycontacts chrome extension to Find Someone's Social Media Profiles. This chrome extension has a good user interface that shows icons of social networks near to the email Id of the person. This extension just not find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address. It does more than that.Do check it out.

Find Someone's Social Media Profiles With Their Email Address in Excel sheet

Make an excel sheet with all the email addresses online. You can use Google online excel application for that. To access this, just visit from here.

Add all email addresses in columns one by one. Then install ManyContacts Chrome Extension. Then give necessary permission to run the code. Once that is done, Check the ManyContacts icon on the top right of your Chrome browser. The icon will display the number of email addresses found on the page and it shows all their Social Media Profile. Now how easy is that!!!

Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address

You can Find Someone's Social Media Profile With Their Email Address of anyone using this method. Social media profiles created using Fake email addresses can only be found using this method.

August 1, 2018

How to Use Twitter for Business to Sell Products

Twitter is growing everyday. It is time for businesses to use Twitter for good. I will show you how to use twitter for business. You can reach to unlimited international customers using this direct contact method. The amount of potential customers that you reach out with this method is unlimited. Here is how to use twitter for business.

How to use twitter for business to get customer list

You should have a product "neck pillow" and a website.
Login to Twitter Account.
Go to search option.
Type "buy neck pillow" without quotes.
You will get a list of twitter accounts - potential customers who wrote "i want to buy a neck pillow" or "buy a neck pillow" etc.

How to Use Twitter for Business

How to Get Sales using Twitter

Select their profile picture or name to get the twitter ID. Twitter id starts with @ like @shipmethis.
Copy that and select Message option.
Paste the twitter ID and select Next.
Type "We have just added an amazing anti stress neck pillow to our store. You will love it. Check it out!". Then add the URL to the shop page and some smileys after that.
Select Send.

Repeat this exercise to maximum people and see the response. You will get free traffic + some sales like this without spending any money.

Check out the video that i made on how to use twitter for business.

Do subscribe to my youtube channel and share this post if you like this tutorial on How to Use Twitter for Business to Sell Products.

July 31, 2018

How to Make mailchimp import csv template

I wanted to add bulk email addresses to mail chimp in wordpress. I could not figure out how to make the mailchimp import csv template and upload in the website. After some researching I found out the easiest method on making mailchimp import csv template and uploading it in the website of mailchimp.

How to make mailchimp import csv template

Go to Excel.
In the first column, type First Name
In the second column, type Last Name
In the third column, type Email Address

Then fill the column with bulk email ids and names. Make sure you are filling first names of subscribers under first name column and email addresses under Email Address column.

Fill all the columns and do not put blank in the cells. If you do not have last name, put any initials.

Once data is entered, select File, Save As, Save as Type and select CSV [Comma Delimited] [*csv]. Then select Save. Now your file is saved as csv file type.

How to import mailchimp import csv template

Go to mailchimp website
Sign in with your username and password.
Select Get My Contacts to Mailchimp.

mailchimp import csv template

Then you will get a page with a heading "Where do you want to import contacts from?" and three options.

Select CSV or Tab Limited Text file. Click Next on the bottom of the page.
Select Browse and select the excel csv file that we saved.
Once done, select First Name, click save, Select Last name, click Save and select email address and click save. Select Next to add all the email ids to the system.

You have successfully made a mailchimp import csv template and imported all the bulk email Ids.

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