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Review to Buy Services from Freelancers is online platform for freelancers and employers to meet to work on projects. Freelancer is a job portal for freelancers where companies can post jobs and numerous freelancers will bid for the project. Then you select one freelancer suitable for the jobs and start working on the project. Here is Review 2017 on

Pros of

1. Option to select a Freelancer from a lot

When you post a job, many freelancers will bid a rate for it. Freelancer will show you the average bid rate and you can filter out freelancers who offered low bid and check their profiles to know whether they are good at what they do.

2. Check Rating of Freelancer

You can check the ratings of freelancers by other buyers and find out the whether are good or not.

3. Chat option with Freelancers offers chat option to to chat with freelancers and know more about the service they are offering.

Cons of

1. High Charges For Essential Services

Processing Fee: Freelancer charge Rs 40 for processing fee. So if you are an employer and looking for posting a job, they will charge you Rs 40 as processing fee.
Project Deletion Fee: In order to deletea project you will be charged a project fee of $5 USD or 250 INR.

free transaction details

Service Fee:For fixed price projects, a fee of 3% or 150.00 INR (whichever is greater) is levied. If you subsequently pay the freelancer more than the original bid amount we will also charge the project fee on any overage payments. For hourly projects, a fee of 3% is levied on each payment.

2. High Charges For Upgrades

Success Bundle Fee: Recruitment Service, urgent posting, featured for INR2607.00

Recruitment Service Fee: Freelancer claims 250% Higher Success Rate with their hands-on recruitment service where recruiters personally review your proposals, saving you time vetting freelancers for INR 2172.50.
Urgent Fee: To mark your project as urgent.668.80 Rs.

Featured Fee:I want my project to be listed as a featured project. 2153.80 Rs.

Private Fee: If you want to hide your project listing, pay a fee INR 1411.30.

NDA Fee: If you want to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with Freelancer, pay2172.50 Rs.

Sealed fee: If you want all bids to be sealed 668.80 Rs.

Full time fee:This project is for hiring a full time or commission-based position 14777.40 Rs.

IP Agreement Fee: Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement (New Upgrade) 2172.50 Rs.

3. Very Bad Customer Care

The customer care do not care whether you are an employer or a freelancer. They do not have a culture of supporting the person not the query. Thankfully they do not charge for customer service. They will keep you waiting for long time while you are having a conversation. This was one the worst experiences.

Chat With Customer Care

00:33 Please wait and one of our Customer Support Agents will be with you shortly.
00:38 Benny S.: Hi, this is Benny. Welcome to Support Desk.
00:38 You are now chatting with Benny S. (CX Specialist – Live Chat Support). Let us know if our
Customer Support Agent assisted you well by answering the survey at the end of the chat.
00:38 Benny S.: Hi,
00:40 Employer: What is this Date Transaction Invoice Amount Balance 22 Aug 2017 18:48 Project deletion feetaken (SEO my Website ) (INR) -250.00 250.00
00:42 Benny S.: Since you deleted a project you were charged a project fee of $5 USD or 250 INR.
00:42 Employer: haha. So basically i cannot delete a project once posted
00:43 Employer: If I delete, i will be charged. Thats what you are saying?
00:43 Benny S.: Yes, that is correct.
00:43 Benny S.: If you do not want to pay a fee, your other option is to close or cancel the project.
00:44 Employer: What is the difference between closing and deleting
00:46 Akhil: Are you there?
00:47 Benny S.: Deleted projects are not searchable on search engines.
00:48 Benny S.: Deleted projects can not be accessed by the employer or freelancer.
00:48 Benny S.: Deleted projects can not be reactivated anymore.
00:49 Employer: so does it matter for a employer. I did not get any warning on charging money before deletingthe account.
00:49 Benny S.: Closing or canceling the project will just end it, but it will still be searchable on searchengines like Google.
00:50 Benny S.: If the employer does not want their project to be searchable or seen, they can delete it.
00:50 Employer: I understand. I can read english. You answer my question
00:50 Employer: I did not get warning on charging such a fee.
00:52 Benny S.: When you select Delete, a pop up message will appear informing the user that they will be charged 250 INR if they proceed with the deletion.
00:53 Employer: This is the message “Delete your project now for 250.00 INR ?”
00:56 Benny S.: Yes, that is the message that informs you you will be charged 250 INR if you proceed with the deletion of the project.
00:57 Employer: Really. How does that even qualify as a warning?
00:57 Benny S.: Thank you for waiting.
00:57 Employer: it is just a pop up and hard to even see
00:57 Employer: Can i get refund and restore the project if needed
00:59 Benny S.: Once deleted, the project can not be restored anymore.
00:59 Benny S.: Deletion fees are nonrefundable since the project has already been deleted.
01:01 Employer: Are you there?
01:01 Employer:: What kind of Customer Care executive are you?
01:01 Employer:Making me wait so much?
01:02 Benny S.: We can not refund the deletion fee.
01:02 Employer: I want to talk to your manager
01:02 Employer: is that possible
He did not respond for long and I disconnected the call ending the frustrated conversation.

4. Faulty Refund System

If you have deposited funds, you may have it refunded by sending freelancer a refund request through Ticket or email.You can send the refund request to support[at] received, it will be forwarded to higher department.Please note that deposited funds are subject for refunds and earned funds are subject to withdrawals. Project deletion fee is non refundable.

balance deducted in freelancer
balance deducted before i can blink

5. Low Quality Freelancers

Mostly the freelancer are of low quality and many phishing scams are done by them. Many employers receive spam emails from them asking for account details and money. Freelancers without experience fill your project with low quality bids and provide fake reports. Some of them take the project and outsource to others.


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