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5 Best Ways to Find Someone’s Address From License Plate

This question has been on the internet for years, so obviously, it’s a topic people are curious about. The answer is- yes. You can find someone’s address from their license plate. However, the process is not entirely simple.

There are many cases where you might feel the need to find the address details of a person. Whatever your reason may be, you can do it by contacting the authorities in your state or visiting the websites of DMV authorities.

5 Best methods to find someone’s address from license plate

Here are a few methods which you can apply to find the address of a person from their license plate:

1.    Request Formally With Authorities

One of the best options is to request with local authorities in your area. Requesting such information from the Department of Vehicle Information varies across different states. You can prepare a complete form requesting such information formally from concerned authorities. Then, you can either contact the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) in your state or visit the page.

2.    Search With Online Database

Many websites provide information on license plates, vehicle owner details, and other related facts. You just need to search the internet with keywords like “find car owner by license plate” or “address by the license plate.” These sites will help you find who owns a particular car and his/her address. You just need to fill in all the relevant information, like the first three letters of their last name and car number. Websites like these are very helpful when finding someone’s address.

3.    Online Directory

Apart from all these, you can also visit websites offering details of many people, including car owners to find someone’s address from license plate. They use different methods to find the info of a person from their name and other details. In the majority of the cases, they use a white page listing to search for a person’s address online by just typing in their name or license plate number. So start searching online to find more information about how they collect such information and its use.

4.    Contact The Department Of Motor Vehicles

There are a lot of websites that provide details of the DMV authorities in your state. You just need to search your state and then enter the correct information to find the address of a vehicular owner. If the offer of concerned authorities is located nearby, then you can always visit the to get such information.  

5.    Install Search Applications

Apart from finding car owners’ addresses through license plates, you also can search through an application. You need to install these applications on your device and start running searches for license plates. You can get information like the owner’s name, state of registration, and in some cases, addresses.

These apps will show you your current location with any potential nearby addresses (or just put in any address). Before you get your hopes up, it is important to note the limitations of the address search process. The state DMV only provides such information when a specific request has been made through an official form. You can get some basic information using these online websites, but you need to contact the authorities to get more information to find someone’s address from license plate.