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A lot of marketing revolves around B2C — but none quite like dating websites. The dating industry is a unique and interesting subject, with many failing to reap the benefits of a blog.
If you’re considering making a blog, looking for new ways to market or are new to the dating industry, we’ve compiled a list of all the reasons why you should make a blog.

1. Blog of an online dating website be must-read material 

Yes, dating websites are viral, they always have been and always will be. The subject of dating is also super, super exciting. Anything from attraction, dating stories, sex, and marriage is always an absolute hit online.

Tinder and AdultFriendFinder are common and popular online dating websites with apps and websites. They also publish stories of people whom have met and started relationship. As humans, we are not only searching for love, but we love hearing other people’s stories. Yes, it sometimes might be entertaining for the wrong reasons, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Take the example of the famous online dating website  Plenty of Fish blog, as an example. Their articles feature tips on how to find love, get over a breakup and even the science behind being friends with benefits. This is content that people want (and need) to read.

Your blog will become an instant hit, especially with witty, raw and interesting posts. Just give it a try.

2. Dating Website > Blog > Social Media > Marketing

Content marketing — so much more than a buzzword. It’s a real, tried and tested marketing technique that really works. It combines great with social media marketing, too.

zoosk online dating website

Sometimes it’s hard to keep thinking of things to post, and a blog will help things move you along. For example, generic posts like “have you read our blog yet” can fill in some gaps, where others can be much more specific; “what to do if you think he’s cheating.”

These blog posts can also spark a conversation online; especially if you have something quite shocking to share. and Zoosk online dating websites are good at content marketing.

2. A blog really humanizes a brand

As a dating website, you want to come across as a friend, somebody who wants to help. A blog can give you a voice that will detach you from that business point of view.

Of course, you can make the blog as personal or generic as you like. Don’t feel like you have to share all your dating horror stories if you don’t want to.

With a dating blog, your tone should be kept conversational and chatty — like two friends catching up over coffee. Your advice on relationships and breakups will be heavily welcomed, and give your users greater reason to trust you.

Dating is a very personal, humbling experience. Grindr for gay men and Bristlr an app for bearded singles are an example of it. You want your readers and clients to feel like they can trust you. A blog is a really great way to do it.

3. It will give you more plausibility 

You have a blog — this must mean that you know exactly what you’re talking about, right?

Regularly posting advice, dating stories and incredible results will set you as an expert in your field. Meaning, all those looking for love will come and stay with your dating website.

Importantly, when it comes to dating, people like seeing a bit of resignation. Readers won’t want to see posts about people who found their true love in school, they want the good the bad, and the ugly.
Give them a range of love stories, marriage proposals, and drinks being thrown and bad breakups.

They want it all. Don`t forget to let them know that you understand the dating struggle. Apps like Bumble and OkCupid have profile sections were people can understand the struggles.

4.  It helps with your SEO

At the end of the day, you’re an online business, and you’ll need to make sure your website is optimized.

Having rich, well-written, relevant and continuous content on your website will ensure that your dating website remains at the top of the search engine. Hinge and eHarmony online dating websites do well SEO marketing.

Google favors websites that have strong, consistent content, a blog really is the best way to do this, especially when done by a professional. There are now many sites that host online editing services reviews, where you could find a niche writer or editor to adjust your text to the current SEO writing standards.

Don’t forget to research into keywords and backlinks. Yes, blogs are wonderful and have great potential to improve your SEO, but only if you utilize them in the best way possible.

A blog is also the best time to practice you headline creating techniques. Things like “How to get over a breakup” and “Things not to do on a first date” are highly searched questions, make your dating website be at the top.

5. Blog actually benefit people

Let’s be honest, none of us really know what we’re doing in the world of dating. It’s likely that you set up this dating website, to help people along with the process. Helping people meet somebody, and feel great about themselves.

relationship advice online blog dating website

Well, blogs can do just that. Offering advice, relatable stories, and dream narratives will help people to remain positive, even when they really did not feel like it. Online dating websites like Tastebuds and OurTime benefit people very much.

This is one of the best reasons we could give — set up a blog to help people, in the best way possible.

6. You can target new people

Let’s create a hypothetical situation:  A quick google about how to find somebody to date and a new user has stumbled across your website. They’ve read your hints and tips right to the end, where you’ve created a call to action — “we can help you find the one, click here.” No doubt, they click the link and join your dating website. Sometimes it really is that easy.

You can use opt-in plugins, creative internal links throughout your blogs, or inventive visuals. However, you do it, your blog is a great stepping stone for you to gain new users. Bumble and EliteSingles always looks to get new users for their online dating websites.

7. You can help create/improve your brand

Every dating website usually has its own little niche. Whether its professionals, relationship hunting, dating, etc, your dating website will likely have its own little quirk.

You can really showcase this quick with your own voice. For instance, if your targeting professionals, your blog posts could revolve around the perfect job matches or how to work and date. The League and Hater run interesting campaigns to improve brand presence.

Conversely, if your dating website revolves around something much more casual, your blog could just include dating stories, tips and advice, and plenty of fun little anecdotes.

8. Gives helpful insights into your audience

You might have analytics on your readers already, but a blog could add to this considerably. Blogs will provide you with information into popular topics, shares, comments, and click-throughs.

For dating websites, knowing the topics which your users are interested in could help your overall service. For example, if a lot of people are clicking on an article revolving around, say, “How to find someone with the same interests,” you can add a feature on their dating profiles which would make them list their interests.

Sometimes, you just need to think outside of the box. Happn and JDate/JSwipe websites in online dating website business try to provide insights to the audience.

9. It helps you to build relationships

We’re not necessarily talking about the romantic kind, either. We’re talking about a relationship with your users.

Take Zoosk for example, their blog actually takes questions that their community has asked, and turn them into content. You could easily do this.

Asking your followers to ask them some questions, which you later answer on your blog will make them feel heard.

Everybody appreciates a little bit of relationship advice here and there, and you are the experts in dating — offer out a helping hand.

10. It will open your mind too 

Yes, blogging has business benefits. It will drive in traffic, gain you more users and increase your reputation. However, it also has personal benefits, too.

Blogging will open your eyes to new topics, issues and the world. What are some of the challenges that people face in dating, today? Are people really making the most out of the internet and dating?
Opening your brain, researching into new topics and keeping yourself fresh will really give you an upper edge to competitors. You’ll be able to acknowledge issues and concerns, using your dating website to help.

The world around you can be very different for other people. Running a dating website is a little bit different to actually stepping outside and onto the dates yourself. How can you make your platform a stress-free, inclusive one?

11. It’s free PR

Journalists and news websites will often reach out to you, especially if you’re blogging and have an exciting story to tell.

If you start a series on your blog, contact the local news or journalists, and let them know all about it. It’s completely free and gives you free PR.

This is a great little tip for start-ups.


So, we hope you’re rushing right now to set up your very own dating blog. Remember, people want raw, funny and helpful topics — you should have a lot of fun doing it.

We hope this gave you more than enough reason to create your blog. Just try it out, share them around on social media and see what the outcomes are like. You may just be pleasantly surprised at how well people react to your story about the serial cheater.

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