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breaking the code of link building for websites after panda

Breaking the code of link building for websites after Panda 4.0

I have been reading quite a lot about techniques and tips for link building for websites in 2014 after the Panda 4.0 update. I wrote a blog about . I know so many self-called experts or so called gurus who get money for their tips for conducting SEO campaigns. These “professionals” give different tips and techniques that will confuse the blogger.
Nobody can find a good link building strategy except the webmaster of the blog. In one website, I read a post by some a blog guru writing about How to build back links to your website / blog in 2014 and he wrote some points about back link building in it, which I disagree with. I will write the points here and the reason why I disagree with it. This will help the blogger to decide whether this tip can be applied in the website for link building or not.

1. Bloggers can add general back links to their website even they are not related to the content of the website

The link building for SEO is unique for all the websites. Each website is unique and the back links must be similar to the content of the website. Running link building for a website really matters when there is competition with other similar websites. You can see that there are thousands and thousands of websites present in internet writing about “Tips for link building” and “link building SEO campaigns for websites” but there may be hundreds of websites that write about “link building campaigns for website after Panda 4.0”. So the tip relevant here is that choose the content carefully as well as the back links. Adding so many general back links create more link juice. However that may affect the reputation of the website and make it more Spam. So find back links that are high quality and have relevance to your website.

2. The secret to rank first on Google is building back links

I have seen this kind of statements all around blogs and websites that offer . I can assure you that back links are just a factor out of more than 200 factors which Google Algorithm consider to rank the website. This list includes author rank, relevance of content, originality, number of words, use of keywords, domain authority level and many more. So building back links is just a way to get attention from Google like saying “Hey dude, My post is here”. To rank first on Google, the website must satisfy all other factors.

3. To get high quality and relevant back links, write guest posts on reputable websites in your niche

This is also an utterly false statement. +Matt Cutts, in his blog said that the age of guest posting is over and if any blogger want to accept a guest post, then he must personally vouch for it. I have written a post about the future of . People just write some posts for getting a link in the author bio. So on reputable websites in your niche may not accept guest posts. If you are lucky enough, your post may be accepted.

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