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free online website webpage speed test tool from google yahoo

Free Online Website / webpage speed test tool from Google, Yahoo

My dear friends,

For an effective search engine optimization you need to have fast loading website with a fat content. most of the readers who subscribed me, later contact me to ask this question. Why my site is slower compared to other sites? What makes it so slow? So today i am sharing you an awesome Website speed test tool that is free and from the big G. The features of the tool are listed below. Just type your URL and click analyze.

 Page-speed Insights

 The name of the tool is Page-speed Insights – This tools gives you thorough analysis of your HTML codes, CSS codes, inline files, javascript codes and images. You will get desktop speed and also mobile speed- This option is very good considering the outcome.
Your site will get an overall Page Speed Score like mine, ship me this got an overall Page Speed Score of 96 (out of 100). This score is highly credible and you can see how your SEO score and ranking goes up if your site has a higher page speed.

It will give a number of suggestions to improve your site but it is up to you to select each and apply what is appropriate to the site. The insight is classified into high priority, medium priority and low priority. – High priority is hard to eradicate. So start with low priority. It have experimental rules and show what you are done to the site. 

The main errors will be elimination of render-blocking java-script. For this you have to remove the java-script or minimize it. You can also use asynchronously resources to load the script like Google Analytics has. You can use optimised CSS delivery for that, If you are new to coding and blogging, kindly do not try to do it. Other will be leverage browser caching. That is also a little bit hard to configure. 

You can access page speed insights by going to developer page.


Yahoo also gave a tool to check the speed of the website. It is called yslow. You can access yslow by going to developer page of yslow. only got D grade in yslow. This tool explains almost all the things a website need to change to create a fast website.



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