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Do Not Forget To Add Speed Reading Techniques To Website

It is common sense that readers leave the website if they find the content is difficult to read or content is in different language. It is proven that if the content is not reader friendly, readers leave fast and hence the bounce rate will increase. I have written a blog on reducing website / blog to Adjust Bounce Rate in Google Analytics. But what about the website?

Add a Translator Gadget to Blogger

Adding a translator gadget will make easy for visitors from other countries and engage with the post. You can use Google Translator or Microsoft Translator for this purpose. Check you Google Analytics for knowing the number of visitors from other countries. 

First Impression is the Best Impression

First thing first. The website should be looking great. It should have responsiveness to the browser, OS which the reader is using. My blog to make website look great on Mobile, iphone and other Browsers will help in this matter. As I said earlier one has to decrease bounce rate for the website using certain techniques.I have shared these techniques in my post: How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of My Website / Blog – 14 Amazing Ways.

Text Great South Indian Dish

First Impression is the Best Impression

Too Many Adds Spoil the Website

I have seen many websites that have tons of adds. Majorly from ad sense, info links, Chitika, CJ and other Pay Per Click Networks. This will make the reader leave the website fast. Using responsive ad sense adds and limiting number of adds will make the reader stay and read the content fast.

Make Website Fast

Lots of discussion is there in internet on making the website fast. But that is not easy. It takes enormous amount of patience to find each component that delay the speed of the website and rectify. Higher speed of the website will ensure better yield in reader counts. Check how much is the speed of the website and then look at each component. Majorly these will be scripts, frames, high resolution images, non-compressed images, etc. Some of the techniques to increase the website speed are using  Asynchronous Script, removing white space and using cache method.

Speed Reading Techniques

The article should be worth reading. Or readers leave as fast as rocket. Read about how to make article more worth readable.

Use translation services like Google Translate, Altavista, Microsoft translation, Yahoo Babelfish, Lycos etc. for more readability.

Adjust the structure of the post by breaking the content of the website to sub headings and minor headings. Also make them as small and comprehensible sentences.

Read the article before publishing and check the time. Try improving style, grammar, proper words to make the content more interesting and increase readability.

Take the below articles as an example

“today i am going to share with you some methods about how to write a post in hubpages.
Hubpages is a way to earn good money from adsense, ebay and amazon.
You need to write enough hubs called as hubbing to earn enough money.
First you need to have an account so for that sign up with hubpages, then sign in. There you will see you profile page like the one you are seeing in the screen. Then to start writing a hub click the start a hub button in the top.
Ok, now you got this.
Well, today i am sharing a poem with you called True Mind. So lets watch how how i do that?
First i am going to enter a title. The title should be attrctive, short and reader friendly. So you can see when i wrote the the title, i got so many suggestions from hubpages. Now i can select from any of these suggestions or i can start over.
now you see hub format tab. You select from any of the given format or just click basic article. By clicking continue you will be redirected to other page. You can see the working loads in the top.
Here you need to type a summary. Then text with a photo. thats it.
So to add photo either upload it or import it.
Now i published a nub. Thanks for reading. bye and have a good day”
How many will keep reading from first line to last line??? I WOULD SAY, NONE. Major reasons are uninteresting, crowded, boring information. 

“Funny question: Why a boy need a girl as a lover?
Well, you have been hearing a lot about love. I am just sharing some curious and funny i have been thinking a lot about this topic. Why a boy need a girl as a lover? What are the different possible positives of having a lover and negatives of of it. 
1. Someone to take care of the individual. All the individuals are need of care or acknowledgement of others. Even though the good statements are minimal, they make a person happy and enthusiastic.
2. For asking money and other things if in need. Usually boys ask for such things if they need it and usually they do not return it.
1. Girl usually threaten the boy that she will leave him”
How many will keep reading from first line to last line??? I would say, majority will. Reasons are interesting and good structure.

“Reservation whether the Indian Government should remove it
Reservation for Scheduled tribes (ST), scheduled castes (SC) and other backward castes (OBC) are debated across the country for a long time. The general class was against this and stated so many reasons for removing it.”

How many will keep reading from first line to last line??? I would say, minority will. Reasons are not so interesting and argumentative.

It would wise to understand the audience which the article in intending to serve and write accordingly. This will enhance the total beauty of the article and hence readability. 

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