May 31, 2014

How to reduce bounce rate of my website / blog - 14 amazing ways


Bounce rate is actually a predominant factor that determine the visitors behavior. For a professional blogger, it is really a roadblock for reach the goal. Bounce rate of a website should be looked subjectively by taking each part of a site or a blog carefully. Here i am sharing some creative ways which you can understand bounce rate of your blog or website and make sure the rate is doing down. You can check the website's bounce rate by going to Google Analytics > Reporting > Audience > Behavior > New v/s Returning.

I have written an article about the adjusted bounce rate - a technique that reduces bounce rate in Google Analytics. You can read it and implement the code for reduction in the bounce rate metric. 

Bounce rate data

Brand Story Telling

We all love a good story. So try to give visitors stories including the info as a package. It is also better to convey your emotions to them and i think that is why foodie blogs has lower bounce rate. That will make the visitor to read it all.

Search box

One of the article i referred said that the search box should have 27 character length. Well, i do not aree with it. It is totally dependent upon the website design. You can use Google custom search engine (CSE) to monetize your search box.

Live Chat

If you have a local business, then it is better to add chat box where visitor can chat with you in real time. This will increase the credibility of your website and decrease lower bounce rate. You can read this post for more info :

Stop Auto play videos and remove flash animations

Auto display videos will distract the visitor and make them away from the content. Flash animations reduces the page load and make the visitor redirect from the post page.

Avoid Pop ups

There are some websites that use pop us or shadow boxes to make visitors subscribe to their website. I am not sure whether  this is a right kind of approach. When somebody try to click the link of the website, a pop up comes by blocking all the visible part of a website and hence the visitor may close the tab than the pop up.

Good navigation Paths

A visitor came to your site and got confused where to go and what to see because there are no specific paths to reach the content. This will surely increase the bounce rate. For this you have to use heat maps of your website. You can use Google Analytics which is absolutely free of cost or you can use crazyegg which have a 30 days free trial. Other soft wares are  SessionCam, BIME, RelateIQ, Bounce Exchange, Experiment.LY, ClickTale, Evergage, Mouseflow, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, Olark, Clickdensity, and Decibel Insight.

Free heat maps are Click heat -, Corunet - You can add bread crumb navigation by visiting the below post


Good readability and Design

I do not want to blabber around this topic. As you all know only the best readable website gets less bounce rate. You can read, if you want start a local business website for good info. You can read more about website design optimization by visiting the posts written under website design optimization.

Higher page loading speed

Some websites load like hell and the visitor will wait  for more than 10 seconds to read the content. These websites often says that Rome was never built in one day. Check your website’s speed by going the link, "" and make your website’s loading speed higher.

Responsive websites

I have written so many articles about responsive design and how you can improve your websites design. I will quote some of the articles here so that you can visit them and make your website responsive to tablets and mobiles. Some are listed here,

  • Top 10 Responsive checkers
  • Free Responsive tools

  • Ad Placement

    You may not be aware about how ad placement can alter the bounce rate. We all need revenue and for that installing ads everywhere will increase bounce rate as well as decreases revenue. You can use responsive ads for instance to reduce content covering ads.

    Responsive ads placement

    Colour contrast of ads are important to too. You know what I am talking about.

    Reduce Third party content

    I have seen so many third party contents in websites that load so slowly. Most of these have numerous java scripts, style sheets and HTML errors. They are often not synchronous. So better to avoid them and create more speedy websites.

    Avoid visual roadblocks and Distractions

    Some websites have many visual animations and flash content which often reduce the visitors attention. So it is better to avoid them and create more on post page. More white space may decrease bounce rate.

    Give visitors related content

    Visitors need to get some more info about the topic and they will click the related content and go for your next post.

    Open external links in new tabs or windows

    You can use target='_blank' code in the url like <a href='' target='_blank' title='Responsive'>Top 10 Responsive checkers</a> for making them open the links in new tab. This way the previous link will be opened and you got two impressions.


    Each website / blog is different and you have to understand all the above points and do what is good for your website. If you like this post, you can share this post with your followers and friends and give me a subscriber.

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