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5 Best Online Resources to Learn Android Development

Do you want to learn Android development and android and ios app making. Are you planning to learn android development step by step and trying to find the best android learning tutorial online. There are many awesome resources online to learn android app development for free. In this post I will share you 5 best online resources to learn android app development for free, and the best free android learning websites and best android tutorial to become better than stackoverflow developers.

I have worked with many app developers in the past and developed and launched more than 12 apps in Google Play Store. From my experience with all these Mobile Android App Developers and working with them, I can tell you it is not at all hard to learn to and develop an android app by yourself. After all you are the one, with concept for the app.
Here are simple and effective Steps to to learn Anroid Development for Android and step by step guide to understand Mobile App Development for Beginners. You can learn from top developers on how to create an app for your blog, add a new functionality to app, merge two apps, assist in bug fixes, change UI/UX designs, and fix crashes.

Find the Best Website To Learn mobile app development

Android App Development for Free
There are so many websites in Internet and it would be hard to list them all here. You can put listings in to take classes from android app developers from and Upwork. There are many more website like appfutura, hiddenbrains, perceptionsystem, contus and toptal. Difficulty level of Mobile App Development varies depending on the which app you want to create and what functionalities you want in it.

1. Google’s Free Course on Android Basics: User Interface

Google is offering free course on Android App that includes Android Basics: User Interface. This free course will help you to learn how to build Android apps. You don’t need any programming experience to learn Android development from Udacity.

Go to Udacity

Register with Udacity, Login and Select Start Free Course.

Google's Free Course on Android Basics: User Interface

Writing code is like writing Instructions.

The Space which we use to write the code is called IDE or Integrated Development Environment which is in Android Studio.
The language that we use to write the lines of code is called XML – Extensible Markup Language.


An Android app consists of various views;
Text View
Image View
Button View
Text View Image View Button View in Gmail app
Text View Image View Button View in youtube app

2. Code Academy – Learn Fundamentals of Java

Code Academy teaches you skills on android development and making apps. As you know Java is the basic fundamental language needed to code apps. The basic Java learning course in Code academy provides you fundamentals of Java including data types, arithmetic and operators. Code Academy interface provides you the basic java code and ask you for an input. That way you can see the code and how it generate an output.

code academy learn java for android app development

3. Android App Development for Beginners Playlist in YouTube

The playlist that contains 77 videos has been viewed 9,036,850 views since it has been published. The channel thenewboston has a subscriber list of 1.8M and they offer free Official Android App Development tutorials for Beginners. I would suggest you go through each of this videos that are up to ten minutes duration and learn the basic of programming. Below are the contents of these 77 videos that will help you learn android development.

1 – Introduction
2 – Installing Android Studio
3 – Setting up Your Project
4 – Running a Simple App
5 – Tour of the Interface
6 – Android Studio Tips
7 – Create a Custom AVD
8 – Basic Overview of an App
9 – Activity States
10 – Running the State Changing Example
11 – Designing the User Interface
12 – More on User Interface
13 – Create an Interface with Java
14 – Adding Properties to Widgets
15 – Adding More Widgets
16 – Converting DIP to Pixels
17 – GridLayout
18 – Event Handling
19 – Event Listener and Callback Method
20 – Multiple Event Listeners
21 – Gestures
22 – Running the Gesture App
23 – Fragments
24 – Designing the Top Fragment
25 – Creating the Fragment Class
26 – Finishing the Meme Apps Design
27 – Listening for Button Clicks
28 – Communicating with Main Activity
29 – Changing the Memes Text
30 – Dank Meme Bro
31 – Master Detail Flow
32 – Master Detail Flow Example
33 – Overflow Menu
34 – Animations and Transitions
35 – Intents
36 – Sending Extra Intent Data
37 – Sending Broadcast Intents
38 – Receiving Broadcast Intents
39 – Threads
40 – Thread Handlers
41 – Intent Service
42 – Services
43 – Bound Services
44 – Bound Services Example
45 – ListView
46 – ListView Example
47 – Custom ListView Row
48 – Custom ListView Adapter
49 – Saving Data with SQLite
50 – SQLite Database Product
51 – Creating a New SQLite Database
52 – Adding and Deleting Rows
53 – Printing Database Results
54 – Testing the SQLite App
55 – Playing Video
56 – Image Capture
57 – Taking Photos with the Camera
58 – Image Effects
59 – Inverting an Image
60 – Creating Photo Filters
61 – Notifications
62 – Custom Notifications
63 – Styles
64 – Themes
65 – Shared Preferences
66 – Shared Preferences Example
67 – Custom Launcher Icon
68 – Working with GitHub
69 – Creating an APK File for Distribution
70 – LibGDX Game Development
71 – LibGDX Game Project Structure
72 – LibGDX Displaying Text
73 – LibGDX Displaying Images
74 – LibGDX Game Animation
75 – LibGDX Handling User Input
76 – LibGDX Camera
77 – LibGDX Sound Effects and Streaming Music

3. Javatpoint for Learning Java

Java Tutorial point is a good resource to learn java language that is core to Android app development. he website offers a Java compiler to check the codes and verify the output.

4. Coursera for learning android programming

Coursera is a pioneer in offering best online course for android programming. The new course on Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems by University of Maryland, College Park is a good choice for beginners to start understanding mobile applications and how to tweak them.

5. TeamTreeHouse offers course on Beginner Android Development

TeamTreehouse provides free course on Beginner Android Development. It will assist you in developing a simple app in android, use of android emulators, create an interactive story app and 
finally make a weather app.

Books to Buy

If you are looking to buy some books to start with android development, here are some best affordable and brilliant books.

1. Android Application Development All–in–One For Dummies – Get it

2. Java: The Complete Reference – buy today

Extra Information: Try Adobe Phonegap. It has a good user interface than command lines like Android Studio.

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