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How to Solve Adsense Earnings Dropped Down Dramatically 2017

Are you searching for adsense earnings down 2017, adsense earnings dropped dramatically 2017 and why have my adsense earnings dropped. This post will explain in detail why is my adsense rpm so low, how to increase adsense rpm and youtube estimated earnings going down. You will get relevant information on why are my youtube earnings decreasing 2017 and youtube revenue drop 2017.

Google Ad sense is way to to earn good revenue for bloggers and publishers. Many publishers and bloggers apply for ad sense program and only few get approved. Out of that few earn a significant amount of money from blogging or publishing content and others get lower adsense earnings.

Here is a quick guide to understand why your AdSense earnings dropped down dramatically and what can be done to resolve this issue in 2017.

Adsense Earnings Dropped Down Dramatically 2017

Some websites reported so low AdSense rpm and low AdSense cpc. It is really hard to pinpoint an exact problem of why your earning has decreased. Ad sense earnings is a based on many ranking factors, keywords that you chose, quality and originality of content and how ads are displayed in your site.

In order to solve AdSense earnings down 2017, we need to check multiple factors related to your site. In this tutorial, I will show you how to identify the source of the problem and how to fix it.

Are You Ready.

Lets Begin.

adsense earnings dropped dramatically 2017- Beware of Sudden Increase in traffic

Website that gets sudden increase in traffic gets low amount of revenue. There are many reasons for lesser revenue generation in this case.
1. If your article went viral, then Ad sense will show more number of ads on that post resulting in showing high number of low pay ads.
2. If you are getting traffic from social channel and not the organic way, then revenue will be less. Google bots cannot recognize the source of traffic resulting low paid ads.
3. Google Bots will consider your traffic as spam and can result in penalizing your site. This will drop your ad sense revenue even more.
adsense earnings dropped dramatically

adsense earnings down- Solutions of Sudden Increase in traffic

You need to identify there any of your posts are getting high traffic and where it is coming from. If it is from spamming sites, links, delete them or delete the post and publish another one with same content or change the permanent link. You can set a 301 redirect to your homepage to avoid 404 error when you delete the post.

why have my adsense earnings dropped- Matching Traffic Data with the Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Ad sense Reports

Go to Performance report of one month in Ad sense reports, Webmaster tools as well as Google Analytics and match with the data. Check whether you have changed in referral traffic or any other website changes that results in drop of page views. You can check for changes in direct traffic as well as in social traffic.

If your site is having high amount referral traffic from Face book or any other social work, find out the source and delete it. You can remove that post which is having high traffic as it may be spam. Google bots do not like sudden traffic surges from social networks. This is a major cause for AdSense earnings dropped dramatically.

why is my adsense rpm so low- Check for Any Strange Traffic from Social Channels in Google Analytics

There are instances where you get increased traffic from social channels such as Face book, Twitter etc. Sometimes unusual traffic from social channels are counted as spam and all the clicks are counted as invalid.

Go to Google Analytics
Select Acquisition – Social – Overview

You can see all other social channels and number of sessions. High number of traffic from social channel will decrease your ad sense rpm. Guess now you know the answer for question why is my adsense rpm so low.

Social Networks

1. YouTube
2. Blogger
3. Facebook
4. Google+
5. Quora
6. Twitter

Session Details

Sessions via Social Referral
Contributed Social Conversions
Last Interaction Social Conversions

why are my youtube earnings decreasing 2017 and youtube revenue drop 2017

Check for Google Updates if  youtube earnings decreasing 2017

Google comes up with certain algorithm changes that may result in drastic changes in the ranking of websites and youtube videos. Some of these updates are often not announced officially like Penguin or Panda. These unannounced updates clearly changes the Google Ranking of the website hence provide less traffic.

You can check Search Engine Land website or SEMrush website to check for such updates. In this case, there is nothing you can do. Delete low quality posts and videos and add more original posts and videos in youtube channel with quality content. Here are the new google algorithm changes in September 2017 that may have resulted in youtube earnings decrease.

adsense earnings dropped – Stop Submitting Posts to Bookmarking sites

Submitting posts to bookmarking sites, directories are considered as spamming and avoid that practice if you are doing it. These sites include, digg, stumble upon, reddit, delicious, flip board, live journal, meneame, pininterest, tumblr, weibo, xing etc.

Low ad sense revenue – Have You Been Doing Back linking?

There was a new bloggers who asked my help in increasing ad sense review. His post ranks were going very low and a sudden dropping of revenue. I checked his site using SemRush and was shocked to see that he had 2 million back links. His blog was just 6 months old. I told him to use disavow tool to stop all these back links.

Check Your Site Using SemRush

Sudden increase in back links can result in dropping down of AdSense earnings. Google bots tend to devalue sites if the site is having high volume of back links in a day or two. Stop back linking and publish more posts. This will improve the condition of AdSense earnings dropped dramatically.

Editing Template/ Website Code

Have you recently edited the codes of website or added or removed any code. Then there is a slight chance of dropping down of ad sense earnings. In that case wait for few days till Web master tools update.

Changing Site map of Website – adsense earnings dropped dramatically 2017

If you changed the XML or HTML site map recently then your AdSense earnings will come down erratically. Google bots depend upon the XML site maps and this may have resulted in dropping down of AdSense earnings. Deleting older posts will result in change in site map resulting in low earnings.

New bloggers do not know how to submit XML sitemap to Google Webmastert tools. They usually generate HTML links of the post and publish in a page and then submit the page to Webmaster tools. You should only submit XML sitemap to webmaster tools.

Check the video on  How To Add XML Sitemap for Blogspot Custom Domains in Webmaster tools

Increase Load time of site and you can fix AdSense earnings dropped dramatically

Use Think with Google and Page Speed Insights to get a site report and check for load time in mobile, desktop and page speed.

Move the ad codes to above the <body> tag.

If your CPC and RPM is very low, then try moving ad codes above body tag so that it will load fast. Naming ads 1, 2, 3 can help in understanding better ad positions.

Check how many Invalid clicks, you are getting

If your clicks are reduced everyday, check for invalid clicks.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Reduce your bounce rate. That way you can convince the system that your posts are read by actual visitors and not just spammers. You need to add more at least 3-4 good quality posts to website and publish each one with at least 4 hours gap. Share them only in Face book, Twitter and Linked in and no bookmarking sites or directories. Stop back links and commenting till your rpm come back to normal position. This ought to fix the AdSense earnings dropped dramatically scenario.

Delete, Delete and Delete – ad sense estimated earnings going down

Deleting unnecessary gadgets will normalize AdSense earnings.
Delete all the search boxes
Delete all social buttons
Delete all tool tips near Ads
Delete pop up windows – New ad sense policy says that no website should have pop boxes with AdSense codes. Better you delete all pop ads.
Delete gadget or content that cover ads

Wait Some More Days to See the Changes

Last but not least, if you are unable to find out the cause and still your ad sense traffic is increasing and AdSense earnings dropped dramatically day by day, then wait for some more days. There is no need to get panic. Google webmaster tools only update the data after 6 days. You need to watch for at least 6 days to get to know what happened.

Place Your Ads In Right Position

There are recommended positions and ad sizes by Google to improve the CTR and earnings. Placing the right ad at the right position can bring higher earnings and increase revenue.

adsense earnings down 2017

Ad sense Earnings Drop – Video from Ad sense team

The video and details can be accessed from the support page of adsense.

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