November 10, 2017

Latest Google Algorithm Updates September 2017 Review


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Did your website or blog get hit with New Google Algorithm Update September 2017. The New Google Algorithm Update September 2017 removes search results from Google results page. Here is a detailed analysis of the new Google Update.

What is Google Algorithm

Google has certain so called bots that ranks, deranks, index, deindex, do quality checks of websites. These bots works as per various ranking signals that are feeded in to Alogorithm. The Google Algorithm consist of bots, ranking signals and all the search related stuff.

What is Google Panda

Google Panda is an algorithm updates which was released in 2011 where it deranked and deinxed many low quality websites and spam web pages. There were many Google Algorithm updates such Penguin, Hummingbird etc.

Latest google update september 2017

As Google announces latest algorithm updates, webmasters sort of adjust their websites and these adjustments come as latest seo updates. There were many latest seo updates 2016 such as naked URL link building, long tail keywords etc.

latest seo updates 2017 Google Fred Update

Google Fred Update was essentially was not an announced update like Panda or Penguin. It focused more deindexing websites with Black hat SEO techniques and uses heavy advertisements than the content in the site. Some websites experienced 90% of traffic drop and all their web pages were pushed to history. Fred focused on websites where Panda focused on web pages mostly.

Here I am going to talk about the latest google algorithm update in September, 2017.

Google algorithm update September 2017: The New Google Earthquake

SEMrush sensor and MozCast showed significant changes in rankings of websites and blogs in Google. Google has not announced the update but it is clear that this update is massive and webmasters are discussing about it in all forums.

SEMrush sensor Detection on latest seo updates 2017

SEMrush Sensor shows Very High activity for the US desktop database

SEMrush Sensor shows Very High activity for the US desktop database

MozCast Weather Report on Google algorithm update

MozCast showing high turbulence in the Google algorithm.

SERPMetric High volatility of google search rankings on September 27

There are high spikes in 16, 19 and 27 September in SERP flux chart. Many webmasters reported less CPC and Sudden Drop in Organic Traffic these days.
Algaroo SERP Ratings

Algaroo shows high ranking changes in 26,27 and 28 September.

It is pretty clear that Google has rolled out massive updates in searches. The core effects are as follows.

Effects of New Google Algorithm Updates September 2017

I will show you what has happened after the updates. 

I am taking a keyword, "your domains must be in an eligible status" where ranked high. 

Here is the Search Results of the keyword in August 31, 2017

Search Results of the keyword in August 31, 2017

The number of search results were 237,000 and Google fetched them in 0.96 seconds.

Here is the Search Results of the keyword in September 28, 2017

The number of search results were 167,000 and Google fetched them in 0.27 seconds.

70000 search results were removed and this increased the fetching speed by 0.69 seconds.

How google algorithm update september 2017 Changes Are Going To Affect Website and Blogs

I am sure that you already figured out the importance of the change. Google is going to cut down search results to improve search speed. They are removing all webpages that have less content, no content, spams and do not have value as per Google Standards. This is a continuation of the previously announced https as ranking signal. Google is pushing webmasters to create not only rich content searches but also secure webpages.

Deindexing Search results from Sep 19, 2017 at 7:30 am ET is huge when it comes to search business. This means that Google is taking serious measures to reduce search speed and spam or less quality web pages.

This is majorly going to affect the backlinks that your website have and significantly reducing domain rankings. Unless you have high quality internal back links, there is an increased probability in reduction in your search rankings.

What Can You Do To Improve Search Rankings After Google Search Algorithm Update Sep 18, 2017

  1. You can start by editing old posts, adding more content. 
  2. Add 2-4 internal links and authentic outbound links.
  3. Delete low quality posts and pages and use 301 redirects.
  4. Merge less content posts to one single post.
  5. Find out what pages are hit using SEMrush
Update 1 on recent and latest seo updates 2017

Google Analytics removed Universal Analytics code. Now everyone has to use Google Tag manager code.

Update 2 on 2017 update, Google Report on SEO algorithm

Many International web pages were pushed to page number 2 and local webpages came to page 1. It is going to affect Indian blogs and websites who are targeting US, UK traffic and Google is pushing more localisation.

Update 3 on Latest Google Algorithm Updates January 2018 Review

Read more on the latest google algorithm update review on January 2018.
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