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How To Get Paid to Show Ads with AdMob in App Stores

one year android app income from play store

Are you searching for the best idea to earn money online from home. Here is a quick guide to make the best apps to make money from home in 2017.

Online apps business models, right apps idea, are helpful in finding the right app to publish them in Android and iPhone market earn money.

1. Choose the Right App Business Model

There are three types of App business models.

Custom Build Apps

These apps are designed and developed by a team of people like Uber, Minecraft, YouTube, Whatsapp, Messenger etc. This has high risk but gives high reward if get successful. The team has to build the app from scratch including the idea, design, functions and marketing. For beginners who have less money to invest, it would be better to avoid building custom apps.

Semi – Custom Build Apps

Second type is semi – custom build apps. Here you can check for good performing apps in playstore and create a replica of the app with another name and logo [reskinning]. As this is also custom build, the investment will be larger, however you already know the features are and the market potential of the app.

Template Build App

This is the best model for Earning Money by making Apps Online From Home. You need to get a template of a most performing app in playstore at a cheaper rate, reskin it and add some better features and publish app. Most top grossing app companies do this like Candy crush [summer crush, winter crush] use this method. They just reskin [change icons, logos, name, graphics] the app and create another app.

YouTube, Whatsapp, Messenger, itunes, facebook, phoster, instagram, yelp, games

You should be careful not to Spam play store, app store or any other android market places. You should be sure that you will be able to give users great apps with less resources. Once you can match your app with right people, you can achieve great results.

2. Finding the Right App Idea

Now you have a best business model, now it is time to find the right app idea. Best app ideas solve problems real people have. To find the best idea;

Go to Google Play Store, App Store or Amazon App Market Place
Check Review tabs of good performance apps
Find 2 star and 3 start reviews that have Feedbacks and suggestions of the user
List out Common suggestions that solve problems

3. Finding the Right App Template

Once you have the right idea of an app, it is time to find out the existing templates for that app. For that, you can use Blue cloud, Codecanyon and other app selling market places. Do a filtered search and come up with apps that support Android Studio, Ad mob etc.

global app downloads to pass two hundred and twenty billion this year

4. Find the Right App Developer

Once you have the template, try finding a developer. You can hire good developers using or Mostly these free lancers also work from Home and are ready to dedicate their time and skill for you. Once you have the right app developer, contact them and share the the reference app [original app] and ask for a demo app. You should provide a list of features that you want to integrate in the app. Once you are set with milestones and payment process, ask them to upload to your developer account in the app store. You can make it as a milestone also.

You can contact the developer of the original app and ask for a licensed version of source code with specific amount. You can find the developer details in the app stores.

5. Getting Free Downloads to Earn Money

Google or any other app stores uses certain algorithm that determines downloads and ranks of published apps. So when your app is getting some downloads, never think that they are just number, they are people. If you use User based algorithm marketing and treat downloads as people, you can earn enough money through publishing apps online from home.

Apps to Make Money Online From Home

Finding the specific Ideal Customer – customer gravatar and a User focused mentality will bring you fortunes.

6. More Search Rank – More Downloads – More Money

You can use the following strategies to get more search rank for apps.

6.1 Add keywords in the field – add keywords in the title and description. Eg: Sensor tower – find keywords of ideal customer

6.2 Add icons that describe keywords

6.3 Publish apps in multiple app store. Eg: Google Play Store, Amazon app store.

6.4 Understand User Trends using Google trends and Arbitrage the trends.

Deep research is needed to consistently create winning apps and earn money. You can do all of these steps from home and make the next best app in the market. Everyone can earn money by makingfree or paid Apps Online From Home using these 6 strategies. Share this post.

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