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How To Increase Page RPM Google Adsense

Are you searching for how to increase rpm adsense website, best ways to improve AdSense RPM and How to Improve Your Adsense Revenue (RPM). This post has best information on how to increase rpm adsense and How to increase RPM (CPM) in Adsense. You can use page rpm calculator to see the changes of average page rpm after implementation and find out what is a good page rpm. Watch Youtube video on how to increase rpm adsense.

There are times where you can see yourself all messed up and how things are falling apart. Just like that, one day in 2019 my RPM of Google AdSense just started falling. It was not the slow type of falling but of crashing down to the ground. I was not sure what happened suddenly, “Is it something that I have done???”. Well, time started clicking and the page RPM rate really went underneath the ground. I had to do something to increase the Page RPM.

what is a good page rpm

RPM refers to the total revenue earned for every 1000 impressions. RPM is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views you received, then multiplying by 1000. Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000. You can do these calculations manually but AdSense home page display all this information.

how to increase rpm adsense

My RPM hit all time low of $0.23 in one day without even giving me slightest hint on what was going on. Here is the screenshots of that day where I sat on my bed and watched it crashing.

Increase Page RPM 2017 Google Adsense
That day was followed with other days of bad luck with fluctuated RPM rate.
How to Improve Your Adsense Revenue (RPM) Adsense rpm daily statistics

How Did Increased My RPM From $0.23 to $1.24 in AdSense

I was terrified and did not want to look further. But yes, I decided to act. I checked the Google Analytics first, to know the source of traffic on the previous days.  I figured out the problem.

Before that day, I changed the ad sense sidebar ads to the bottom and that created a sudden drop in the RPM. After experimenting with other positions, I decided to keep it below the post content and that improved the RPM suddenly.

how to increase rpm adsense

How To Increase Page RPM 2017 Google Adsense

I decided to write 2 posts with high quality keywords and published one by one with gap of 2 hours. I only shared these posts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. I did no bookmarking and no pinging. I did not do any back linking, no comments, made no significant Internet presence. After 2 hours I checked the RPM and it is this. Voila.
How to increase RPM (CPM) in Adsense Increase My RPM From $0.23 to $1.24
The RPM can come down at any instant and you need to watch the traffic sources as well as ad placement. Always try to improve Organic Traffic with Google and not social media. This is because social media does not have a targeted user reach.Having high traffic from social media is not useful when it comes to RPM.
Use your SEO tools wisely and creatively as this can help you to figure more on these kind of troubles and find a way to improve RPM.

best ways to improve AdSense RPM: Listen To The Podcast

Update: Improve Your Adsense Revenue (RPM) by Fixing Broken Links

1. Try fixing all the broken links that are shown in webmaster tools. This will also increase your RPM. Use broken link checkers to find out other external broken links and remove from your website.
2. Remove nbsp codes from your HTML in blogspot. When you copy a text from other websites or even Google search results to blogspot blog, an extra space is added. This extra space will reduce the average quality of your post.

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