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Add micro formatted h card or v card for bloggers

h Card 1.0 is a specification. By the use of h card’s applications can retrieve information directly from pages of web sites without a reference to a separate file or page. Micro formatted h Card is used to enhance the localization of Google bots.

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Add micro formatted h card

                               When somebody is searching an info from India, Google bots capture related titles and info in the Indian regions to ensure the user is getting culture bound information. So using Micro formats bloggers could increase the chance of getting crawled by Google bots. Google is utilizes the below information for each crawling. The code may seen as V card. The class v card is a root class name that indicates the presence of an h Card. So it is okay.

h card creator
to create h cards or simply copy the below HTML code to your pages, posts and sitemaps.

<style>/*—–Name: ship me this
* Date: March 2014
* Author: Akhil
* Visit:
* Version: 1
  —-*/</style><div id=”hcard-Akhil_s_kumar” class=”vcard”>
 <a class=”url fn n” href=”“>
  <span class=”given-name”>Akhil</span>
  <span class=”additional-name”>S Kumar</span>
  <span class=”family-name”>Kumar</span>
 <div class=”org”>Contact us</div>
 <a class=”email” href=”mailto:akhilshipmethis(at)“>akhilshipmethis(at)</a>
 <div class=”adr”>
  <div class=”street-address”>street</div>
  <span class=”locality”>place</span>, <span class=”region”>district</span> <span class=”postal-code”>0000000</span>
  <span class=”country-name”>Switzerland or any country</span>
 <div class=”tel”>99959****</div><a href=’’>ship me this</a>

Replace (at) with @
Replace your information with red codes. Copy right:


Akhil S Kumar 24-04-2014
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