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getting rejection mails casual small startup profitable business ideas

Getting Rejection Mails? Casual Small Startup Profitable Business Ideas

Are you getting rejection mails all the time? Are you fed up with the resume submitting process? Stop sending your resume and start doing business. Take the case of Mr.A who wanted to start a social enterprise but was unable to find the capital for it.

Story of Mr. A

“I wanted to be a social entrepreneur since I heard this word. I researched about and was inspired by Steve Jobs and his amazing passion. However I was unsure about what to do and what kind of products I should create that enhance the entrepreneurship in me. Later as I pursued my masters, I searched for social entrepreneurship programs around and couldn’t find any of such programs moreover everything was based on theory. Hence I wanted to create something that will change the fabric of society.
Money was indeed an issue, as I was jobless and could not find any reliable source for getting money. Family members were pressing me to find a job and get some money to settle the existing loans. Capital investment- the basic was lacking and I was in vain. My colleagues started doing jobs, searching for scholarships and started doing what they liked to do. Here I am, sitting in home, thinking what to do next.
I have experience, qualification, and ideas but lacks money. I had a feeling that I can start things and am unable to maintain and this fear made me afraid to start something. I also felt it starting a business too soon may result in damage and loss of money.  I didn’t know what to do. 
I thought about starting a counseling center near my place. There were no professional centers of counseling nearby and what existing was based on clergy. Then I thought about start a leadership/personality center with online psychometric assessment like brain valley solutions. But these are just idea without my passion in it. I need to find something with my passion in it and that’s what I am waiting for.  
I have sent my CV to all lot of organizations and only 2 people actually called me. For attending the test but I am not sure about joining any of these organizations. My family members are pressuring me to find a job. They are like literally saying the sentence, go for job, and go for job“. It is totally annoying.
I am not ready to go with a job. Either I want a Phd Admission or some job as research associate. But will I get it? That stands out as the big question now.”

Mr. A is a typical example of young people searching for jobs and gets disappointed when they get so called “Rejection Mails”. Here let me give you an example of rejection letters which usually people get.

“Thank you for your interest in working with us. 

While we were impressed with your credentials, we receive a high volume of equally impressive applications which make our decision very difficult. Therefore, it is with great regret that we inform you that we will be unable to continue with your application to the next stage of the evaluation process. Although it is unfortunate that we cannot take all the talented candidates that have applied, we are sure that given your background, you will achieve great success in the future.

Wishing you the very best.”


“Dear Applicant,

Thank you very much for applying. We received an overwhelming response to the call and have now completed screening the applications. We regret to inform you that your application was not found suitable for our current requirements. We have recorded your interest in working with us, and we will contact you when a suitable position becomes available.”

Did you get one of these mails? Stop feeling desperate and start working.

Start by Asking Questions to Yourself

What are you good at?
What do you like to do?
What are your interests and dislikes?
What are the resources you have in hand? – Friends, Family, Colleagues, Institution, Government support, Place for an office, Big house, Car, etc.

Take some personality tests, career aptitude tests, skill tests for getting more info about you.

Find Opportunity

Opportunities can be spotted when you observe. talk to your peers and find out what they need and what is missing in your local market. It may be a fresh vegetable store or auto body repair service center. Find that and build your plans around it considering above answers.

Find what is blocking, Missing

Convey your idea to different people and find what is missing from making your concept practical.

Ask Help and Support

Go out there and ask for help.

Some Business Ideas.

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You can use the above business idea for earning money as well as getting extra money also if you already are doing something worthwhile now.

Well, Why do you need extra money for?

“When I first encountered the question, “why you need extra money for?” I was quizzical, being born in an upper-middle class family, I never felt the need for more money, than I have and so instinctively I said –“I don’t!” My ego took a little pride in her and nodded in agreement, ‘of course you don’t; your parents have got you everything you need’! I was satisfied by my answer and dropped the thought mercilessly out of my consciousness.

In a span of few days’ time, while talking to various friends of mine I occasionally felt, they are not as satisfied as I am. It was not surprising, I always knew people in my life who do not consider themselves as economically privileged as I do. While some struggle hard to make their both ends meet, some have plans to start a business. Some people want to increase their savings while some want a more luxurious lifestyle. It’s true, human’s needs knows no bounds; the more money you seemed to have, the more possibilities you discover to spend it.

The world economy has gone far beyond the basic principles of demand and supply. Today’s market do not caters to the demands of public; rather they create demands in public. Be it a product as basic as pen, you can buy it from Rs. 3 to Rs. 30,000. No matter what your demand is, from cars to guns to escorts, you have a billion options to choose from.

For a person fond of luxury, the whole global market is your red carpet; from tourism to furnishing there are endless options where you can spend your money. Be it a footwear store, a hotel or a bar, people’s friendliness towards you seems to increase equivalent to the amount of money in your pocket. Apparently now-a-days you will find more types of wines than natural skin colors.

Oh don’t worry if you are not a materialistic type, there are no less opportunities for you as well, where you may feel, ‘oh I wish I had more money’. You may value time, love, laughter experienced with your dear ones over those freshly launched leather bags, but only until you know that you basic needs of hunger and security are being met. I was feeling really stressed out lately and just as I started to feel more gloomy and hopeless, a thought came to my head, – ‘if only I had enough money to pay for a counselor’. No matter how much you have, there would always be something that you need of money.

Surely money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you tickets. Have you ever seen anybody sad in a comedy movie?! “

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