May 16, 2015

8 Profitable Online Small Start up Business/Freelance Ideas

Online businesses are popular way to earn income and it can provide you with customers from all around the World.

"Amritha was in confusion before. She know how to make and design ornaments and she wanted to sell it through online to reach to more customers. She started her own online store and after six months of marketing, she is earning 5000 rs only through online by selling her handmade crafts!!." Why cant you become like her and earn some income?

 For offline business, you have to spend lots of days to find a suitable business location, affordable building, staffs, and other infrastructures. Online business is much  easier to start, with cheaper investment.

8 Profitable Start up Online Business Ideas
8 Profitable Online Business Start up Business Ideas - Cite for using this image.

1. Specialized Retail Service Provider

There are thousands of commercial wholesale retailers who have large number of inventories like Amazon, Flip Cart etc. You don't need products of your own where you have to worry about storing, making and selling your products. You need to start an online store as a start up for providing specialized retail services for customers. Read my latest post: Create Best Online Stores with Practical E Commerce Platforms for details about online stores. You may also need a web hosting service with an integrated shopping cart. 

2. Social Media Consultant

Social media marketing is a popular way to gain customers. Large number of firms and private companies /firms need social media marketing to spread information about their products and services and gain customers. Some of these companies may not be able to post staffs for this and they will hire somebody who is an expert in social media marketing in a contract basis. You need to search for these companies and post your expertise and experience. You can work in a home basis and part time to earn a good income. Find more on

3. Web Creation / Design and Layout Optimization

Do you know some bits of coding in xHTML, and some designing sense and experience, then you can do web designing and layout optimization. You have to find jobs that related to website creation / Design in freelancer websites. You need to ensure good customer support for building your reputation. You also need a port folio like this for getting clients. Go to Project4hire and 50 freelance job sites for designers and programmers to know more.

4. Online Internet Researcher

As I said before, there will be lot of companies which need skilled online researcher to contribute to the SEO growth as well as keyword research. Being an online researcher is a profitable business. Once you establish yourself, you can earn up to 45 dollars per hour. Not bad, Hah!!. You may have to find some established companies that will give you a push in this field unless you will have to suffer hidden conditions of fraud companies. There are Freelance Internet Research Jobs Online and Internet research jobs Workers and Jobs as more resources.

5. Mobile app Developer / Assistance developer

Developing an app is a cumbersome task. Skilled developers will always get good pay and there is a need for them. You can start by assisting main developers by finding bugs and try to correct it. This way you will get much exposure to the codes and programming and later on you can establish yourself in the field. You can find good freelancer jobs using

6. Teacher / Tutor for Online Courses

There are thousands of students looking for teachers/tutors for language, technical, IT courses. You may not need proper qualifications for starting an online course.You do not need experience in teaching / tutoring /  lecturing people. If you have good knowledge regarding cooking, playing musical instruments, language skills etc, you can start your own courses and earn money. There are online tutor courses where you can learn and acquire skills to become a good tutor.

7. E book marketing

E books are a good way to get income. There are thousands of free e book self publishing services which you can access. You may need a catchy title, original content, and a good marketing skill. You can use Amazon's Kindle Direct publishing tool

8. Affiliate, Referral and Niche marketing 

As everybody know affiliate, referral and Niche marketing is a popular way to earn money. You may need to invest lot of time for research and visitors. But once you get a flow, things will get smooth. Some affiliate marketing companies that provide good revenue are FlipKart, Commission Junction, Amazon affiliates, Shopify.  

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You can use different methods like search engine optimization, website design optimization, social-media networking, email marketing and content marketing for building up fans and generate much more income.

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