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how to add a forum to your blogspot blog with nabble

How to Add A Forum to Your BlogSpot Blog With Nabble

Nothing can replace the traffic that brought by a forum. Forum is a platform where all the blog visitors jointly discuss many important topics. Optimization of your site using SEO techniques are a part of getting traffic from search engines. Installing and configuring a forum a customized forum is like Setting up a huge traffic social network. 

By adding a forum, you will get so much followers to your niche, readers to comment on your  Blog posts. Forums help to make social media presence and get a huge fan base. So to embed a forum in your blog you need to do some steps. 

The disadvantage of blogger is that there are no methods to add a customization forum. So we should satisfy with the scripts. Word press have plugins to add forums.

I will list the steps to add a free forum in your html template.

This one is using It is a good website to get scripts that can be used as a forum.

Step 1

Create a static page with a name forum like mine. Copy it to a notepad.

Step 2

Go to Nabble and sign up there.Now choose options at the top and find a embedding options below it.

Step 3

Copy the code and paste it to a notepad.

Step 4

Go to html template editor and CTRL+ F for

<div id=’content-wrapper’> or <div class=’columns fauxcolumns’> or <div id=’content’>

add the following code above it.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == “URL of the forum”>
The Code you got from Nabble

Step 5

Go to   </head>

  and add the below code above it.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == “FORUM URL”‘>
<style type=’text/css’>
#content-wrapper {
display:none !important;

You need to change the css code of step 5

#content-wrapper to #content or .columns, .fauxcolumns

according to your template style. Save the template and you are done.

I have listed two amazing posts about how to add forum to your blog. You can access these posts here.

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