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What CF and TF Mean For Blogs

Are you looking for trust flow vs domain authority, what is a good trust flow score, trust flow definition, how to increase trust flow, high trust flow backlinks, what does citation flow measure? and what does tf and cf means in blog. Here is explanation on all these questions including what CF and TF mean as a blogger in blogging.

What is CF and TF in Blogging

CF means Citation flow which is the influence of link on a site depending how strong the backlinks to that link is. 
TF means Trust Flow which is number of high quality backlinks towards the site.Trust Flow
is a measure of how good your site compared to the number of  There is no strict criteria on what is a good Trust flow score. Trust flow depends on the incoming backlinks from aged and good domain authority websites. 
I will explain.

ScanBacklink to Check CF and TF Score

Let us check the CF and TF of I used ScanBacklinks to check the score of Here is the screenshot of it.
What CF and TF Mean

Majestic CF and TF Tracker

Another way is to check the citation flow and trust flow in Majestic. Majestic is a Marketing Search Engine and SEO Backlink Checker. Go to Majestic and enter your domain and not the url of website. Here is the CF and TF score for root domain which is If you want to put URL, then you may need to buy a plan from Majestic.
majestic cf and tf score on blog

Trust Flow Checker

A good enough Trust Flow Checker is available in websiteseochecker. It basically takes data from Majestic and show an image of Trust Flow v/s Citation flow.

How to Increase TF flow

The first things that is coming to my mind is publishing guest posts in other authoritative sites. I mean Google has warned about guest posting which I know but it is only about spam guest posts and exchange links etc. If your sole purpose is to get a back link somehow, then don’t do guest blogging.
Because authority blogs will not accept a spam guest post. It is as simple as that.
You will get messages like; “We regret to inform you that your article does not meet the essential criterias”. 
So now what?
I can tell you if you want to know. It is called Upwork. You can hire freelancers to write a good article and ask them to publish in an authoritative site. It will cost money though. Other way is to reach out Fiverr and find good freelancers to get good backlinks.
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