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Boost CTR rate and attract visitors by Creating a Google News Sitemap

Bloggers were running behind the rich snippet tool in webmaster tools in Google to show their picture in Google search result and make more CTR rate. This became a frenzy and lead to quality issues. So that days before Google removed Authorship Snippet Profile Image and circle count from Google Search Results and it made a huge debates in Search Engine optimization Field. In the announcement Google said that images will be featured if the post is featured in Google News.
The new search results can be observed in Google.

Search result of Removed Authorship Snippet Profile Image and circle count from Google Search Results
Search result

So after the first result, a column is used for Google News. In the column, the tag is started like “News for —–“, then the image is below the that and the heading is adjacent to the image just like the authorship image snippets. Then you could see the name of the website and in bracket it has written as blog. Then authors name and time. The above post is just a blog post in a website just like other blogger posts but it is featured in Google News. This type of result have a greater chance of click rate than my post in the first rank.

So i clicked the Google News and got only 4 results.

Google News results in Google
Google News Result

The number of results in web was about 9,460 results in web and the number of results in Google News is just 4. This means the reduction is 378.4 percentage. So how Google actually reduced these numbers. At the last of Google news result page, you could see an information bar.

The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automatically by a computer programme. The time or date displayed reflects when an article was added to or updated in Google News.
 Information bar

The text says that a computer program is used for the selection and placement of the page of Google News. This information actually says that we can add some elements, codes or tags to our page and make this software to identify our blog post and display in Google news.

After adding the site map of Google News, gained an increase in number of visitors and Google news became the 4th largest referring traffic source for SEOmoz. You can also gain an increase if you add this to your website.

 Create a Google News Sitemap

I am going to share a model of Google News sitemap which you should add to the website. 

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<urlset xmlns=”″
        <news:name>Boost Search Engine Rankings by Authorship Snippet Profile Image</news:name>
      <news:genres>PressRelease, Blog</news:genres>
      <news:title>Boost ranking using Authorship</news:title>
      <news:keywords>rankings, authorship, profile</news:keywords>
      <news:stock_tickers>NAASDAQ:A, NAASDAQ:B</news:stock_tickers>

The main elements are in bold so that it is easy to identify them. You can visit the How to make News sitemap page given by Google for more details. After creating the sitemap, you need to submit it to Google using webmaster tools. For that go to Webmaster tools > Sign in > Dashboard > Crawl > Sitemaps > Submit/Test a Sitemap > add path to your Sitemap > Submit Sitemap.

For doubts regarding submitting site map you can visit Google support page.

What things you can do other than site maps?

You can add fresh and relevant content to blogs and making it news worthy.
Check whether your site is listed in Google news by a command in the Google search – “site:” without quotes.
Read information in regarding the Google News featuring help. One of the link provided in that page under “Get Your Content Indexed” linked with “2. Create a Google News Sitemap.” is broken. I have provided the link here – Google News site maps .
You can increase the number of subscribers in order to be listed in Google News.
Hope your website will be featured on Google News. If you like this post, don’t forget to subscribe us and share the post in fb, twitter an Google plus. Your shares spreads the knowledge. 
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