February 12, 2014

how to stop a traffic source in stats in blogger?


I have started to to widen my expertise to specific sources like search engine optimization and other various things. Actually there is a bigger competition from other big brand companies. So i just got good views from my site http://www.shipmethis.com/. But when i checked the traffic sources on the overview section of blogger dashboard i found that a large number of viewers are coming from a specific website under referring URL's.


 I clicked it and went straight to website with pornographic content. I was terrified to know about it. So I started to think that there is no chance of having that link that to my blog. I didn't even visit that site before. Then why am i having this? Will it affect my ad-sense approval?.

Behind the scene

I searched Google to stop this nonsense sites to stop referring my blog. My keywords was How To stop referring URL's in blogger?. I checked each website and tried to analyze possible solution for it. So actually what is this thing? Wikipedia helped me to understand about that. It is a kind of spamming aimed towards search engines like Google,yahoo and AOL etc. These fake URL's makes bloggers to click to to know what site is that. They goes to the site and astonished to see the sites. By gaining the visits from good bloggers like us these Spam sites gets views and links. There you may find a confusion about the links.

How they get links?

The sites shows access logs, statistics of viewers to the search engines. There is algorithm called link-counting algorithm. Do not click them. It is the only option till now.

Some websites which share info about referrer spam



Rahul 12/02/2013 11:22 PM how to stop a traffic source in stats in blogger?
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