Here is a quick guide to understand why your Adsense page views decreasing dramatically and what can be done to resolve this issue.

Ad sense Earnings Drop - Video from Ad sense team

The video and details can be accessed from the support page of adsense.

Matching with the Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Ad sense Reports

Go to Performance report of one month in Ad sense reports, Webmaster tools as well as Analytics and match with the data. Check whether you have changed in referral traffic or any other website changes that results in drop of page views. You can check for changes in direct traffic as well as in social traffic.

Check for Google Updates

Google comes up with certain algorithm changes that may result in drastic changes in the ranking of websites. Some of these updates are often not announced officially like Penguin or Panda. These unannounced updates clearly changes the Google Ranking of the website hence provide less traffic.

Check for Any Strange Traffic from Social Channels

There are instances where you get increased traffic from social channels such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Sometimes unusual traffic from social channels are counted as spam and all the clicks are counted as invalid. Try checking that.

Wait for Some More Days to See the Changes

If your ad sense traffic and money is decreasing, wait for some more days. So you will get a better idea on the issue.

Delete, Delete and Delete

Sometimes deleting unnecessary gadgets will normalize adsense earnings. 

Delete all the search boxes 

Delete all social buttons

Delete all tool tips near Ads

Delete pop up windows

Delete gadget or content that cover ads

Increase Load time of site Using Think with Google

Get a site report using think with Google and check for load time in mobile, desktop and page speed.

Move the ad codes to above the <body> tag.

Try moving ad codes above body tag so that it will load fast. Also naming ads as 1, 2, 3 can also help in understanding better ad positions.

Check how many Invalid clicks, you are getting

If your clicks are reduced everyday, check for invalid clicks.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Last but not least, reduce your bounce rate. That way you can convince the system that your posts are read by actual visitors and not just spammers.

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