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 Purchasing a custom domain easy but what if it does not direct to your domain name when accessed. What if it rather returns 404 error page when ever you try it?. So to set up a custom Domain that redirects your to, some steps are needed.

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Set Up Custom Domain Name Using Cname for blogger

  Step one

First go to domain registrar’s website even if it is Godaddy or other websites that offer domain registration. Then find the control panel which will be found in the MY ACCOUNT tab. In that you can see a DNS (Domain Name System) settings or Domain Manger or anything Similar to that. Go to it there you need to edit "CNAME" and "name servers" if hosting on other website hosting companies. WE are talking about blogger, so that we don't need to edit A Records. Click on Cname and do exactly as following steps says.

First CNAME > Edit Name, Label or Host or whatever it says edit it > Enter "www"
  Then in the link Destination, Target or Points To edit it                     > Enter ""
Second CNAME > Edit Name, Label or Host or whatever it says edit it  > Enter "I7NBESE2MD4H". Then in the link Destination, Target or Points To edit it                            > Enter ""

Wait for one hour then go to blogger dashboard. After on hour you will get a notification from domain registrar that your domain Cname is changed and now pointing to another website.


Go to account > Domains tab > My Domain Names > Domain Manager > Total DNS Control And MX Records > Add New CNAME Record > Enter the settings for the first CNAME as above > Click OK again OK.

 Step two

 Go to settings in blogger dashboard. Click on Basic and go to publishing. Click edit then type your purchased domain there. Then Tick the box then click save.If you are redirected to another page then your domain changes are not successful. So be patient and do the steps correctly. That is it. Just save all work you have done in the accounts. Click the "VIEW BLOG" button and see how your domain URL responds. I hope you now have a working domain. For doubts comment here.

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