April 7, 2014

Want to host your domain for free, Read this first


Hosting a domain cost you money. It can be Blue host or even WordPress.org. One way to deal with is to find out good hosting providers that host your domain for free. To find out such hosting providers is a huge task for new bloggers and my early experience taught me so much about selecting a hosting provider to host the domain for free. So i am trying to mention different hosting plans a different hosting types provided by the free hosting companies and analyze it based on the user experience, quality of service, hidden policies, conditions and user rating.

know where you are

In my previous post about "MUST READ REVIEW OF FREE WEB HOSTING PACKAGE PLAN BIZ.NF", i have mentioned some basic things about free hosting. In order to start hosting in the free space offered by the hosting company, you need to know basics about what is hosting?, how can one upload files? and what can be done to avoid mistakes. If you haven't read it and you are new in blogging and hosting, i urge you to read that first.

I have linked some of my posts here through hyper link. These posts are for you and you can access to read posts that quench your thirst for knowledge. and As i mentioned in my previous post, free hosting is really awesome for new bloggers.

Hosting your domain cost you more than 3 dollars per month. For a new blogger, the better option is blogger.com. But if somebody need to learn and try hosting professionals, they need hosting providers like wordpress.org, godaddy.com etc. But the point is that hosting cost you money. So what is the option???. The only option is go and host your domain free.

Are you amused. Well, don't be. Because there are sites that gives you free space to host your domain. These plans are called free domain hosting plans. We all love free hosting plans. We all search for hosting plans that are free in all kind and support our domain with real time updation. It is really difficult to select a free hosting plan from the entire list given by Google in the search page. It is also often difficult to try each one and select suitable one. So here i am sharing some of the most interesting and top trending free hosting plans in internet. Most of them are not like what you think.  I am just explaining what is the details of these websites and give you what is hidden and what is shown in the plans provided by free hosting companies and websites. 

Often free hosting plans are not like servants. They may try to add advertisements to your website or may stop giving you access to websites. If the user click in the add, the provider will get money and you are like sitting duck. Anything can happen.

Just subscribe us first and contact us to get good free hosting provider for your domain. 

We will send the best free website provider for free after confirming the subscription. Basically you will get a free add website without any money to the hosting provider. We will also provide some other plans which are affordable to you.



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