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solved error parsingml the entity name follow the blogspot blog

(Solved) Error parsing XML: The entity name follow the ‘&’ Blogspot Blog

Actually it is easy to fix these blog spot problems and issues. I will try to be simple so that everybody understands it. This blogger error is due to html coding issue in parsing a XML. Usually we got this error when we save the blogger template by adding labels, categories and sentence in tags.

Well, how to fix this blogger error

The problem is when you save a certain template or a section of it without knowing what it does. I even tried to extract this error in using direct input but that doesn’t show this particular error but with a lot of other errors. LOL..

After saving all other things above the blogger template editor will stop at this error and show it you. So we can be sure that the error is near the shown place. Look carefully at the shown place for an “&” without quotes or type ctrl+F for a search bar. Type “&” without quotes and enter. I know it is boring and make us mad. But you do not have any other option. If you find it replace “&” to and save the template. If you have got same error again try to know is the number of line and column is different than before. If yes, just keep looking and replace it all. If it is the same you have let someone handle it. 

2) Error parsing XML, line , column : Element type “link” must be followed by either attribute specifications, “>” or “/>”

Sometimes you may see this type of error in the blogger template when you tried to save links or link href’s in it.Same error can be shown like this “The element type “link” must be terminated by the matching end-tag”. But these errors are same for most occasions.

Some link href’s for you…

<link href=’’ rel=’canonical’/> 

<link href=’’ rel=’alternate’ title=’Need one touch – Atom’ type=’application/atom+xml’/> 

< link href=’’ rel=’alternate’ title=’Need one touch – RSS’ type=’application/rss+xml’/ > 

< link href=’′ rel=’me’/ >

Well, how to fix this blogger error

                              This is because there is missing of “>” or “/>” in the last section of link href tag. The two main parts of link tag is open tag and close tag. It is opened by “<” and closed by “/>”. If your link is open then you can use “>” in the template. But you must be careful to include these link href’s to your blogger template. So stop at the shown place. Search for a link tag and see if there is a close tag. If not add it and save your template..Voila..

Check for Other XML Validation Errors

If you want to check for other XML validation errors, go to Online XML Syntax Error Parsing Validator Tool

Contact me.  I will do my best to correct it.


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