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When an article / post / page / hub become ‘worth reading’

Akhil S Kumar05-03-2014

We are living in a world of information explosion. Each minute our attention is divided to numerous things. The readers do not have enough time to read all the information written in the  article / post /page. They just skim through the page, to check anything is attractive, useful or worth reading.

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 article / post / page / hub

It is the duty of the writer to make the  article / post /page worth redable. For that new techniques can be used, new images or videos can be added and innovative graphics can be uploaded. In this post I am sharing some useful techniques of making  article / post /page worth readable.


 The title is the first thing that attract the user to click the post and to read it. So that title must be attractive and Simple without grammatical and spelling errors. My research through search eninge data made me arrive at a conclusion that if the title of a article / post /page includes “how” word in the beginning, then people may try to check it out and read it. Eg: I have wrote a post about What is SEO? and i gave a title of What is SEO? lessons for new bloggers. The number readers views were less for that post. But it had original and organised content in more than 1000 words. So i thought about changing the title of the post. I changed the title to this, “What is SEO, something that nobody explains well”. Now this post is one of my best posts that gets huge traffic from Google. By just changing the title, my traffic had increased dramatically.

 If the author should have a degree of authority on their subject through experience

In this era people are not only searching for info but also trying to read beautiful and original works that are written neatly. For writing something original, the author should have a clear idea and degree of authority in that subject. Nobody listens to the words of nobody. So better to be somebody, who have specific knowldge in the field. If one can add his/her personal experience related to the subject which he is writing the article, then will be more  presentable.

If the article is organized well for quick and easy reference with subheadings and clear, concise directions

 The article must be concise and crisp. An article should not go on and on and on without a break in the text. It must have suitable breaks and subheadings. That way readers can skim through it but can understand the basic idea.

The topic and related content must be interesting to the readers

 Interest is subjective experience but as far as i know to be a great writer you need to know what market want. So the content of the article must make an initial impression on readers. Even if the framework of the article is poor, people will read it if they are attracted by the subject. Select such topics, do soem research and write the post.

The writer should have solid understanding of his subject, Ideas and opinions

If you don’t have such knowledge and writing about the subject then it will be like prescribing a wrong medicine to a patient.

I believe these were the contents that need to include in an article. That way an article will be “worth reading”. If anybody has other opinions that should be included in the post kindly mention in the comment box.

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