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70 Reasons Why Users Uninstall Delete Android IOS Apps

There are millions of apps in play store, IOS and everyday thousands of apps are added. However the existing user base is not increasing as it supposed to be. Still there is hope as there are always users for good useful engaging apps. Good apps always finds users and gets viral in some days. What makes a good app? Well, that is a question, isn’t it.

Do people install your app but uninstall it fast? Why your app’s retention rate [rate at which users are keeping the app in their phone] is very low? Why 90% of users uninstall your Android IOS app?

Let me explain

Here is the list of 70 Reasons Why Users Uninstall Delete Android IOS Apps. Many of these are of very significant and need to be eradicated to get more installs and less installs. I tried to populate as many issues as possible. I am also planning to change features of my apps after researching these.

This list includes Performance Issues, User’s Interest, Navigations, Sign Up / Sign In / Login Issues, Content, Language Issues, In App Text, App Updates and Issues of App Listings in Play Store, IOS store and Other App Stores.

Poor First Experience

The app can be of anything but it is very important to give awesome first hand experience to the user. This will reduce uninstall more than forty percentage.

Performance Issues

  1. 1. App is too large in size – App requires a big chunk in storage
  2. 2. Crashes – A user try to edit a picture. After all editing, when try to save it, the app crashes. While playing game, app crashes. Crashes creates mistrust and will tarnish the popularity of app.
  3. 3. Keeps freezing – The app just freezes and user had to close it and then restart it everytime.
  4. 4. No offline mode
  5. 5. Uses more CPU processing power
  6. 6. Slows down other apps
  7. 7. Use internet data so much
  8. 8. Drains battery fast
  9. 9. Needs large storage space
  10. 10. Transaction delays
  11. 11. Transaction failures
  12. 12. Getting stuck while doing transactions
  13. 13. App runs in background even if closed
  14. 14. Designed for one particular screen size No screen orientation
  15. 15. Posting on social networks on behalf ofuser
  16. 16. Anti virussays the app is malware
  17. 17. No new levels in the game app Pricey Upgrades Asks for in-App purchases every minute Trial or demo period ended
  18. 18. Toolong to load – The app take a lots of time to load. Sometimes after the splash screen, user will feel like a century to get that app loaded. There is no future for that app. Deleted.
Too long to load App issue

User’s Interest

  1. 1. Annoying ads -continuous ad pop ups – One of major reasons why users uninstall android apps especially.
  2. 2. Annoying notifications – Major issue.
  3. 3. Do not fulfill the promise – App does notdowhat is supposed to do
  4. 4. Not as expected- User expect some functions in the app but did not get.
  5. 5. Crappy icon – Well, think about that. Some users delete the app just because the icon is so crappy. App icon should feel standard and eye catchy. I would suggest to spend more time in designing the app icon.
  6. 6. Feels non-standard – An app may be has few functions such as a calculator app. But it should feel as standard one.
  7. 7. Unattractive user interface
  8. 8. Sameas the other app feeling – The apps do not possess any unique feature. Thereby creates the feeling of Just Another App.
  9. 9. No reply of emailsbythe developers
  10. 10. Not of immediate use -Not on the priority list
  11. 11. Noneof the friendsis usingthe same social media app
  12. 12. Boring – The app is just boring.
  13. 13. No customization available – User is not able to customise the features of the app.
  14. 14. Notusing anymore – Why waste space in a mobile phone if that app do not serve daily life of an user. I can install it whenever i want. So i am uninstalling it.
  15. 15. Bad Onboarding Experience
  16. 16. Over loadof features
  17. 17. Asks users to review after every transaction – The PayTM app has for a rating after every transaction and i have seen users tweeting to the company to remove it. So i am sure that is a bad way to get reviews.
  18. 18. Asks to follow on social networks – Users get really pissed when the app ask them to follow social networks after every ten seconds.
  19. 19. User Got Uninstall Frenzy – User deleted all apps including yours. Or maybe phone got stolen, got a factory reset,acts of God [well, you know] etc.
  20. 20. App becomes too addictive and starts distracting user from work
i wasted so much time on you


  1. 1. Buttons that do not initiate any action – I have seen apps with such action button that does not work. The user will keep clicking on it but without no result and gets stuck.
  2. 2. Tiny click targets – If the action buttons are too small, users get irritated.
  3. 3. Using different words for same action – Using various words like settings, menu, options etc. for same action.
  4. 4. No default values
  5. 5. Non standard scrolling – If the scrolling does not work, user will unable to see content below the device display.
  6. 6. Overlapped content – Content is overlapped with other content, images, ads, navigation bar etc.
  7. 7. Badnavigation – User get confused and get lost to find out the buttons.

Sign Up / Sign In / Login Issues

  1. 1. No instructions to setup app – User installed app but do not how to proceed to setup app. There has to be clear but short step by step instructions for that. You can also add a step by step list that will let the user know how many steps he have completed and how many left.
  2. 2. Signupflow is too long – One of my app had 4 steps to sign up. I never thought this was one of the problem that takes away all my users. Try to reduce the sign up flow to one or two maximum.
  3. 3. Forced social logins FB/Gmail
  4. 4. Too much info for sign-up / Login – User is asked to give mobile number, email ID, Date of Birth, Age, Gender etc.
  5. 5. Asking for too many permissions – This comes along with long sign up flow. App keep asking the user to permit for internet data, to access wifi, to access bluetooth, for usage access etc. Better to reduce number of permissions and only include if it really necessary.


  1. 1. No relevant content – The Jobs app that has outdated job listings.
  2. 2. Forgottenusername and passwords – This happens with privacy apps. The user forgot the password or username, and is unable to access the locked content.
  3. 3. Using a website as a mobile app -Web View – No one expect that.
  4. 4. No reliable local info – It is time to think more on Localisation.
  5. 5. Content not updated often

Language Issues

  1. 1. Poor Language –I have seen apps that has very poor English and with many spelling mistakes
  2. 2. Languageis different – Language is very important. User only Knows French and the app is in English.
  3. 3. Poorly translated content – There are some apps that translated the content to other languages. But it is always better to double check the content and remove unnecessary words.
I liiiive

In App Text

  1. 1. Non-wrapping text – not aligned or small fonts
  2. 2. Deceptive texts and clickbaitbuttons – There will be texts near to the ad that says click here, or
  3. 3. Next, Proceed etc.

App Updates

  1. 1. Too many updates
  2. 2. Loses Data after an update – They simple uninstall the app and usually get angry as their data gets deleted. User uninstall app, write negative comment in play store, apps gets less users. So careful with this.
  3. 3. Earned game coins lost in the updates
  4. 4. Large size updates – Updates need huge amount space in storage.

Issues of App Listings in Play Store, IOS store and Other App Stores

  1. 1. Misleading Information in store listing – Some the apps write so much in store listing but in reality, it will have only minimal content.
  2. 2. Negative Reviews of Users
  3. 3. Increasing Negative Rating of app
  4. 4. Better Apps are added in app store
  5. 5. Negative News about developers/founders – I can give you an example. Eg: Snapchat and India
  6. 6. Rumourabout lack in the privacy setting – Some apps said to have hacked. It’s just rumour.
Spend time to check analytics and in app behaviours to know more about the reasons for uninstallation. Some of these causes are app specific and can be found only when you can track it using heat maps and other tools.
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