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What Is Parsing And How To Parse XML Template Easily

The post intend to share non-technical details on parsing, so that everyone can understand it regardless of background and knowledge in the domain.

What Is Parsing Means

Parsing means to convert one form of information to another form. Conversion of one form to another form makes the information more easier to work on.

Eg: A numerical calculation “4+10” is a form of information. The computer converts this form of information to calculation of binary numbers “ADD 100 1010”. 4 became 100, 10 became 1010 and addition symbol “+” became “ADD”. This is called parsing. Due to parsing, the computer can understand the provided information directly.

What Is A Parser Compiler and What Does It Do

Parsing is done by parsing programs such as Java compiler,C++ compiler and HTML parser. A parser takes the information [input data],  build a hierarchical data structure [parse tree, abstract syntax tree] and check for the correct syntax [set of rules to govern the structure of a language. Here it would be about computer languages such as Java, python [programming language] or XML [markup language]]. 
Some of the known parser development tools are ANTLR, Bison, Coco/R, GOLD, JavaCC, Lemon, Lex, LuZc, Parboiled, Parsec, Ragel, Spirit Parser Framework, Syntax Definition Formalism, SYNTAX, XPL, Yacc and PackCC.

What Is Parsing Error 

Parsing error happens when the syntax aka rules of the language is broken and the parser is not able to interpret the input data. This happens when there are broken codes, invisible characters, missing codes etc. in the input data. 
There are many type of parsing errors and they all can be solved by appropriate changes in the input data. 

List of some parsing Errors in XML

4. (Solved) Error parsing XML: The XML declaration must end with “?>”

5. (Solved) Error parsing XML: element type “div” must be terminated

6. (Solved) Parsing XML Error: Content Is Not Allowed In Prolog

How To Parse XML Template Easily

Using a parsing error finder or parsing validator can easily help you to find the errors and tell you in which line and column the error is. For XML, a Online Syntax Error Parsing XML Validator Tool can be used to check the parsing errors and find invisible characters.

Perfectly formed XML parsing
Perfectly formed XML parsing

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