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What is Geo Targeting or intl Targeting Ads to Increase CPC

We all know that most of the time, CPC rates are very low in ad sense. This is largely due to the geographical location of the visitor. The CPC rate in Indian is 77% less than of US. Its all about “Location, location, location!”. So What is  Geo Targeting or intl Targeting?  I will share some easy ways to target specific countries and keywords to increase the ad sense income.

1. Ad word Keyword planner Targeting or Geo targeting adwords- Under LOCATIONS, you can select specific countries and find out the search volume of a specific keyword and CPC of the keyword. This will enable in get targeting and increase CPC rate.
2. Find the Gap in Web master tools – Go to Search Analytics, and find out the select clicks, CTR and Position. You will get a list like the following;
  Countries                                 Clicks CTR         Position
1 India                                   732 13.88% 6.8
2 United States                             80 3.79% 16.8
3 Philippines                             30 10.6% 7.4
4 United Kingdom                     22 4.47% 11.9
5 Nigeria                                     12 16.22% 9.9
6 Pakistan                                     10 8.93% 14.0
This way you can find out list of countries where most clicks comes from and CTR rate. You can also find the position of the keyword that have most clicks in Google. This is the best way to start with, to find the gaps and to start Geo targeting. Also find out scope of behavioural targeting and contextual targeting by understanding flow of users.
Use International targeting in Webmaster tools.

What is Geo Targeting or intl Targeting Ads to Increase CPC
What is Geo Targeting or intl Targeting Ads to Increase CPC
3. Find out different ways of Geo targeting – There are three ways to target. Targeting Country, Targeting an area in the country and radius targeting or proximity targeting for serving customers nearby your business location. Geo targeting depends upon the nature of the post, product etc. 
4. Write Location – If you are focusing on a country, then write the name of the country at least times in the blog post. Eg: “United Arab Emirates is an example of well developed country or United Arab Emirates has higher CPC than United States”. If you are focusing on an area, mention the postal code, name of the area, nearby significant places like airport, university. Eg: “I remember a minor collision in Abu Dhabi International Airport” or “The story starts in 94103, California”. 
5. Use Google Analytics–  Understand demographic of visitors and their interests and try focusing in that. 
7. Site Country Domains – Google rely more on site country domains such as .de, .us etc. So getting a country domain will increase chances of getting international visitors. Once you get a country domain, then Google will make that country default in Webmaster tools and you cannot change it.
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