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How To Download and Install Intel XDK on Linux 32 Bit

Intel XDK offers HTML 5 cross – platform development tools. Here is a quick guide on How To Download and Install Intel XDK For App Development. You can create IoT applications with JavaScript in Intel XDK. You can can use Intel XDK licensed version for compiling to Android APKs and for developmental purpose.
Cordova is supported by Intel XDK and you can only add admob ad in Cordova using the third party plugin through Intel XDK.

Download Intel XDK

Download Intel XDK from the Intel Website. The Windows Version of Intel XDK only supports Windows 7 and Windows 8. The website offers 3 OS types currently.

Intel® XDK for Windows
Intel® XDK for OS X
Intel® XDK for Linux (32-bit) and (64-bit)

Once you have downloaded Intel XDK from website, follow the process by choosing a default folder.
Once installed, open the Intel XDK and select Templates and then select Blank.

Choosing A Template

Choose a template from the list : either HTML 5+ Cordova or Standard HTML 5.Select Continue. Select a suitable directory [make a new folder and select that] and Enter a project name and start developing. You should be connected to Internet for the downloading the template.

Choosing A Template

Compilation in Intel XDK Free Version

Intel XDK free version has four operations – Develop, Simulate, Test and Build. To compile the coded resources, you need to login to the Intel Developer page. To do that, click on the Avatar icon on the right top. Click on Login if you already have a developer account or create an account. Enter your details and verify the email ID.

Login to the account and now you can use the free version of Intel XDK has a compilation button- BUILD.

Login to the account

Once all the codes are compiled, you can use Phone Gap or Cordova CLI for exporting to apk.

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