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ugly people


Are you here for ugly people premium high res photos? or to find out ugly people problems. There are searches in Google to find out the 16 signs you are unattractive and how to know if you’re ugly. Most of the searches are for ugly faces, ugly photos and photos ugly person.

Few searches are from United States to find out the unattractive facial features female and to find if there is a am i ugly test. What does this say to you. It says that more 201000 people are unsure whether they are ugly. Let us look at this more deeply.

9,551 Ugly People Premium High Res Photos

There are many researches conducted to find out what contribute so called “ugliness” in one person. A recent research published in Nature on “Humans judge faces in incomplete photographs as physically more attractive” shows how ugliness is described by humans.

The research uses attractiveness ratings of the 96 faces across the four conditions. Then use average ratings of the faces as the dependent variable. The study states that ratings of physical attractiveness by human judges of shown pictures are highly correlated with unattractiveness of bilateral facial symmetry simulated by a computer program.

It is mind blowing to see thousands of so called perfect ugly people premium stock photos in Shutterstock and ugly people premium high res photos in gettyimages to entertain the public. All these photos are funny looking with skewed face expressions and unrealistic body postures.

Some of the captions are also worth noting, Fat glamour man with beard takes selfie in his bedroom, Ugly and dirty woman, Portrait an ugly woman with missing teeth and Funny overweight plump man with duck lips wearing under size t-shirt with belly hanging out of pants, keeping hand on waist, posing for selfie, holding cell phone, trying to seem attractive and handsome.

You can see that dirty, overweight, plump, belly and trying to seem attractive are used to describe ugliness. This is the general trend in the society.

Ugliness V/S Attractiveness

There are many theories that compare ugliness with attractiveness. One of the theories suggested that the people who are portrayed as very ugly were simply more intelligent than the attractive counterparts. They have more capital in hand. They are more educated than their relatively more attractive counterparts.

There are other studies that have shown a link between intelligence and attractiveness. People who are shows as the ugliness premium in TV commercials and movies are pretty much well off than many handsome junior artists.

Ugly People – A Women Thing?

There are pretty much a innate tendency among human beings to portray someone or something as the ugly. This tendency to call people, ugly or a tendency to say someone is not attractive is especially apparent among women.

Calling someone ugly is not moral or ethical. It is a form of intra-gender sexism, or clear and troubling evidence of female misogyny. Women have an inherent desire to hold other women from obtaining higher positions than them, especially those women whom they perceive as better-looking, smarter or wealthier than they are. This is a form of self-preservation.

Ugly spots at the top

Ugly spots at the top is merely a connotation to say that women who are called as ugly are climbing the corporate ladders more often before. They know their beauty is not appreciated among the colleagues hence they opt for competitiveness. Many of “ugly women” are seeking to climb corporate ladders by learning while working and trying to be excellent in their skills.

This intense desire to compete and be excellent in their field have resulted in a drive to get into higher positions. No one can limit those who can truly compete. Rewarding the ugly, the non-threatening, is one way to punish the culprits.

The comparisons of ugly v/s attractive is prevalent across countries and cultures and present all the time in friendships, in the workplace and even in families.

Ugly people in Dating Sites

Ugly people are ignored in dating sites and people who appear to look ideal to the current beauty standards are flooded with dating requests. This is a huge setback of dating apps and websites. There is a need to include people who are beautiful in their own way and dating merely based on face and body posture does not worth it.

Ugly Friend in Movies

Not every women trying to get the ugly women to come down. Women favor those ugly women who won’t outshine them. We see it in movies and web series that girls going out to dating or to pubs with unattractive friend who makes them look attractive by comparison.

This a real-life trend is more solidified by Hollywood movies. There are many movies in which the main character finds out that she’s the “designated ugly fat friend” who is there to make her friend look attractive.

It is not right to just portray ugly women as angels. There are many instances where unattractiveness in the professional people lead to jealousy. When an ugly female boss hires a pretty women, she might use her power as boss to make her suffer if she is really good at work.

Ugliness in Families

We have novels and stories that portray the lives of ugly people in families. There would be a mother-in-law who punish and verbally abuse the ugly wife of her son. Always trying to take a jab at the ugly woman whom her son has chosen to marry.

We cannot imagine what the ugliness people are going through and these novels and stories serves the purpose of knowing the suffering of people ugliness and expect others to be kind to them and be non judgemental. There are movies that reinforce the idea that ugliness people does not matter. Such movies are disgusting and needs to be taken down.

Ugly People in Politics

There are many studies that found that the ugliness solely does not hinder people to win in politics, where previous research has also shown that good looks continue to prevail in elections.

If you are an attractive women in politics with good skills, you can reach far higher than the ugly counterpart. Attractive and non threatening women tend to score more votes in the election according to the studies.


Ugly, ugliness, unpleasant or repulsive are common uses thrown towards people who do not look fine to the eyes of the society. We know how long it has taken black models to compete in fashion.

We have read novels and watched movies of hideous fat women trying to live up to the standards of society and failing to do so.

If you search “ugly” in Google, you can see that use of ugly word is described as “people in school always told me I was ugly”. Classmates uses the word ugly to bully their peers and make them suffer mentally. Lookism or cacophobia is described as discrimination towards unattractive people.


Unattractiveness can simply be described as failing to appear according to the general “standards” of beauty. It is up to the individual whether ugly or attractive to have a beauty ideal that is non judgemental to others.

It is time for self-identified ugly people to unite and fight against this prejudice and discrimination. There has been many breakthrough regarding this as fashion companies started to make Women Plus Sizes dresses.